Erectile dysfunction: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences,

  • Erectile dysfunction: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences,

    What is it - erectile dysfunction called a condition where a man turns out to be unable to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to satisfy both sexual partners.

    The sexual intercourse with this disease, like ejaculation, is possible.

    Cases of erectile dysfunction increase with age, meeting in men over 60 years in almost 70%.

    The causes of this condition are diverse, their elucidation, and the appointment with their consideration of specific treatment, are engaged in andrologist, urologist and sex therapist.

    Reasons for erectile dysfunction

    Depending on the etiology of the condition, three main forms of erectile dysfunction are distinguished:

    1) Psychogenic form: dysfunction is caused by stress, depression, neurosis, alcohol or drug use, psychoactive drugs. Violations of the structure of the penis, coming from him and to him vessels and nerves there. Sexual desire can be reduced;Spontaneous and nocturnal erections are preserved.

    2) Organic form. In this case, dysfunction is caused by a violation of the structure or function of the penis due to the pathology of one of the levels:
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    • by the violation of nerve impulses coming from the brain to the genital organs, and vice versa;
    • worsening of blood flow to the member along the arteries or deterioration of outflow from it through the veins;
    • structural changes in male genital organs;
    • violation of hormonal regulation of the process.
    As a result, night and spontaneous erections disappear, and libido is preserved.

    3) Mixed form: structural pathology also leads to a stressful situation, resulting in the employment of sex becomes impossible.

    We list the main causes of organic erectile dysfunction:

    1) Diseases of blood vessels carrying blood to the penis or providing blood flow from it:

    • atherosclerotic deposits on the vessel walls( see atherosclerosis);
    • vasculitis( inflammation of the walls);
    • thrombosis;
    • varicose veins coming from the genitals;
    • changes in the walls of the vessels that develop due to either diabetes mellitus or hypertensive disease.
    2) Endocrine diseases and conditions that result in a drop in testosterone levels:

    • of the thyroid gland( see symptoms of thyroid disease);
    • pathologies of the pituitary gland, which cause either a deficiency of testosterone, or excessive production of prolactin;
    • obesity;
    • hypogonadism;
    • reception of sports nutrition containing hormonal supplements;
    • use of drugs with antitosterone activity.
    3) Diseases of the nervous system:

    • multiple sclerosis;
    • spinal cord injury;
    • myelitis;
    • infringement of a spinal cord in a spinal canal - displaced vertebral disk;
    • swelling of the spine or spinal cord, leading to their infringement;
    • stroke;
    • diseases of nerves coming from the spinal cord to the penis.
    4) Diseases of male genital organs:

    • cicatricial fibrosis;
    • cavity;
    • of a scrotum hernia;
    • Peyronie's disease;
    • injury of the penis;
    • curvature of the penis;
    • operations on the organs of the genitourinary system;
    • is a sexually transmitted disease.

    Symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men

    The disease can make itself felt at any age;but the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are more common in men over 35 years old.

    Young people most often develop a psychogenic form of dysfunction. It develops dramatically when a sexual act( usually preceded by a psychotraumatic situation) suddenly becomes completely impossible, thoughts about it are accompanied by anxiety or anxiety. In this case, night and spontaneous erections are preserved to the fullest.

    Organic erectile dysfunction is prone to gradual development. It is manifested by the following symptoms:

    • insufficient hardness of the penis during coition;
    • weakening of an erection during intercourse;
    • for a long time before reaching a normal erection;
    • no erection if you want a sexual intercourse;
    • decreased sexual desire;
    • violation of orgasm.
    A man may not immediately realize that he is sick: the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction are insignificant, they can be associated with fatigue or intake of alcohol, beverages containing caffeine. Only much later, with the recurrence and aggravation of symptoms, a man realizes that consultation and treatment is necessary.

    Treatment of erectile dysfunction

    Adequate therapy of the disease can be prescribed only by a specialist, after ascertaining the cause of the development of this condition. So, if the cause was diabetes, it is necessary, after consultation of the endocrinologist, to choose the right hypoglycemic therapy, to undergo treatment with vascular drugs.

    If the cause is varicose veins, the treatment of erectile dysfunction begins with medications that tone the veins( Detralex, Flebodia), and only against this background begin to correct directly the most erectile dysfunction. Treatment, begun with the first symptoms of problems with erection, is effective by 99%.

    Treatment of immediate erectile dysfunction caused by diseases of the nervous and vascular system is treated with:

    1. 1) Preparations from the group of inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase: Cialis, Viagra, Levitra( some can not be used for heart diseases).
    2. 2) Administration or in the cavernous body with an injection, or in the urethra of special vasodilating drugs.
    3. 3) Applications of such vacuum devices, in which immediately before the act the penis will be placed, and their negative pressure will ensure the inflow of blood to the cavernous bodies. Then, on the base of the organ, a ring is put on, which will block the outflow of blood through the veins, thereby ensuring a prolonged sexual intercourse.
    4. 4) Surgical treatment: or vein deep vein ligation( if the problem is at the level of the outflow of blood), or by performing arterial bypass surgery( if the erection is reduced due to insufficient blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis).
    If erectile dysfunction was caused by inflammatory diseases of the genitals, antibacterial, antiviral or antifungal therapy is prescribed.

    In cases of synthesis or isolation of testosterone, substitution therapy with synthetic preparations is prescribed( Testosterone, Andriol).It is possible to administer inhibitors of the hormone prolactin.

    For sclerotherapy or scar changes of the penis, endoprosthetics are performed. It can be carried out either with rigid rods or with two or three component inflatable prostheses, in which the rigidity level of the penis can be adjusted by pumping a special pump located in the scrotum.

    In addition to medical or surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, a mandatory component of therapy is psychotherapy, which will allow a man to cure or prevent the psychogenic form of erectile dysfunction.


    To prevent the development of erectile dysfunction, the following rules should be observed:

    • sufficient daily level of physical activity;
    • sports( except cycling);
    • timely treatment of diseases of internal organs and the genitourinary system;
    • blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring;
    • rejection of bad habits. Thus, smoking doubles the risk of developing erectile dysfunction in half;
    • maintaining the state of internal harmony: try to maximize the absence of stress, expressed psycho-emotional overload;
    • to have a regular sex life, while avoiding the excess of sexual contacts.

    Consequences of erectile dysfunction

    In the absence of normal quantity and quality of sexual life, stagnant and inflammatory phenomena develop in the genitourinary system. So, develop:

    • orchitis;
    • chronic prostatitis;
    • epididymitis;
    • vesicles.
    This is due to the fact that in men the main part of the sperm, allocated at the end of the sexual intercourse, is occupied by the secret of the prostate gland. And in the absence of a normal sexual life, it stagnates, it is populated with pathogenic microorganisms. Passing on the genital tract with a sexual intercourse, such a prostatic juice infects them. So the above pathologies develop.

    In addition, insecurity in their own abilities leads to the development of depression, psychosis, neuroses. Thus, the violation of erectile function can be caused by various causes, which can only be determined by a doctor according to various studies( for symptoms alone it is almost impossible).

    Based on the etiological factor of the disease, therapy is also prescribed. Modern methods of medical and surgical treatment can cure the disease in almost 90% of cases.

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