• Alopecia areata, nesting: causes and treatment of alopecia

    A person loses hair daily, and more often than not this process remains invisible. But sometimes it happens that the amount of hair falling out sharply increases.

    They stay in the bathroom after washing, on the hairbrush, tangles gather on the floor, which, of course, starts to cause anxiety and even fear for the person.

    Beautiful and well-groomed hair has always been a matter of admiration. Hardly anyone wants to suddenly lose his own hair.

    Increased hair loss leads to alopecia, that is, baldness of both men and women, which can cause serious psychological problems.

    Causes of alopecia

    Male pattern baldness occurs in 95% of cases due to the action of the hormone testosterone on the hair follicles, which under the influence of special enzymes turns into dihydrotestosterone. It is this form of testosterone that has a negative effect on the hair, thinning it, which leads to increased loss - this is the main cause of alopecia.

    Women are also affected by male hormones, but the frequency of cases is much lower( see the causes of hair loss in women).Another cause of alopecia can be a vast functional body failure as a result of:
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    • stress;
    • hormonal failure;
    • infections;
    • surgical operations;
    • use of certain medicines;
    • chemotherapy.
    Alopecia is classified as a type of alopecia due to an autoimmune disease, the manifestation of which depends on the genetic predisposition.

    Long and severe stress, negative effects of anesthesia and viral diseases can "include" genes that are responsible for the effect of immune defense on the human body. The last cause of alopecia are infections that affect the hair follicles.

    Types of baldness

    The presence or absence of the above causes depends on the type of alopecia.

    1. 1) Hair loss on the background of the harmful effects of testosterone is called androgenetic alopecia, in which men have hair thinning in the parietal and frontal areas. In women, the clinical picture is different - the hair is thinner and thinner in the area of ​​the central part. Androgenetic alopecia is transmitted by inheritance, and in 75% of cases on the maternal line and only 20% - on the paternal.
    2. 2) Another type of alopecia is diffuse alopecia, which is characterized by extensive but uniform areas of hair loss. The cause of it is a malfunction in the body, against which the follicles go into a phase of rest. Hair thus is not restored, therefore the human hair begins to thin considerably. Since diffuse alopecia is symptomatic and manifests itself under stress, as well as with various negative effects on the human body, with the disappearance of such factors, hair will soon restore its growth.
    3. 3) Another type of alopecia is focal or nesting alopecia, resulting from autoimmune processes. Cells of hair follicles are damaged by the protective forces of the body and as a result, one or several rounded bald spots are formed. The manifestation of this process depends primarily on the genetic predisposition and factors that can "awaken" these genes.
    There are several stages of focal alopecia, namely: multifocal, subtotal, total and universal. The last stage is marked by damage to the hair throughout the body.

    The last common type of alopecia is cicatricial alopecia. It is characterized by irreversible damage to hair bulbs as a result of infection. Viral, fungal and bacterial infections can get into the scalp only through cuts and burns, so timely seeking medical help will save a person from such alopecia.

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    Symptoms of focal, alopecia areata

    One of the main symptoms of alopecia can be attributed to the sharp thinning of the hair. They become brittle and dull, the amount of hair falling out increases, as seen on the comb, after a shower or a shower.

    In androgenetic alopecia, men appear bald patches in the parietal and frontal zones, while in women hair falls mainly in the parting area, but eventually affects the lateral parts of the head.

    The appearance of a single circular lesion of alopecia, or more of them, is characteristic of alopecia areata. It is worth noting that with this type of baldness a person can lose hair from the entire body.

    If the hair becomes less dense, but there are no clear bald spots, and the scalp is not inflamed, then we can talk about diffuse alopecia. Such baldness is uniform and affects all areas of the head.

    For scarring alopecia is characterized by the presence on the head of various areas of smooth skin, which do not contain hair bulbs.

    Treatment of alopecia

    Treatment of baldness in both men and women begins with a trip to the dermatologist and trichologist.

    In this issue, you should not self-medicate. There is a risk to choose the wrong means, thereby making it worse. Only a doctor can prescribe a suitable drug for the appearance of alopecia.

    In addition, there is a high probability that if you come to an appointment with a trichologist, you will have to undergo a checkup with other doctors, since often the reason for hair loss lies not in the lack of vitamins.

    The role of a person in the treatment of alopecia is reduced to strict follow-up of the recommendations of your doctor and the possible use of cosmetology. On the shelves of shops and pharmacies is a huge number of special shampoos with various additives, the use of which is designed to hide the signs of the beginning of alopecia.

    Unfortunately, not all types of alopecia can be completely cured with medicines. In this case, there are two ways out: continue taking all the necessary medications that restrain baldness, or go to hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is by far the most effective tool in the fight against alopecia.

    Treatment of almost all types of alopecia is a lengthy exercise. There are often cases when a person has to go through the course of life for a course of life, so a positive psychological attitude is very important.

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    Do not neglect the help of close people and close from the world. Frequent walks, pleasant communication and proper nutrition combined with a good mood will help in combating hair loss.

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