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    The importance of the house

    The Housekeeping is the keeper of the home, its patron and soul. It is the brownie who cares that there should always be prosperity in the house so that no one quarrels and is ill, and bad people and impure force could not harm the owners, therefore, people pay him with their love for this.

    The belief in the existence of a house-servant existed until today - many are 100% convinced that the house spirit exists, and some provide evidence that they met with him personally.

    Brownie differs from demons in that he does not do any harm to anyone, sometimes he can only joke, in some cases he can even provide services if he likes the hostess or the owner. According to the story, a brownie lives in the winter near the stove or on the stove, and if the master has a horse or stables, then it is placed near the horses. If a horse likes a brownie, then he braids her mane and tail, gives her food, which makes the horse himself good. Or if the horse does not like him, he can torment her, and so on. Proceeding from this, the owners basically buy a horse of that suit, which is to the court, that is, loved by the house-owners.

    Brownie can think, read your mind and besides that, he is even able to see energy debris in the house, because of this he can get pretty upset.

    Brownie has the largest number of names. There are 46 different names in the Russian demonological dictionary, many of them emphasize the most characteristic features of the house: neighbor, father, breadwinner, dodrozhsh, hlevnik, stables, etc.

    The origin of the

    The source of the information about where the brownie came from is different. There is an idea that the house-goers are the ancestors of the tribute, who were cursed by God for a certain time period. They are doomed to serve several generations of their descendants, and each time after the death of the host they take the image of the deceased. In this case, this is evidenced by the Christian version. But there is also an older, pagan version. It says that the house-spirit is a spirit that has replaced the pagan God of the Kind, or Chura, the memory of it is preserved in the exclamation-charm "Chur me!".If you remember, each of us probably heard this exclamation one time or even used it himself when he wanted to avoid any danger, although he did not fully understand what kind of Chura he was calling for help.

    Another legend says that the brownies are unruly spirits who once lived in heaven. But somehow they raised a rebellion, and for this God sent them to the earth. Then these spirits began to settle in their homes, eventually they began to entice the habits and habits of people, and even began to eat the energy of human food. That is why, if you want to cajole your brownie, you must leave various goodies for the night on the table: flour products, milk, porridge, water. This meal, then you should give the animals. In no case, you can not leave on the table forks, knives, salt, pepper, as this can greatly anger the brownie.

    Pretty good to see brownies. Have you ever noticed how she gazes intently at something in the void. This is something and is a brownie.


    Usually we do not see the house, but if he wants, of course, he can be shown to people. As they say, before he appeared not only in the image of a man, similar to the owner of the house, but also a peasant, with thick hands and feet, and somewhat clumsy like a bear. His head is human, and he himself is overgrown with hair. Some say that he has small horns and a tail. But most likely these are later Christian conjectures. In the twentieth century, stories began to appear more and more often that the brownie prefers to show up in the image of a large and fluffy cat. If it is shown in the image of one of the members of the family, it is not good, most likely, to the illness or death of this person.

    If a housekeeper loves his family then he can warn about unhappiness, otherwise, he can beat dishes, scream, stomp, etc.
    Says home extremely rarely, mainly about the future, he reports through sounds( knocking), and if he uses speech, then it is more like a howling wind or the rustling of leaves.

    Sleeping house can pinch or, pouring, stifling, although until the death is never reached. If this situation occurs, if you can ask a house-cook about whether this is good or bad, and listen to the answer, then for sure you will learn something useful about your future. If you do not want to give such attention to you, then you should use an ancient and effective means: to use the most complex and refined expressions of the Russian language that you only know - the longer they are, the better. Already by our contemporaries it was confirmed that this remedy is trouble-free.

    In order to deserve the favor of his house and live peacefully and amicably with him, do not forget to bring him the so-called sacrifice each year - on the night of January 28, it is necessary to put his favorite delicacies( firmly salted piece of black bread on the most beautiful saucer in the oven)and a couple of spoons of buckwheat porridge), or what you most like yourself. In the morning, treat should be removed, in order not to breed cockroaches, which he strongly dislikes. Most likely, you noticed that some people live with pets for a long time, while others - get sick or run away, get lost, die. Our ancestors believed that this was because the owner-house did not like the animal.

    In the case when an animal likes a house-cat, then he cherishes and cherishes, cares about it, the animal's fur is always smooth and shiny. When he eats, the brownie rakes his food straight to his mouth.

    But if the brownie does not like the animal, then he will constantly yank, pinch and the cat, in turn, will constantly tremble without reason and run from place to place, the hair becomes matted and matted. He will not give her a quiet meal, drive her away from the bowl all the time.

    In this situation, even our ancestors advised:

    • animal to pick up the suit to the master. If your husband is brunette, then the cat should be black, and if the blond is white.
    • before you buy a cat should put a piece of well-salted black bread on the back of a chair or a wooden arm of the chair. If during the night this piece disappears or falls, then in this case the brownie agrees with your choice.
    • having brought home an animal, it needs to be transferred through fur-lined sheepskin coat spread on the floor( nowadays a sheepskin coat is suitable).Fulfilling all these requirements, and taking good care of the animal, the brownie will love your pet.

    If visitors come to your house with black thoughts or ill-wishers, then the brownie will let you know about it. He can begin to whisper about it to the owner, or if the host does not hear, he will let know about it in other ways, for example, a guest may fall out of the hands of a mug or he will shed something. Brownie in such ways tries to force out this guest from your house. Black guest will not be comfortable with this, he will soon start to get annoyed and he will try to leave as soon as possible. So pay attention to such trifles.

    Questions about brownies

    Why are socks lost?
    A sign from a brownie can become a constant loss of socks. Mostly it concerns a man who leads a double life or takes all his homework to his wife, while at the same time completely eliminating it from it. This sign can also be a protest against the fact that general cleaning has not been done for a long time, since the house-lover does not like disorder. Do the house cleaning and then maybe the socks will be paired. That is, if a brownie starts to go bad, it means that something is wrong in the family. With whom does the brownie prefer to communicate?
    Basically, home gives information to the oldest person in the family. The manifestation of this can be in dreams, signs, prophecies, knockings, hints, any images seen by the side vision. House children can see small children, for example, barabashka can sometimes even play with them and answer their questions.

    Who is hostile to the brownie?
    The brownies have enemies, these are spirits directly from the lower astral. Namely, these are the souls of suicides who were not otpety all Christian customs, which neither heaven nor earth accepts. But since they, too, need to be somewhere, they are trying to force out a good house from the house. Spirits from the lower astral are only settled in problem families. Therefore, when the scandal matures, think well before it can be fraught.

    What is the name of the brownie?
    Of course, every householder has a name, but since you do not know him, you can refer to him "housekeeper", "himself", "master", "grandfather-neighbor".Speaking of the brownie in the third person, respectfully call him "he", and then your brownie will appreciate his respectful attitude to himself.

  • Many of us have heard from grandmothers that a house-spirit lives in every house. Someone believes in this, some do not. But, one way or another, there is an explanation of who is actually a brownie, how he looks and where he lives.

    Housekeeping is a home spirit that lives in every home, invisibly guarding the owners from troubles and misfortunes, and follows the order, but it's not shown to everyone. No house can not stand without a house.

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