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    Despite the rabid rhythm of life and the desire to find time everywhere, most people today do not have time to give themselves one of the most important success factors - a healthy dream. And if you suddenly had the opportunity to sleep, then there is another equally rare situation - insomnia. All affairs are solved, all cares are left, all the "elephants" are counted, and the dream is in a hurry to visit the body tired of the day. What to do? Is there no way out? Of course there is.

    General information

    Most often, a doctor who was asked for help with this problem, will write out one or two tablets before bedtime of the appropriate medication and deal with the end. But the problem is that having forced the body to forcibly sleep, affecting the activity of the brain, you can achieve a short-term result. Over time, the body gets used to this kind of influence. And it's not unimportant to note that health from such interference will not be better.

    As the various sciences develop, medical researchers have also studied the problem of insomnia and have found several solutions to how to affect the problem without the use of medications. Certainly, each case should be considered individually, but still the basic principles, adhering to which, can help to cope with insomnia independently.

    First of all, doctors-researchers advise that insomnia stop visiting you, you need to discipline your nightly rest, that is, try to go to bed every day at the same time. The point is to develop the habit of sleeping at night, and in the daytime to be in absolute health, without experiencing drowsiness. The same applies to the time of ascent. To wake up is better, too, at the appointed time, not giving yourself indulgences "to watch an interesting dream."Thus, your internal clock will be able to correspond to the daily rhythm, which will help the body to correctly determine the time for rest.

    It is very correct to go to bed, feeling drowsy. If, at first, one does not immediately fall asleep, it is better to occupy yourself with some monotonous activity, for example, reading a magazine. As soon as you feel that you are overcome by a dream, go to rest. It is important not to start anything exciting that can drive away sleep at all.

    Often, when we go to bed, we are inclined to scroll through all the events that happened to us during the day and once again experience stress. It is advisable to analyze the past a little earlier and find solutions to all situations, to go to bed already in complete tranquility.

    Another not unimportant factor interfering with our rest is not the proper use of a place to sleep. Sometimes we allow ourselves to eat in bed, watch television or solve work matters, which is absolutely wrong to do. It will be much better if the place for rest and it will remain, and not turn from time to time in the office. And do not forget that the place for sleep should be necessarily comfortable. Take care of this.

    It is also worth noting alcohol and exciting drinks in the second half of the day. This will deprive you of yet another factor in the persecution of such a problem as insomnia. And although it is generally accepted that it is not only late to eat late for those who want to lose weight, be sure, and in search of solutions to sleep problems, this too can be of great help. Dinner consisting of a light snack is much more acceptable than a full-fledged evening meal.

    The last advice that will be presented in this article will be - a walk before going to bed and a warm shower. Walking a little tired your muscles and a little raise the body temperature, and when you lie down to rest, along with the rest of the muscles the temperature will begin to fall and drowsiness will be right there. A warm shower will bring a similar effect.

    Following the above tips, you can easily cope with the problem of insomnia. And if, following the implementation of simple rules become a habit, you forget that insomnia in general you once worried. Be healthy!

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