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    Coloring curls creates a unique individual image of

    Hair coloring, with proper execution,gives locks a visual splendor and enhances color saturation.

    What is hair coloring: longitudinal and transverse staining ^

    Coloring is the coloring of individual strands, in which attention is focused on the entire hairstyle, creating an individual image.

    The technique of coloring hair allows you to make and patterned dyed curls in accordance with the fashion trends and wishes of clients.

    Hair can be colored in two ways - the color can run across the natural line or along. Transverse coloring makes it possible to perform a smooth transition from one color to another, and the longitudinal color change is made along the entire length of the streak.

    • Most often people turn to hairdressers with a request to do longitudinal coloring. With this option, the strands are painted partially along the entire length. The thickness of the strand itself can be completely different, thin or wide. Colors in this coloring, as a rule, are bright and contrasting.
    • Transverse coloring is made of two or more colors. A smooth transition from one color to another may be completely absent or be sufficiently noticeable. Clear boundaries can be created between shades of colors. Interesting and the option of a sharp transition from blond to absolutely black.

    Complex multicolour coloring requires a lot of time and a good set of dyes. Therefore, this is one of the most expensive procedures for staining. It can be used as a longitudinal staining of strands, and transverse. Some professional masters are able to do coloring with 20 colors and shades at once.

    Hair coloring at home

    The coloring procedure is always performed by highly skilled craftsmen, but you can try to dye your hair in different colors and yourself. Beginning preparation for this type of work as coloring hair at home, you should prepare not only different in color paint, but also the necessary set of tools.

    • Doing this yourself, you should start by dividing all the hair into separate strands.
    • The mixture of dye and oxidant is then applied to the separated strand and wrapped with foil or film. The solution should be kept for at least 40 minutes.
    • After that, wash your head with warm water and shampoo and apply a nutritional balm.
    • With this method, it is possible to apply multi-coloring.
    • Repeat the coloring should not be earlier than two months.

    Coloring of dark and light hair: a description of the dyeing technique ^

    Coloring of dark hair

    The only inconvenience when working with dark hair is the need for primary clarification of the strands to be painted.

    • When cross-staining, the curl is divided into several parts and a different color is applied to each piece.
    • In the case of longitudinal coloring, the paint is uniformly applied over the entire length of the strand.
    • By coloring the dark curls , , you can achieve a unique pattern of several colors and shades.
    • Hot brunettes can be approached by coloring hair in platinum or red tones.

    Coloring on light and blonde hair

    It is much easier to dye light hair. The structure of the hair is not disturbed, since there is no need to carry out preliminary clarification.

    • Light natural shade can be supplemented with multi-colored strands of the whole range of red and orange colors or give it a gentle ash color. Sometimes they make coloring with sharp transitions from one color to another.
    • When performing coloring on light-brown hair, it is necessary to know that in this case, strands of hair painted over the entire length will be especially interesting. The hue can be honey or golden.
    • Alternation of color strips or longitudinal staining is best done with a color of milk chocolate or caramel on red hair.
    • Coloring red hair allows a woman to look absolutely different. A radiant transition from one shade to another can be done by staining the strands asymmetrically and unevenly.

    Saturation of the hair color can be completely different. The most popular types of coloring by the method of applying paint on hair are Californian, neon and multicolor.

    California coloring

    Smooth transition from dark roots to the clarified tips of horizontal layers creates a natural look of slightly sunburned hair. This color is difficult to distinguish from the present. Suitable for serious ladies of any age with any color of their own hair.

    Neon coloring

    Neon bright colors are used. A boundless experiment with color and great possibilities for a different combination of shades help to create a memorable and eye-catching image.

    Original neon staining is most suitable for young girls of extravagant appearance. Even one strand under the color of nail polish will distinguish from the crowd the owner of a strikingly colored strand.

    Pearlescent coloring

    For coloring, the pearl color and pearlescent colors are used in varying light. The special gloss and durability of such dyes with the addition of pearlescent particles creates a bright and attractive image. Pearlescent coloring looks very beautiful, that's why it's unusually popular.

    Patterned and multicolored coloring

    Any graphic image can be applied to the hair or a geometric pattern is made. A unique patterned painting can create a master of high class, using special stencils. Most often, only two contrasting colors of paint are used in this work.

    In the salon, craftsmen can make stencil staining, apply a pattern or imitation of animal coloring - patterned, or use a large number of colors by performing multi-color staining.

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    Videos, testimonials, results before and after coloring ^

    Enthusiastic reviews of girls about coloring hair confirm the demand for stylists' new methods of coloring long and short curls.

    Hair coloring helps to express a vivid personality and effectively emphasize the beauty of any woman. And the use of natural color transition gives hair a truly beautiful and healthy appearance.