• How to treat osteochondrosis at home: exercise, diet

    Osteochondrosis is a disease that results in dystrophic disorders in the articular cartilage.

    Basically, intervertebral disks are captured. There are several types of the disease: lumbar, thoracic and cervical. The most common are lumbar and cervical.

    Many people consider the appearance of the disease as our payment for direct circulation. In fact, there is no osteochondrosis in any animal. But if the time to engage in prevention, such a disease may not occur.


    Osteochondrosis often manifests a constant pain in the back, in the arms and shoulders, an increase in soreness with abrupt movements and exercises, muscle spasm, headaches, back pain and hypotension.

    Symptomatic of the disease depends on the department of the spine in which the disease is found.

    1. 1) For example, in the osteochondrosis of the lumbar-sacral region, tenderness arises in the lumbar region, giving off the lower limbs and the sacrum.
    2. 2) In chest osteochondrosis, the patient is concerned about chest pain, as if a stool was inserted into her, as well as discomfort in the area of ​​the heart muscle.

    3. 3) Osteochondrosis of the cervical region causes pain in the arms and shoulders, headache, there may be dizziness, "flies before the eyes", noise in the head.

    Treatment of osteochondrosis

    Preventive measures to help prevent this disease include, first of all, physical exercises: gymnastics, swimming, pull-up.

    Thanks to the exercises the posture is strengthened, the normal muscular frame is developed, the ligament-muscular apparatus is given the necessary flexibility.

    For prevention or treatment of osteochondrosis at home , you can perform the following set of exercises. And also, at the end of the article you will find video lessons on how to properly perform exercise therapy.

    Exercise 1

    Swaying the head from side to side with a small amplitude left and right. Exercise again for 1 minute. Then shake your head, as if you want to say "yes" first, and then shake, as if you say "no."The amplitude during the exercise should also be small. Exercises are performed approximately every 2 hours, for 2 minutes. Effective therapy for cervical osteochondrosis.

    Exercise 2

    Stretch the abdomen, the loin remains straight, hands through the sides up. Put your hands back, fixing them in the lock. Then take your hands forward, stretching your spine. Perform in each direction for 10 times.

    Exercise 3

    Unfold the chin, keeping the head and neck straight, then to the right, then to the left shoulder. Repeat 10 times in each direction. Then put your bent hands in your fists, chasing them with your chin. After translate your arms bent at the elbows back, press your head on your hands. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

    Exercise 4

    Press your left hand with the palm of your left hand on the temporal part of the head, and the palm of your right hand on your hips. Hands bent at the elbows. Then change the side. Thus, you straighten your back, giving her an example of correct posture. Repeat several times.

    Exercise 5

    The arms are bent at the elbows, the palms are located on the back of the head. Roll your arms forward with your elbows, rounding your back several times. Next, stretch the right side with your hand up, then your left hand up, stretching your back.

    Exercise 6

    Lie down on the floor, bend your knees. Now move your knees to the right, leaving your back flat, pressed firmly against the carpet. Hands, neck, upper part of the body remain stationary. Repeat on each side for 8-10 times.

    Exercise 7

    Stand on your knees and elbows. Bend backward like a cat. Repeat the exercise several times. Then stretch the tips down to the buttocks, hands in front. After that, lie on your back and stretch your arms and legs well.

    Exercise 8

    Lying on your back, bend your knees. Then alternately lift up one leg, squeezing it in the knee. Repeat 20 times for each leg. Then lie on your stomach, get your hands behind your back, stretch your palms to your buttocks. Repeat ten times for both sides. After this, while standing on your knees and elbows, pull forward simultaneously in different directions to your left arm and right leg. Thus, the lumbosacral department is well kneaded. Change your foot and hand to the opposite. The complex of exercises should be systematic, performed regularly.

    We also recommend to see the video exercises for osteochondrosis, in order to understand how to perform the exercises correctly.

    Diet for osteochondrosis

    At the first stages of treatment of osteochondrosis at home it is worth starting with a change in the habitual diet.

    Often often, osteochondrosis worries because of decreased vascular elasticity and increased cholesterol levels in the blood. To this end, it is necessary to exclude or at least maximally restrict the consumption of rich soups and borsch, fatty meat, chicken eggs and other fatty foods.

    Since tea and coffee also play an important role in the vascular tone, their use should be restricted. Smoking spasms also lead to spasms. So you need to give up bad habits.

    To treat osteochondrosis at home, mustard plasters, ointments with menthol, warming plasters, for example, plaster nanoplast. With their help, the main symptoms of the disease go away.

    Also used :

    1. 1) Pharmacological preparations. Anesthetics are used, as well as drugs that increase nerve conduction. Anesthesia is carried out with diclofenac, both inside and intramuscularly. The dosage is determined by the doctor, and treatment is often not continuous. To reduce the deficit of nervous trophism will help such a drug as neuromidine.
    2. 2) Physiotherapy procedures. Used laser, magnetic therapy, low-frequency currents. The most suitable method of physiotherapy is to choose a doctor.
    3. 3) Massage. Even hand grinding, stroking a sore spot increases blood circulation and improves the patient's condition. Thus, the tension in the muscles that often occurs with osteochondrosis is relieved. Remember that in the acute period of the illness you need to give your back peace. Contraindicated any active effects on the back.
    4. 4) Applications, rubbers and compresses. In folk medicine, there are many methods of warming sick places. You can just buy a warming ointment in the pharmacy. The main thing is that the skin is not affected by the burn.
    5. 5) Applicator Lyapko and applicator Kuznetsov. These are specially created funds for the purpose of treating such diseases. Improve blood circulation and reduce muscle pain.
    6. 6) Special orthopedic accessories. In a dream, we spend the third part of our life. That's why you need to take care of the health of the spine at this time. A full rest will provide an orthopedic mattress. Thus, you will have good blood circulation and comfort during rest.
    Do not be engaged in self-medication. After consulting with a doctor, you will choose the most appropriate tactics for treating osteochondrosis!

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