How to increase immunity to the child: folk recipes

  • How to increase immunity to the child: folk recipes

    The immune system performs protective functions in the body. It prevents the ingress of microbes and bacteria, foreign cells into the human body and protects against its altered cells. In children from three to five years, the immune system is still weak, but then it "ripens."But some children do not do this for some reason.

    Periods of formation of immunity in children

    In the formation of the immune system of the child there are critical periods:

    I period( up to 28 days of life of the baby).At this time, the immune system is suppressed, so newborn babies are very susceptible to viral infections and conditionally pathogenic microbes.

    II period( 3-6th months of life).It is caused by the destruction of maternal antibodies in the child's body. But the penetration of microbes is already developing an immune response due to congenital immunoglobulins.

    During this period, children are exposed to viruses that cause ARVI.Infants are at increased risk of developing intestinal infections and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system.

    If the child has not received the required amount of maternal antibodies in the first year of life( this is possible if the mother did not suffer from the corresponding diseases, was not vaccinated against them or breast-fed), then it is difficult and atypical for children to have infections: measles, whooping cough,rubella, chicken pox. It is important to vaccinate a child on a timely schedule of preventive vaccinations. At the same age, food allergies may appear.

    III period( 2-3 years of life).At the kid contacts with surrounding world considerably expand. The primary immune system still has a primary immune response. Although the child has new immunoglobulins, the local immunity system has not yet fully formed, and the children are still very sensitive to viruses and bacteria.

    IV period( 6-7 years).Immunoglobulins responsible for an allergic reaction reach their maximum values, because it is during this period that chronic diseases are often formed and the frequency of allergic diseases increases.

    V period( adolescence).This time of rapid growth and hormonal changes in the body. For girls this is 12-13 years, for boys it is 14-15 years.

    Consequences of reduced immunity

    If the immune system does not work well, then the child is "poorly protected" from external influences. This can occur in frequent colds or pustular infections. Children are constantly ill. That they have a cold, then a sore throat, and all this is accompanied by a high fever. Any wound turns into a catastrophe, it fester and does not heal for a long time, leaving scars on the body. And, of course, an allergy to many products.

    Frequent diseases, in turn, reduce immunity, a vicious circle is obtained. How can we escape from this circle? How to increase immunity to the child?

    Increase the immunity of infants

    First of all, we note that never alone, without consulting a doctor, do not start giving the baby drugs that increase immunity. How to strengthen the immunity of the child can say only the pediatrician who is watching him.

    However, there are universal methods of improving the immunity of infants.

    The first in this list is the long-term breastfeeding of the baby. Feed your baby with breast milk as long as possible.

    Will help improve immunity and hardening. Regularly arrange baby air baths, do not wrap the baby over.

    Reasonable approach to hygiene of the baby. It is absolutely not necessary to constantly boil dishes, long stroking diapers or putting on masks to the guests who came. Bacteria with which the baby encounters, and increase its immunity. You can read the full methodology of breastfeeding.

    Before the garden

    Preparing the child in the kindergarten, pay special attention to improving immunity. The child will come to a large children's collective, you need to be ready for this. How to strengthen the immunity of a child in front of a kindergarten?

    Make sure that your baby's diet contains many vitamins. Strictly observe the regime of the day. It is better if you learn the regime of the day in the kindergarten and adhere to it. Changing the usual routine - this is a stressful situation for the baby, which can cause a decrease in immunity. Well, if you prepare a child for the kindergarten psychologically.

    Folk remedies

    The best way to strengthen the immunity of a child is to boil the dogrose. It is best to replace all drinks for a child, except milk, with a rose hips decoction.

    Walking barefoot stimulates biologically active points on the sole of the child and thereby increases immunity.

    Very good remedy to enhance immunity - a trip to the sea. Just remember that 10 days will not give any effect. You need to go for a few weeks.

    Below we will list the folk remedies that perfectly strengthen the immunity in children:


    1 tbsp.wheat or rye bran pour 1 st.vody and boil, stirring, for 30-40 minutes. Then add 1 tablespoon.dry crushed marigold flowers and boil for another 5 minutes. Cool, drain and add 1 tsp.honey( if there is no allergy to honey).Drink to 1/4 tbsp.4 times a day before meals. You can drink such a drink for a long time.

    Decoction of horsetail

    1 tbsp.horsetail field pour st.boiling water, let it brew. Drink 30 ml 3 times a day. Such a drink can be drunk in the autumn, before the flu epidemic or after the illness, in order to strengthen the body. This remedy perfectly strengthens the weakened immunity, well tones up the body. Read the contraindications, tk.horsetail is contraindicated in those with diseased kidneys or stones in the kidneys.

    Propolis tincture

    To strengthen immunity, drip the propolis tincture into warm milk in warm milk. The number of drops depends on the age of the child and on how he carries the products of beekeeping.

    Children from 3 to 7 years can be given 3-5-7 drops. Increase the amount gradually. As a preventive measure, drink propolis a month, then a month - a break.

    If the child is already sick - add the infusion into the milk twice a day. You can go out( 3-5 years old) to 10 drops twice a day during illness. After recovery, give the baby tincture for another two weeks, but lower the dose to preventative.

    Cranberries with lemon

    To strengthen immunity, pass 1 kg of cranberries and 2 lemons of medium size( extract bones) through a meat grinder, add 1 tbsp.honey, mix well. There is a mixture of 1-2 tablespoons.with tea 2-3 times a day. The recipe is suitable even for children.

    Cedar oil

    In order for colds to get around you, take cedar oil to strengthen the body by 1/3 tsp.2-3 times a day( before meals) for a month. Watch the chair of the child. If it is very weak, then reduce the dose.

    Onion syrup

    To raise the immunity to colds constantly during the cold time take the following mixture:

    Take 250 g of onions, finely chopped, covered with 200 g of sugar and pour 0.5 l of water. Cook on low heat until the consistency of the syrup. Take 1 tsp.children, and 1 tbsp.l.adults 3 times a day before meals until the remedy is over. And if there is honey in the house and you do not have allergies to it, you just have to mix 1 tbsp.l.juice from onions with 1 tsp.honey and take 3 times a day before meals.

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