How to rest in 2015 - non-working days 2015

  • How to rest in 2015 - non-working days 2015

    In each coming year, many of us look at the calendars with curiosity: has the leadership of the country added a couple of extra days off to the holidays. Someone dreams of a short-term journey, but someone wants to visit their beloved relatives. How to plan holidays?

    It is known that the total number of days off and holidays in 2015 is equal to 116. And if 90 days of them are ordinary Saturdays and Sundays( with a five-day working week), then 26 are holidays and days off. A good tradition in our country is to arrange long New Year holidays, and every significant day or a merry holiday celebrate at least three days. How do we rest in 2015 and how many days do we have for the fun we all enjoy?

    Officially Recognized Holidays

    Holidays 2015

    Every year the Government of Russia approves the draft of the prepared Resolution "On the postponement of days off".In the last week of May this year, a document was received from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation, which predetermines the schedule of work and leisure for 2015.

    Holiday dates in art.112 TC RF are named: New Year's holiday( January 1-8), Christmas( January 7), Defender of the Fatherland Day( February 23), International Women's Day( March 8), Spring and Labor Day( May 1), Victory Day(May 9), Day of Russia( June 12) and Day of National Unity( November 4).

    How many will rest

    The mistress of 2015 - Blue-Green Emerald Goat, or Sheep, has prepared a lot of surprises, ensuring a sufficient number of days off and holidays. It is noteworthy that many of them fall in the first half of the year. And a couple of these wonderful periods last about a third of a month! And other weekends please, giving us a rest at least three days!

    The New Year holidays

    December 31, 2014 - the eve of the New Year's celebrations falls on Wednesday. And this, as you know, is the height of the labor week. No matter how much we want to do domestic chores, but the whole population of the country will have to be in the workplace. And only in the evening, after work, hastily to prepare salads. But after the battle of chimes in the coming 2015. ..

    New Year holidays next year will last from January 1 to 11!What is the reason for such a long weekend?

    From January 1 to January 8 - officially recognized holidays, but the 3rd and 4th of January are Saturday and Sunday. They were transferred: on January 3 to the 9th, and on January 4 made it a day off on May 4th.

    Therefore New Year's festivities will last 8 days plus 1( 9th January).But they will be added on January 10 and 11 - on time Saturday and Sunday arrived in time!

    Please note! Thus, we will rest in the New Year holidays 11 days, and on the 12th we will go to work.

    Defender of the Fatherland Day

    Day of the Motherland Defender gives us 3 days off: from February 21st( Saturday) to February 23( Monday).

    Please note! For those who have a long( 40-hour) week, February 20 is for a reduced day( for 1 hour).

    The Labor Code of the Russian Federation prescribes that if a festive non-working day coincides with a calendar day off, transfer the lawful rest to the next business day. Such a situation in 2015 arose with the holiday on March 8.

    March 8

    International Women's Day we will celebrate from March 7th to the 9th( since the 8th of March fell on Sunday).For some categories of workers( with a 40-hour work week), on the 6th of March the shift or work day will be reduced by one hour.

    Spring and Labor Day

    The Spring and Labor Day will last 4 days. He will start from the 1st of May - a festive day, then come the 2nd and 3rd - the weekend of the calendar.

    Please note! Non-working day - May 4, as mentioned above, will give us, Sunday, fallen on January 4.

    Victory Day

    The Victory Day of in 2015 will be marked by the 70th anniversary! This fateful date is May 9 - a holiday that falls on a Saturday, May 10 - a legitimate Sunday, and May 11 - a compensation for Saturday's holiday of the 9th.

    Please note! So, on these bright May days, we will rest - on 9, 10 and 11 May!

    Day of Russia

    The Day of Russia falls on Friday in 2015, so we will have to rest in June - 12th, 13th and 14th( Friday, Saturday and Sunday).In addition, people with a 40-hour working week on Thursday, June 11, reduced the shift per hour.

    National Unity Day

    Of all the holidays, a short one-day holiday in 2015 is for us only at National Unity Day - November 4.And the third - individual categories of workers can reduce the shift by 1 hour.

    How to rest on holidays

    The mistress of the year is a goat, in 2015, during a holiday, she can afford to poke a little. Go to the village, surround yourself with a crowd of friends - behavior in the style of Goats. This nature totem gave a variety of talents and a rich imagination, however, completely deprived of practicality. Going on vacation people of this sign are trying to shift the efforts to other people's shoulders, but with a vengeance they are compensated by the excellent mood and strong moral support.

    Sheep - the symbol of the year 2015

    Sheep or Goat differs from other signs by a cheerful, carefree disposition, constant optimism and the ability not to express anxiety over trifles.

    See how we relax in 2015, take with you the light and carefree nature of the mistress of the year, build a new route or go to familiar places. Wherever you go: on a visit or on a trip, you now always know how much time you have left.