How to choose a car? Tips for beginners

  • How to choose a car? Tips for beginners

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    1. Analysis of

    You need to choose the car based on the amount you are counting on, from this you will start with the choice of the car class, brand, capacity and configuration.

    Please note that after purchase, you will need to put the car on the register, so at least somewhere around $ 400 you should postpone additionally to this procedure. We also want to note that if there is an option to buy another car, but a little more expensive, it is better to podkonapit or recharge a bit, than sorry later, because the amount is not small and you need to buy such a car, which you will not regret buying in the future.

    Pay attention to the power and volume of the motor. This will determine the fuel consumption and the dynamics of the car's acceleration. The weight of the car, when fully loaded, must correspond to the motor. Otherwise, with a full cabin of passengers you will drive into the mountain very hard, and dispersal will be excruciating, if there is still an air conditioner, then the car will be a "snail".

    Regarding the conversion of the machine to gas, first think how much and how often you will drive. HBO must be installed in the event that you will drive every day and very much. Otherwise, the payback of this installation will be more than three years.

    2. New car or second-hand?

    How did you determine the final amount to buy a car, you need to decide which car to buy: new or with a run( used).Consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

    The new car is new. If you come to his choice scrupulously, then the next 3 years, besides changing the oil, refueling and inflating the wheels - you do not need anything. This is the main advantage of the new car. From other advantages it can be noted that riding in a new car is comfortable, nothing thunders, does not knock, the machine flies, it has a pleasant smell of novelty. The disadvantages of new cars there, well, just that the run-in period can make a couple of nuances, but this should not even be emphasized.

    Used car has only one advantage - it's a low price. That is, you can buy a car of the same brand as the new, only pay 10% less, depending on the mileage. Or for a sum equivalent to a new car, you can buy a better car, but second-hand.
    The correct answer here can not be a priori, since both versions have the right logic, and here it is necessary to be guided by your preferences. Let's note only that with a new car you will have fewer problems both during purchase and during operation.

    3. Choosing the first car

    Many advise buying the first car inexpensive, motivating it so that it was not a pity, if somewhere it "knock", in view of the small driving experience. This is partly true, but a good car will make you drive carefully and take care of it from the very beginning, and buying a cheap, old car, it will be easier to study on it.

    Choosing a new car, focus on the amount, and on personal preferences in brands and models of cars. If you want a used car, then of course, be guided by the desired brand, but as practice shows, in this case it is necessary to choose from what is on the car market.

    4. Choice of the

    machine brand The machine must be chosen on the basis of:

    • personal preferences;
    • reviews about it;
    • configuration;
    • the cost and availability of spare parts;
    • fuel consumption;
    • the adequacy of the price;
    • the number of seats.

    Visit the forums of car owners of the model you like. You can read reviews about the car in the general section, but the most interesting and necessary is in the technical sections, where themes are created about repairs and problems with cars, that's exactly what we recommend to read to get the so-called "medical" card. Ask also the responses of real car owners of the brand you want to buy.

    You may want to decide to buy one brand and model of the car, and if you come to a salon or to the market, buy a completely different one, so when you're driving a car, you do not need to be categorical, consider all possible options.

    When buying a new car in the cabin, wait for the stock to save on buying or to get some bonus. Buying a car in the spring is very profitable, as car dealers make discounts on the model range released last year.

    5. Buying a car

    To begin with, we will touch on the general selection and purchase criteria, and then we will look more closely at the specifics of buying a new and used car.

    When you are driving a car, you should already determine the priorities of its configuration for yourself. We recommend that your car include:

    • Power steering - to make the steering wheel turn easily, without any effort;
    • ABS - this system performs stepped braking when the brake pedal is depressed;
    • Air conditioner - in order to regulate the temperature in the cabin of your car;
    • Power windows - in order to lift and lower the glass of the doors with the help of buttons, do not turn the knobs;
    • Central locking - when you lock the door using the auto door button;
    • Electrically heated seats -( for the amateur) this option provides heating of the seats in the cold season.

    This is the most significant list of functions of the first auto. You can also mention a couple of words about the automatic transmission, which will greatly simplify the management of the car, but this is optional, and the car with automatic transmission is much more expensive than the analog with manual transmission.

    Choosing a new car

    When buying a new car, inspect it externally and check for scratches and irregularities. Paint on the body, doors, hood and trunk - should be the same. Check the marking of the glass, it should be the same everywhere. Body clearances must also be identical. This is necessary in order to visually inspect the quality of the assembly and check for repair work, since the machine could get damaged during transportation, which could subsequently be hidden.

    Take a look inside the car. The lack of cellophane on the seats and in other places should alert you. Perhaps this machine was bought, but returned, or it passed a test drive. The speedometer should be no more than 10 km. If the figure is greater, either the car was driven by its own motion, or someone was already riding it.

    Determine whether the machine was on the street for a long period of time, help the engine bottom and wheel disks, if there is rust on them, then the answer is obvious.

    Start the engine, it must start the first time. The motor should work smoothly and smoothly, without twitching, howling and jerking. Then go to the gearbox. Transmissions must be switched easily, without much effort.

