• Diabetes of pregnant women, treatment, childbirth and prognosis

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    Gestational diabetes is a condition that develops in 2-14% of pregnant women. That is, the diabetes of pregnant women is not so rare. This condition develops in women, in whom the body produces insufficient amounts of insulin. Insulin is the hormone of the pancreas. Insulin reacts directly to the level of sugar that is contained in the blood.

    Glucose( this part of sugar enters the human blood) serves the body as one of the main sources of energy. With the help of insulin, sugar, which the body does not use at the moment, is deferred.

    Diabetes mellitus in pregnant women occurs because the body has to produce more insulin. After all, it is needed during this period not only for the mother, but also for the child. Especially this problem is relevant for the second half of pregnancy. Gestational appearance can develop if the pancreas does not cope and the blood glucose level is higher than normal.

    This is important! If other types of diabetes are chronic, then gestational diabetes generally occurs some time after delivery.

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    The risk group for pregnant women

    It is clear that there are risk groups in the development of this disease. These are women who:

    • Are obese with a high degree;
    • whose close relatives have diabetes mellitus;
    • There is an increased amount of sugar in the urine;
    • Diabetes occurred during a previous pregnancy;

    Increased blood sugar levels cause problems not only for women, but also for her baby. The fruit, for example, can grow very large. This will create difficulties in childbirth. Also, these kids often have hypoxia( lack of oxygen).Who falls ill with less probability?

    There are a number of signs that show that such a woman will not suffer from diabetes during pregnancy. The more such signs the woman finds, the better:

    • Age under 25;
    • There is no diabetes in close relatives;
    • Normal weight before pregnancy;
    • There were no complications during pregnancy;
    • No elevated blood sugar was observed;

    Every woman who expects a baby should know about the symptoms of a pregnant woman's diabetes. Because it is very likely that those women who suffered from gestational diabetes eventually become diabetic. But such a risk can be reduced if:

    1. Eat right;
    2. Regularly engage in physical activity;
    3. Monitor your weight;

    How to recognize gestational diabetes

    Signs of diabetes in pregnant women, especially in mild cases, are almost absent. It is very important for every pregnant woman to take blood tests on time. Often this is the only way to determine the presence of this form of diabetes.

    If the doctor sees the slightest increase in blood sugar in the pregnant woman, he immediately appoints a test. The examination should show whether or not the woman has problems with sugar, which are caused by diabetes. The tests are very simple, you have to measure the sugar level on an empty stomach. This will help drink a glass of water in which glucose is dissolved.

    This is important! The normal blood sugar level is 3.3 - 5.5 mmol / l. The violation of glucose tolerance( the last stage) is diagnosed at 5.5, but not more than 7.1 mmol / l. Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is made at 7.1 and more mmol / l.

    If the diabetes in a pregnant woman is already on the verge of an average or severe stage, then obvious symptoms of the disease may appear. For example, they include severe hunger and thirst, blurred vision, and frequent and profuse urination.

    But it is necessary to understand that the above symptoms are often the habitual state of a pregnant woman. Therefore, only regular tests will help keep your health under full control.

    Diet for pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes

    The diet for diabetes mellitus in pregnant women has one goal: to maintain the normal level of sugar in the blood. You need to eat six times a day. This is done so that all the nutrients in the body act in regular intervals. This particular intake of food will also help to avoid sudden jumps in blood sugar.

    It is better to exclude simple carbohydrates from pregnant women in their diet. These include sugar, jam, candy and chocolate. As for complex carbohydrates, their quantity should be limited. In a daily diet, they can account for no more than 50%, and for proteins and fats - another 50%.As for the specific amount of calories, this question should be discussed with the attending physician.

    Active physical activities in the fresh air will also go pregnant with low blood sugar for good. Training will help limit weight gain. This will make it easier to work with insulin, which only makes fat more difficult.

    If the doctor prescribed to take insulin, then do not be afraid of it. It is absolutely safe for both mother and child. There is no addiction to this drug. So, after giving birth it will be possible to refuse it.

    The process of childbirth with diabetes

    This disease is not an obstacle to natural childbirth. As a rule, a few days after giving birth, the amount of sugar in the blood of a woman comes back to normal. But, if the woman has already suffered gestational diabetes, then during the next pregnancy also it is necessary to prepare for this condition. These women are at increased risk of permanent disease.

    A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition reduce risks to a minimum, but do not exclude them.

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