• Capillary baths for healthy

    Although in Russia they say: "Until the thunder strikes, the man is not

    healthy life

    To people who consider themselves to be practically healthy, I recommend to maintain their health with the help of universal turpentine baths. You can take any capillary baths that you like best, or proceed from the predisposition of your body to certain diseases. Predisposition to these or other diseases can be determined by their heredity, that is, by the diseases of relatives, ancestors, or by intuition. Determine which baths you are more suitable for, can be experienced. Take first, for example, three white turpentine baths, then three yellow, then three mixed. Which baths you like best, and take or alternate them as you like, for example, yellow - white - mixed. When you choose the most suitable type of capillary bath for yourself, you can take baths less often, because you are healthy people. You can take them once or twice a week, you can twice a month, but at least.

    In my medical practice, I was convinced that it is usually enough for healthy people to take one capillary bath in a week or a week to maintain health. What else can you wish healthy people today? Take capillary baths with our turpentine mixtures, lead a healthy lifestyle, respect the Lord God, and your health will be with you always!

    The health status of the attending physician plays an important role. The doctor, who is ill himself, does not cause medical enthusiasm in his patients. No wonder in ancient times they said: "Doctor! Heal yourself! "Because if the attending physician is not able to be healthy himself, then how can he help to gain health for others?

    To the attention of readers, I treat myself to practically healthy people, even to dentists in recent years have not applied. Apparently, our glorious capillary baths in combination with a healthy lifestyle inhibit caries and prevent it from developing. I would very much like to receive a scientific confirmation of my assumption that turpentine baths of any kind are a sufficiently effective method of preventing caries and other diseases of teeth and gums.