Where to spend the New Year 2015 together - the options for holding a New Year's holiday 2015 with your beloved

  • Where to spend the New Year 2015 together - the options for holding a New Year's holiday 2015 with your beloved

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    Many people associate with the approach of the coming year their hopes for renewal, new discoveries, achievements, new stages in the development of relations with close and dear people. In the old popular concept "How to meet the next New Year - and spend. .." laid a wise sacred meaning. Under the magic battle of the chimes, the most cherished desires come true in an amazing way. To spend these magic moments in the arms of a truly dear and close person - what can be compared with such romantic feelings? New year and love are intertwined in a wonderful duet of feelings, filling the heart with a festive thrill and endless happiness. But where to spend the New Year 2015 together, that the evening seemed magical and remembered for life?

    Options for celebrating

    Dinner alone

    Want to retire from the noisy companies of friends and family by spending this night with your loved one? Arrange an interesting and memorable holiday for two? First, try to decide what you expect from this magical night.

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    Ideas can depend, oddly enough, on the strength of your relationship, on the flight of your imagination and, of course, on the level of your possibilities.

    • Someone will like a quiet festive dinner with a sit-in at the TV and watching New Year's show programs;
    • Others dream of a passionate night of love, interspersed with tangerines and champagne;
    • The third prefer a suburban option - to go to the country, to the dacha or just to the fairy forest( naturally, having prepared a snow tower for yourself in advance);
    • Fourth do not mind dashing off to the far end of the world and celebrate this holiday even in the hot south, even in the student north.

    Preparation of a romantic evening

    Romantic dinner

    Have you decided to arrange an unforgettable night in your native walls? Or have you ordered a cozy house outside the city where you will meet the New Year 2015 together? To fully experience the solitude with your loved one, to feel the warmth of your second half, arrange a romantic dinner.

    Engage in its preparation is better for someone one of the lovers, secretly from the other. Taking the hassle on your shoulders, you can make a pleasant exciting surprise to your or your lover.

    Christmas table setting

    The decoration of the room is one of the main secrets of the sacrament of turning the room into a "love lock": decorate with decorative candles all space so that a live fire pleasantly illuminates your New Year's intimate dinner. Tablecloth gently-green or gentle-blue tones, match the Mistress of the year 2015 - Blue Goat, exquisite silk ribbons, tied with a bow on the legs of glasses and artificial snow will give unforgettable feelings of a winter fairy tale.

    Please note! The menu for such an evening needs to be thought through in advance, including in it the favorite dishes of your halves.

    They should be light and tasty, so that a dense dinner does not interfere in the future to dance or make love. For dessert, you can buy an air cake in the shape of a heart - it will not only be a pleasant end to the meal, but also a magnificent table decoration.


    New Year - the time of confessions and symbolic gifts.2015 is not an exception. An unusual souvenir or original( and not very expensive) decoration can show a person how much you care about him.

    Please note! The exciting moment of presenting a surprise is sometimes remembered even more than the present itself.
    New Year's bedroom

    Meeting the New Year 2015 together with her husband or with a young man, the probability is great, having discarded the conventionalities, to be in the bedroom. Whichever scenario you choose, beautiful bedding, a chilled bottle of champagne with glasses, scented candles in the room and erotic underwear are the main attributes of an unforgettable evening. If desired, the bed can be decorated with rose petals, which will add extra flair to your date. This can be an exhilarating memory or a good New Year's tradition.

    Snowy tower in the countryside

    New Year's hut of snow

    An unusual, childlike fairytale and fun holiday can be arranged in the country or in the woods. First you need to choose a place for the future hut out of snow. One or two days before the construction, collect clean snow and compact it to make it slightly compact. Thus, it will be easy to cut out snow blocks-bricks with a shovel and, like a designer, to fold walls.

    Snow house

    In the regions where there is a lot of snow, it is collected in a huge pile, after a couple of days it is rammed and cut out the snow from the inside, checking the thickness of the walls so that they do not turn out to be thin. Carved windows, turrets or fairy-tale animals will create the illusion of winter magic.

    Please note! If you are going to the forest, then do not forget to stock up on warm blankets, thermoses with hot tasty tea and tents.

    Games in snowballs, of course, warm, but if there are no country houses or country houses nearby, it is better to be safe to not freeze.

    Hot Spas

    New Year's Eve among palms

    Do you want to be pampered with green palms and gentle sea, blue sky and southern sun? If it is restless in traditional Egypt, then you can meet the New Year 2015 with the same oriental flavor in the UAE, Thailand, India, Israel or Vietnam. Beautiful beaches, rich cultural traditions of these countries will give you a feeling of happiness in the middle of a dank winter and will feed you with new pleasant impressions.

    Ski resorts

    Ski resort in the Alps

    New Year in the Swiss or Austrian Alps - an unforgettable event, however, such a trip, unfortunately, is not designed for each purse.

    Please note! In recent years, to celebrate the New Year with a couple of our compatriots going to Bulgaria, Slovakia or Romania.

    Here you are waiting for the same high mountains, fluffy white snow and hospitable hotels.

    Ski resort in Bulgaria

    Thinking about where to spend the New Year 2015 together, remember these blessed lands. Lovely cozy restaurant on top of the mountain, intoxicating air and magnificent mountain scenery, entertaining activities and festive fun, skiing - here you can choose any pastime and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

    Snow-covered Finland

    New Year in Finland

    Many of our compatriots dream of seclusion in a well-arranged warm Finnish house in the middle of a fabulous winter forest.

    Please note! Book a cottage in the country of Suomi need in the summer, as the demand for a similar rest is traditionally high.

    Next to every Finnish house there is a ski track or a motorway driving motorway, so you can not only meet the New Year 2015 together in a hospitable cottage, but also enjoy the fabulous nature of the Thousand Lakes Country.

    Skiing in Finland

    New Year 2015 in Finland can also be spent on numerous ski resorts, skiing and snowboarding.

    Any variant of the celebration of the New 2015 will be unforgettable if there is fun near you, charging you with bright emotions, sparkling smiles, explosions of happiness, positive. Confessions of love, dreams, ideas and plans for the future are the main "matters" for the New Year holidays!