Women's Business Style 2013 - Business Woman Style

  • Women's Business Style 2013 - Business Woman Style

    The correct choice of clothing style largely determines the serious attitude towards a person, the success of his activities. Especially it concerns the business style of clothes for women, who still have to defend the title of "business woman".And the women's business style of 2013 combines the best qualities for success: confidence, strict lines and feminine details.

    Classic motifs

    Business style 2013 with blouse

    In fashion, as always, a classic business suit. As a rule, it is a pencil skirt covering the knees, and a fitted jacket. You can wear straight trousers instead of skirts with arrows, "pipes" are not allowed. By the way, jackets can be different: double-breasted or single-breasted, to the waist or classical length. Popular single-breasted tight-fitting jackets up to the waist. But do not forget that the business jacket should have a fairly strict look. The trend of the season is a suit in a man's style. A well-known classic version of women's business clothing is white blouses. Classical shirts remain topical.

    Colors also remain classically unchanged: dark blue, black, gray. This season is dominated by blue. Shirts can be from white to pastel and other calm tones.

    Quite appropriate and fashionable detail of a business suit will be a discreet stylish brooch. It is better that the brooch was made of natural materials.

    Business dress

    Dress-case 2013

    Women's business style of 2013 offers a lot of dresses. Universal, of course, is a dress-case. This model of dress is taken as a basis of business style clothes and assumes different versions: without sleeves, with sleeves of different length. Designers do not exclude the addition of military style elements, inserts from contrasting materials and leather. Elegant dress can have a length to the knees, to the middle of the knee, and also slightly below the knee. It already depends on the constitution and age of the woman.

    Popular combinations of single colors. For example, a white bodice and a dark skirt. Designers offer strict, straight lines, hidden buckles and buttons for business dresses. Preferred tones: blue, beige, black, pearl, emerald, ivory. Such models are not decorated with decor. It is assumed that the woman herself will complement the image with different accessories.

    Individual business style

    To create an individual business style in clothing designers offer embroidery and applications, large buttons, details of leather and fur. An interesting solution for a fabric that has a geometric print is the use of different sizes of the same pattern, as well as the effect of combining the front side and the underside of the material.

    A vest is considered to be a trendy element of clothing. It can be a waistcoat made from fabric or knitted. A highlight is the model with a print. A waistcoat should be worn as an independent element( instead of a jacket) or as part of a three-piece suit.

    An alternative to a jacket can be a cardigan. Cardigan kits with a pullover or a cardigan with a dress remained popular.

    Business fashion in the summer

    Unusual colors in the business fashion

    Women's business style 2013years offers to wear clothes with more cheerful and fresh motives. Of course, it is necessary to observe the measure. Ideally, it will look like an unchanging dark bottom( skirts, trousers) and a brighter top. Colors can be chosen not striking: sand, soft pink, blue. In this case, remember that ryushechek, bows, pajetok and other romantic liberties should be avoided. If there are drawings, it is preferable that they be simple( a cage, a strip).

    Excellent for the summer light colors will suit. In such clothes, you bring the heat easier. And such clothes look much more appropriate in the summer than dark suits. Also appropriate will be dresses from natural fabrics( cotton, linen, silk).When choosing such fabrics, make sure that when the light is bright, the fabric will not gleam.

    Designers today offer every business woman a lot of solutions. She will easily be able to choose appropriate clothing that not only emphasizes her status, but also reflects femininity and personality.

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