• Admission of vitamins for diabetics

    With diabetes in the human body, there is a sharp lack of vitamin and mineral substances. This state of affairs is caused by various factors: metabolic disorders, restriction of diet, reduction in the assimilation of nutrients in this unpleasant disease.

    Vitamins for diabetics, meanwhile, are very necessary. Especially the body needs vitamin A, C and E, all of the extensive group B.

    The development of diabetes exacerbates the body's need for vitamins

    Vitamins for diabetes are required for people of any age. Studies have shown that most people in Russia are constantly experiencing an acute shortage of those or other vitamin. If it concerns healthy people, then, what to say about those who suffer from diabetes.

    In addition, people who suffer from this disease should adhere to a constant diet. This is another factor that prevents the intake of necessary minerals in the body. In general, in most cases, additional vitamins are a vital need of the patient.

    Antioxidants in diabetes

    The two main causes of diabetes are lipid peroxidation and excessive formation of free radicals. If healthy people maintain an equilibrium between the rate of lipid peroxidation and the activity of the antioxidant system( which is vitamins C, A and E), then the patient with diabetes mellitus is disturbed.

    The rate of formation of free radicals in patients is much higher than the rate of their neutralization. Therefore, in the treatment of diabetes is often prescribed vitamins A and E, C, selenium, lipoic acid. All of them in the first place are needed in order to eliminate the oxidative stress of the body.

    Benefits of Vitamin A or Retinol

    This vitamin is important for the development of vision, for cell growth. They will also provide antioxidant protection in case of diabetes. Vitamin A will neutralize the action of a highly toxic form of oxygen. Toxic forms in diabetes mellitus dramatically increase.

    Ascorbic acid or vitamin C

    Vitamin C in the human body performs a huge number of functions. For example, it is capable of restoring metal ions, which are part of many enzymes, to neutralize free radicals.

    In patients with diabetes, the content of this substance is reduced in serum and blood plasma. Therefore, it is necessary to include it in the treatment process. Vitamin C in diabetics will reduce the rate of cataract development.

    Tocopherol or vitamin E

    Vitamin E in diabetes is not less necessary. He will lead free radicals. During the treatment of diabetes, even special therapy is performed with the use of this vitamin. It is needed in order to:

    • Reduce the rate of progression of atherosclerosis;
    • Improve fibrinolytic activity;
    • Reduce the rate of glycosylation;
    • Reduce fibrinolytic activity;

    The price of a drug for diabetics is usually very affordable. The effect that the reception of this or that vitamin will have will be very pronounced and will benefit the patient.

    Lipoic acid

    Acid can inactivate all free radicals. It is also widely used to treat diabetic neuropathy.

    Numerous large-scale studies have fully proven the benefits of this acid for people who suffer from diabetes.


    It is a part of important and vital enzymes. This substance has a strong antioxidant effect. If the body lacks selenium, then there is a slow growth, rapid development of cataracts, manifestations of degenerative changes in the kidneys and liver, pancreas.

    Selenium also helps reduce blood glucose levels.

    Competent combination of vitamins and minerals

    For diabetics it is very important to choose such complexes, the components of which would perfectly match each other. It is known that with the simultaneous use of certain vitamins and minerals can affect each other. In other cases, this influence can not be called positive. Antagonistic or synergistic combinations of nutrients will help reduce or increase the effectiveness of vitamin prevention.

    In any disease, very important attention should be paid to proper and nutritious nutrition. With diabetes, it is also not a recommendation, but a rule. Observance of diet and active physical activity will help the patient to get in shape, feel cheerful and well. But with all the loads and diets, it is very important to ensure that the necessary mineral substances enter the body. Do it in the right amount. If you do not get everything you need with the food, then specially developed vitamin and mineral complexes will come to the rescue. After all, a person who has diabetes, violated many metabolic processes in the body. Including, and vitamin-mineral processes.

    Before deciding to drink these or other drugs, people suffering from diabetes should necessarily consult with their doctor. To make sure that the chosen course will not conflict with the main line of treatment.

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