• How to put the baby to sleep

    If your doctor did not advise you otherwise, put the baby to sleep on the back.

    Indeed, it seems that most newborns sleep better on their stomachs than on their backs, which is why it is traditionally recommended to put children to sleep on their stomachs. But research has shown that "sleeps better" is not equivalent to "sleeping more safely."New discoveries in the study of sleep cycles of infants turned the traditional notion that children should sleep on their stomachs and turned the children on their backs, because in this case the risk of sudden infant death syndrome( apnea) is reduced.

    The unfolded campaigns under the motto "Sleep on the back" have reduced the number of apneas in many countries by 50 percent and by 30 percent in the United States. Children who sleep on their backs are more awake from sleep and do not sleep as deeply as on their stomachs, and easier awakening from sleep is a protective mechanism against the syndrome of sudden child death.

    Be sure to check with your doctor to find out if your child has any diseases that require sleep in the abdominal position, such as too small jawbones or other anomalies that can lead to airway compression during sleep on the back;accompanied by the separation of sputum respiratory diseases or gastroesophageal reflux. If your child does not want to fall asleep on his back, there's nothing to worry about if you put him to sleep on his stomach.

    Tip for laying the baby overnight: instead of putting the child in the middle of the crib or cradle, put it on its side and comfortably arrange it at the side corner. Tuck a cushion or a small hard cushion( not a huge loose cushion that can cover the baby's face) to the baby's tummy. Children like the feeling that they are sleeping near some object or, preferably, a person. This explains the fact that even tiny children manage to get into the corner of the crib or, if they divide the bed with their parents, cuddle up to mummy or daddy.(We jokingly call our rocket-loaded rocket with a thermal homing system.)