Secrets on how to paint discs in 6 stages

  • Secrets on how to paint discs in 6 stages

    Any car owner wants his "iron horse" to look beautiful, modern and bright. To give the car newness and beauty, it's the discs, but they eventually lose their appearance: scratches, chips, dents and other defects appear. In this case, we recommend not to buy new disks, but to repaint old ones. This process, though troublesome, but fairly simple( with it even beginners will cope on their own from the first time).In our today's article, we will take a look at the main 6 steps for repainting discs.

    Stages telling how to repaint( paint) the discs themselves and without any problems

    1. The first thing would be nice to to check the disk for evenness .In this case, you should refer to good and qualified experts who will check it and if the rim of the disc has irregularities - it must be aligned( if it is an iron disk) and check it.

    2. Next, will prepare all the necessary tool, on which most of the successful implementation of this procedure depends. We will need acrylic paint and a primer in the cylinders. It is strongly recommended to buy similar chemistry from one manufacturer, for their good interaction. Probably, you are asking yourself the question: why it is necessary to purchase acrylic paint, because the powder can also cope well. The fact is that to use powder paint you need special equipment. Of course, you can do without it, but in our case it is better to do it as described above. A sandblast can easily replace a drill with various nozzles, for polishing the surface. Prepare napkins, rags and thinner, to remove stains and degrease the surface of the disc, preparing it for painting. The basic preparation is passed, now the most important: how to paint cast disks by own hands.

    3. Using a drill and attachments, polish the surface of the disc, without forgetting carefully, with a brush and water, before cleaning the disc. You can use detergent and other detergents, the main thing is that no sand and debris left in hard-to-reach places. Wash the disc thoroughly in water and afterwards wipe it with a dry cloth until the water is completely removed.

    4. Remove the layer of old paint ( if there was one).Here we use sandpaper of various rigidity. We penetrate into all branches and sand the fragments with a paint and varnish coating. You can use attachments for polishing the car body, the main thing is to remove the previous paint, to apply a new one.

    5. After the disc is polished and polished, proceed to the procedure priming of the disk .The primer is an important enough point, and therefore it is necessary to approach it responsibly, as well as to painting. We need to degrease the surface with a solvent, allow to dry and on a dry, previously prepared surface, apply a primer. Priming is best three times( three layers).After applying the first layer, wait for a while until the disk dries, then apply the next layer, on the already dry, previous one. So do with the third layer.

    6. does not have any problems with .You just have to do everything in the same order as with the primer. Internet-magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru strongly recommends not to forget about safety rules: use safety glasses and gloves during this procedure. The paint should also be applied in several layers, but before that, wait for a certain time, until the first layer dries well. If you decide to paint discs with your own hands in several colors - use templates. Close the film or tape with a place that should be of a different color, but be careful and do it neatly.

    Thanks to all the above tips, now you know how to paint discs at home, while not overpaying money to masters.