What date is the old New Year in 2016 - the night of the old New Year

  • What date is the old New Year in 2016 - the night of the old New Year

    Everyone loves holidays. They give an opportunity to relax, have fun and have fun. And gatherings with relatives and friends can be charged with positive energy and a good mood for a long time. That's for those who "under-celebrated" the New Year, there is an opportunity to catch up. The name of this remarkable event is the old New Year. It's hard to forget how many people celebrate the old New Year in 2016.From the 13th to the 14th of January it is decided to gather again for the grandiose celebrations of another important event. Another great excuse.

    The history of the celebration of

    For the first time to celebrate the old New Year began in 1918.It was at that time that the calendar calendar was reconsidered. The Julian and Gregorian calendars did not coincide, and the difference between them was 13 days. It was then that this holiday appeared. Nevertheless, the date of his celebrations is fickle. This is due to the increase in the difference between calendars for 1 day every hundred years. Therefore, already in 2101 people will celebrate this day on January 14.

    Discrepancy between

    calendars As the celebration of

    takes place As well as the New Year, this celebration should be celebrated at night from the 13th to the 14th. Yet most people start training much earlier. All these pleasant worries and troubles are so exciting that sometimes people do not notice the onset of winter and long-awaited holidays. The old year is imperceptibly replaced by a new one. That's in order to have time to celebrate everything, and there is this day. Since the holiday falls on the middle of the month, there is an opportunity to relax from previous festivities and plunge into the new ones with a head.

    Features of celebrating

    It is also believed that it is in the middle of the month that the old year and all the bad memories should be let go and gladly meet a new one that brings only joy and happiness. If you seriously adjust yourself and believe in this holiday, then the wishes you have will have the same force as on New Year's Eve.

    There are certain traditions associated with this date. People believed that if at this time to ask for a good harvest - this will necessarily come true. To make the soil fertile, it was necessary to spread the grain of oats and wheat in pure snow, while reading the prayer and asking for a good harvest. After the ritual, the grain had to be collected and stored in a bag of cloth before the fall.

    Buckwheat porridge

    A common tradition was cooking for buckwheat porridge. By its appearance, the events of the next year were foreseen. Dry and crumbly porridge promised success in all matters, salted - news on the love front, a viscous mixture - problems and troubles.

    Festive table

    A feast should be generous, as the time of fasting comes. Pamper yourself before such an important event. Mandible dish is porridge, this is the custom. You can choose it according to your taste. Most often it is millet and buckwheat, but quite often in houses there is also rice. You can supplement it with both milk and meat sauce. Make sure that the dish is cooked and tasty.

    Rice with gravy

    Table setting should also be special. Choose a beautiful colored tablecloth. Let the dishes also be bright, even from different services. As elements of decor you can use any details, figurines, vases. Such filling is very like the Fiery Monkey. In addition, the coming year will be satisfying and good.

    Put a lot of fruits and vegetables on the table. It will be quite handy. Avoid tears and misfortunes in the future will help horse beans. Give each one at least one grain. The main thing is not to leave food on plates. This will lead to bitter tears.

    Apply yourself

    Sledge ride

    On the old New Year you should think about the suit. It can be colored and bright. Forget about last year's problems and misfortunes and go to a new life. Have fun, rejoice, dream. Take a ride on the sled and have a song with your friends. Only a positive attitude can attract to you happiness and joy next year.