• How do celebrities lose weight? Star diet

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    Alla Pugacheva is an adherent of the split food system. She prefers not to mix proteins and carbohydrates, vegetable food - with the animal. In addition, the singer limits herself to the amount of food consumed - she herself says that the food only "tries".The only weakness of the prima donna is a variety of pastries and sweets. True, from the last singer sometimes it is quite unhealthy!

    Separate power systems adhere to and Jeanne Friske : for one "sitting" she will never eat protein and carbohydrates. From drinks the singer prefers mineral water without gases or green tea. The ban on eating after six o'clock in the evening is another fad of the diet of the beautiful Jeanne. Once a week, the singer arranges the body for the fasting day.

    The secret of successful weight loss Larissa Valley - kefir diet. Sitting on yogurt, for a year and a half the singer dropped 24 kilograms and as close as possible to the ideal of female beauty: her parameters are now 92-62-92.Also Larisa Dolina became a fan of vegetarianism, excluded from her menu meat and poultry, cereals, sweet and flour.

    Arina Sharapova
    always consumes a glass of water before every meal. Filling the stomach, water leads to a feeling of satiety, so the saturation of food occurs faster. The ban on fried, smoked, fatty, semi-finished products, restrictions on the use of products containing complex carbohydrates is also a part of the tennis player's diet. But lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat varieties of fish can be consumed with almost no restrictions.

    It would seem that the slender and attractive Alsou has nothing to worry about his figure - but no, the oriental beauty has already tried more than one diet. Of the latest innovations - a chocolate diet, in which the singer allows herself two chocolate bars and coffee without sugar per day. This peculiar way of losing weight led to tangible results: Alsou thus dropped for five days as much as 6 kilograms!

    Adherent of a healthy diet, Gwyneth Paltrow adheres to a macrobiotic diet that prohibits eating foods with GMO, refined and protein foods. In the menu of the actress - exclusively whole grains porridge, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and all meals Gwyneth prepares in a double boiler.

    Actresses Liz Hurley and Courtney Coke lose weight with the help of a fairly popular diet for the blood group. According to her, there are certain components in the human blood that can split some foods and tear away others. Thus, it is enough to know your blood group and get a list of those foods that you can eat, and those that are strictly prohibited.

    Sharon Stone adheres to a diet developed by Rick Halo. According to her, all products are assigned a certain color( green, yellow or red), depending on their glycemic index( GI).Products with low GI( green color) should be basic in the daily diet, products with medium GI( yellow color) - enter the menu in moderate quantities, and products with high GI( red color) - be excluded from food. Also, the diet of Rick Halo provides for restrictions in the use of proteins and fats.

    Alicia Silverstone
    is a vegetarian. This is what allowed her to lose weight and improve her appearance. The use of low-fat foods helped the actress achieve the desired harmony.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar adheres to the cabbage diet. For a week they eat only cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish. For 7 days of such a diet, she drops up to 4 kilograms of excess weight. However, nutritionists consider cabbage diet poorly balanced and disrupting metabolism in the body.

    Actress Jennifer Aniston prefers a detox diet. This is a whole food system, providing for complete rejection of bad habits, raw food and eating only freshly prepared dishes, regular cleansing of the body of toxins. In order to last Aniston every morning on an empty stomach drinks a lemon drink( freshly squeezed lemon juice, diluted in water).

    Demi Moore adheres to one of the varieties of a protein diet with the sinister title of "Zone", authored by Dr. Barry Sears. According to this diet, the daily diet should contain enough protein food, do not prohibit fats and complex carbohydrates, but refined food is recommended to be abandoned. A prerequisite for this food system is a 5-time meal - every day at the same time.

    Britney Spears limits itself in the use of complex carbohydrates and products containing refined sugar. The singer follows a balanced diet and never eats after eight in the evening. Each meal of the singer includes 30% of proteins, 40% of carbohydrates and 30% of unsaturated fats.

    For Madonna , her own body is almost a fetish: besides regular physical activity in the gym, the pop diva constantly adheres to the advice of her personal dietician. Recently, the singer prefers a diet based on the traditions of Japanese cuisine. Madonna eats brown rice, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetarian sushi, seaweed and miso soup. Products of animal origin containing refined sugar and various additives are under the prohibition of the singer.

    But Sophie Loren is quite original in choosing a diet. It turns out that the secret of her eternal youth is. .. spaghetti! The actress, with a height of 173 centimeters weighing 60 kilograms, assures that she is supported only by pasta with vegetables or vegetable sauces. The main thing, in the opinion of the unforgettable Sophie - is not to overeat and make sure that the consumption of calories is not higher than their burning.

    Even more extravagant is the secret of harmony Heather Lockler - the performer of one of the main roles of the series "Beverly Hills District" claims that her diet consists of hamburgers and french fries from McDonald's. It can be said for a long time that fast food is harmful and as a result of its consumption obesity appears, but the fact remains: a fan of "fast food", Heather weighs only 48 kilograms and weighs 165 centimeters.

    The variety of star diets is amazing and proves once again: there is no one single diet that would suit absolutely everything. The main thing is that the chosen diet should be comfortable and not make people scoff at their own organism.

    What can I say: if ordinary mortals aspire to a perfect figure, exhausting themselves with various weight-loss systems, then the idea of ​​getting rid of excess weight among celebrities is not altogether the most popular. Always look good and do not give cause for paparazzi and fans doubt the ideality of forms - this is the cherished dream of every star. However, celebrities lose weight in completely different ways.

    Laima Vaikule , despite its refined forms, periodically feels the need to lose a few extra pounds. To do this, unloading days on water and tea help it, as well as a nine-day diet( 3 days - only rice, 3 days - only chicken fillet, 3 days - only apples).In addition, once a week, Laima arranges a day of starvation.