The rash on the abdomen and back of a child without temperature: the causes of the appearance of pimples, treatment, photos and video materials

  • The rash on the abdomen and back of a child without temperature: the causes of the appearance of pimples, treatment, photos and video materials

    According to the state of our skin, one can judge the health of the whole organism or the disease of some organs. Any mother begins to worry if a child without a temperature rash on her stomach and back does not leave free space on the skin. What is it: a disease or an allergy? And maybe something even worse?

    Do not be scared ahead of time. After all, the absence of heat indicates that the immunity of your crumbs is not undermined by a serious disease.

    Types of rashes

    If the child is well, does not complain of headaches and high fever, then you can immediately exclude a variety of viral infections, for example, rubella, scarlet fever, smallpox and many others. Otherwise, urgently need to call a doctor.

    Sometimes the rash can externally change and be accompanied by some symptoms:

    • The appearance of a weak shallow rash.
    • Dryness and flaking of the skin.
    • The formation of vesicles, pustules as a result of a wetting rash.

    Causes of a rash in the normal health of a child

    There are many causes of rashes. In appearance, it is sometimes possible to determine on its own why something or what the skin responds to. In order to be able to navigate in the symptoms and causes, a clear photo will be attached to each type of disease.

    Toxic erythema. It usually appears on the second day of a newborn's life and gradually passes by itself. Rash is a small white-yellow tubercle without an internal cavity. Sometimes instead of them there are red spots that can cover the entire body.

    Allergic reaction to an allergen( food, pollen, tissue).The main symptoms are: skin peeling, wet blisters, itching. The severe form of the allergy includes angioedema. With food allergies, you may experience diarrhea, nausea.

    For treatment it is necessary to take antihistamines. And to the doctor to address it is necessary only at serious forms. Rashes can occur not only on the back and stomach, but also on the face, legs, buttocks.

    Sweat. It is due to the greenhouse effect in the heat, when using synthetic fabrics. The moisture of the skin rises, the skin secret lingers in the sweat glands, there is a rash in the form of small bubbles, inside of which there is liquid. With good care of the skin, sweating itself passes without causing any inconvenience to the child.

    Lishay. It is a fungus of several species. For example, shingles are bright pink spots. A pink lichen - red spots with pustules. For treatment use antifungal drugs in combination with an antiseptic.

    Insect bites. At the same time, you just need to analyze where the child was last time: in the forest, in the countryside, in nature. For example, after mosquito bites there is a red blister that flows into the shape of a dense papule. Bites of bugs are characterized by a linear eruption, in the center of which there is usually a small bruise. Bites appear at night.

    Simple recommendations

    The best action for the occurrence of rashes will be an appeal to specialists( pediatrician, dermatologist, allergist).If you doubt the nature of the rash, do not self-medicate. This can cause even more damage to the skin. It is also forbidden to perform the following actions:

    • Blade the bubbles.
    • Squeeze out purulent and moist pimples.
    • Unpack and rub the affected area of ​​the skin.
    • To scratch yourself and allow the child to itch.

    With good health, the child should not be worried. After all, such a rash usually goes by itself.

    Video to help parents