    Rolling auto. Warm up the engine and ride on the site. Check the operation of the brake system: handbrake and foot brake. When driving, be sure to pay attention to the gearshift. Strongly to be dispersed thus it is not necessary. While the engine is running and driving, nothing should stir in the passenger compartment, especially plastic.

    These are the main aspects for those who are not particularly versed in machines. Of course, take an experienced driver with experience, and best of all, a familiar auto mechanic who will feel the car not only from the outside, but also from the inside. This person is especially necessary when buying a used car.

    Choosing a used car

    When deciding to buy a used car, try to buy it from someone who cares about the car and cares for the car.

    When buying a used car, carry out an external inspection, check for: scratches, dents, straightening and plastering of the body. You can take a magnet and wrap it in a soft cloth. If in certain places the magnet does not magnetize, then most likely there is putty.
    Next, specify the price and start the engine, listen to his work. At this time, the owner learn the history of the car, what problems were with it, what was replaced, whether it was in an accident. Tell me that it's better to tell everything as it is, since if you like the car, then you will check it on the SRT.

    Then drive the car. If it did not cause any complaints, then go to the maintenance station for a complete diagnosis( you pay).If the car does not harbor secrets, then the seller agrees to drive to the SRT, since he has nothing to hide. If the seller says that the car is in perfect condition, but refuses to go to the SRT - say goodbye.

    Why go to the SRT?At the SRT you will conduct a complete diagnosis of the car and tell you what faults are in it, what parts are worn out and require replacement, then call an approximate amount of repairs. As a rule, any non-new car requires investment of money. This amount you can bargain with the seller. But the main thing is that the STO will be able to ventilate the so-called body geometry, which will immediately show whether the car has fallen into serious accidents, which side was hit and what exactly was damaged.

    After all this, if the car did not fall into an accident, reach a consensus in the amount and go to make out your deal.

    A few words to say for searching for cars on websites and newspaper ads. While viewing ads, pay attention to phone numbers, since these two resources are inhabited by a large number of resellers who buy cars from owners and resell them at an inflated price.

    6. Machine for a woman

    The most ideal option for girls is a minicar or small car in which:

    • It is convenient to accommodate children;
    • Spends a little gasoline;
    • Has a large trunk;
    • No need to invest a lot of money in repairs.

    Maybe one of our readers scowled, they say, why they are put in a "small house".You can buy any other cars in the class above, but what's the point? The minicar has a very low fuel consumption, so you can drive more on it. On this car is very convenient to park and it is easy to manage.

    We recommend that girls buy a car with power steering, and preferably with an automatic transmission. We recommend to see: Kia Picanto, Peugeot 107, Chery QQ and Daewoo Matiz.

    7. Color of the car

    The color of the car must be determined on the spot of purchase, when you will see it not in the picture, but with your own eyes. How often do so many people go for the same color, but buy another. Try not to buy a car of bright color, so that it will not be slightly out of the flow and will not catch sight of the inspectors. Note that the darker the color of the car, the more dirt and dust it will be visible on it. Lovers of cleanliness do not recommend a dark car, as dust lives on the machine all the time and you will have to either wash it often, or get really angry. In general, the main thing is that you like the color, the rest of the small things.

    9. Should I stay on the service warranty?

    Each Autocentre offers its services for a new car, this is a so-called guarantee. If before a certain kilometer or a period of time( which is set by the manufacturer) in the car there will be any breakage, not through your fault, then the repair will be free of charge. In this case, you must be serviced only in special networks of this center. If you establish that the car was repaired or replaced parts outside the network centers, then the warranty will deny you.

    The drawback is that you will not be able to install this or that part yourself. All this must be done at the guarantor, at the auto repair center, which is not always cheap, as the prices for their services are much higher than for conventional service stations.

    The advantage is that you will repair the car for free in case of a breakdown, especially this is good during the running-in period. We advise all the same to put the car on a guarantee and stay on it for at least a year or 10 thousand kilometers of run. Usually during this interval the machine undergoes running in and it shows breakages, but this happens extremely rarely.

    Another advantage of the company's SRT is that they always have spare parts for your car that do not have to wait long. Also, the masters specialize exactly on your car brand and have a lot of experience with it.

    10. Auto loans

    If you are sure of the stability of your work and salary, you do not plan serious embezzlement in the next 5 years, then you can take a loan for a car, but it is highly undesirable. At leisure, you can visit the site of any popular bank and use their calculator to calculate a loan for cars. You should be interested in the amount of the overpayment. It will be in the region of 40% of the cost of the car. Why and what does this mean? The bank will not work at a loss - on altruism, so it takes a reward for its work, which means that if you buy a car on credit, you will pay for it for one and a half cars, and sometimes for two. For our part, we do not recommend taking cars on credit.

  • In our time the car has become no longer a luxury item, but a necessity. Every day a huge number of cars are bought in the country. Thanks to cars of class "A" and "B", perhaps every second family can afford the car. Still, the amount of 7 thousand dollars is large, but it is quite real for the average family.

    In view of the fact that buying a car, the procedure is very serious, because of its specificity, this must be approached with great attention and vigilance. Know that the seller always needs to sell their goods, so all the seller's stories are taken at face value is not worth it.
    Before buying the first car you, of course, have a huge number of questions. Next we will give a full instruction on choosing and buying a car.

    The following questions will be considered in the material:

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