Parapelvic kidney cysts: symptomatology, diagnosis and cures

  • Parapelvic kidney cysts: symptomatology, diagnosis and cures

    The most common simple neoplasms are the parapelvic kidney cysts. Formed in the area of ​​the renal sinus in the form of small sacs filled with pathological fluid, they are both round and oval.

    Paraplevikalnye kidney cysts are mainly formed on the left side. Paraplevikalnaya cyst of the right kidney is rare.

    Factors provoking the disease

    Unfortunately, even today it is not possible to establish why the individuals at risk are parapelvic cysts of both kidneys.

    According to some experts in the field of medicine, pathology develops against the background of congenital anomalies of kidney tissues.

    Often the disease is a consequence of the infectious pathology of the genitourinary system.

    Symptoms of

    To determine the presence of parapelvic cysts of both kidneys at an early stage of the disease is problematic enough. This is because the specific signs of a person do not bother, and often he does not suspect that he is seriously ill.

    The first specific symptoms of parapelvic cysts of both kidneys occur after neoplasms grow to specific sizes.

    Against the backdrop of a noticeable increase in the size of the neoplasm, the tissues of the kidney, as well as the pelvis and the topical vessels, are strongly compressed.

    Painful sensations differ in paroxysmal, stitching character.

    After this, a person has an attack of hypertension, and urination is gradually broken.

    The danger and insidiousness of the pathology lies in the fact that it can progress slowly, for several years. The diagnosis is often established by accident, during the examination of other vital organs.

    Rather visit a doctor!

    Paraplevikalnaya left kidney cyst, as well as a tumor on the right side can be diagnosed with:

    1. Ultrasound examination( allows you to see the cyst).
    2. Excretory urography( this method allows you to see all the existing deformities and disorders of the actual organ).

    Depending on where the tumor is localized, treatment is prescribed. It should be remembered that in case of late application to the doctor, this or that serious complication may develop.

    How the doctor works

    Paraplevikalnye cysts of both kidneys suggest an individual approach to treatment. In some cases, the doctor does not prohibit the use of ancient folk remedies.

    Drug therapy

    Treatment of a pathological condition by methods of drug therapy presupposes the use of drugs that relieve anxiety symptoms. Often the doctor prescribes the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines.

    When operative intervention

    is prescribed When diagnosing the paraplevic cyst of the left kidney, as well as tumors on the right side, the operation is not always appointed. The main indicators for surgical intervention are:

    1. Increase in neoplasm in size, which is often threatened with pressure on other organs.
    2. Hypertension.
    3. Stagnation of urine.
    4. The presence of a large number of erythrocytes in the urine.
    5. Presence of suppuration.
    6. Sensible pain.
    7. Transformation of a neoplasm into a malignant tumor.

    Surgical intervention can be carried out both by laparoscopy, and by the introduction of special means into the interior, which reduce the release into the cavity of the pathological fluid.

    Laparoscopic treatment is used if the patient is obese, or the cyst is located in an "uncomfortable" zone. Laparoscopy is considered a rather delicate method of treatment. Postoperative period is painless, and a person has the opportunity to return to normal life as soon as possible.

    Sometimes the doctor decides on the removal of the lesion. Puncture is performed under strict control of ultrasound. The liquid is then sucked off and alcohol is introduced.

    If the body "attacked" multiple pathological neoplasms, then the treatment consists in outpatient observation, which lasts throughout the life of the patient. The doctor decides on surgical intervention only if the cyst grows to five or more centimeters.

    "Babushkiny" means

    Treatment of tumors with the help of folk wisdom is carried out only if the disease was detected on time and did not have time to develop into a difficult stage. For this, the leaves of burdock, celandine infusion and golden mustache are used.

    Paraplevikalnaya cyst of the right kidney is treated in a similar way.

    Prophylactic measures

    Paraplevikalnye cysts of both kidneys will be successfully cured, if a person with this diagnosis will adhere to a special diet.

    So, with this disease it is important to exclude from your diet:

    • salty foods;
    • spices;
    • alcoholic beverages( especially aerated drinks, which contain dyes);
    • chocolate;
    • preservatives and pickles.

    The person should agree with the attending physician daily fluid intake. If the disease is asymptomatic, then the volume of fluid is not limited. When there are difficulties with emptying the pelvis, the patient should drink up to one and a half liters per day.

    It is important to remember that any surgical intervention carries many serious complications. Therefore, the therapy should be the most responsive.

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