• Properties of spinach and its help in losing weight

    There are a lot of useful substances in spinach, including some chemical compounds that help slow the digestion of fats, which helps reduce the feeling of hunger. Especially this effect is manifested in men who, with regular consumption of this product, indicate a decrease in food craving.

    The immediate cause of this effect is the concentrated extract of thylakoid, under the influence of which there is an active release of satiety hormones that contribute to an effective fight against hunger. The co-author of this study, conducted at the Louisville Biomedical Research Center Pennington, was a specialist Frank Greenaway, who concluded that the thylakoids dull the feeling of hunger, and also reduce the desire for salty foods. Especially this action is expressed among people suffering from obesity, as well as with high blood pressure.

    During the study, the experts studied the effect observed on the use of a single dose of a concentrated extract obtained from spinach thylakoids. The effect of its use was studied after taking on a full stomach, with the intake of lipids, food, as well as glucose. For comparison, a control group of participants who received a placebo was taken. Those taking part in the study( namely, 60 people) were overweight. Men and women among them were equally divided - 30 people each. Alternately they received a placebo, then a spinach extract. The difference between these methods was 7 days.

    As a result, it was noted that the use of spinach extract led to a feeling of increased satiety, which persisted for two hours. The reason for this was the thylakoids contained in the extract of spinach.

    When comparing results among men and women, there was practically no difference in lipid plasma, but among participants in the stronger sex, there was a more pronounced decrease in consumption. Therefore, the organizers of the study concluded that there is a gender specificity of food craving, which is determined by the amount of consumption of thylakoids. Earlier, another study revealed that after a single use of spinach, which contained an insignificant dosage of thylakoids, there was a decrease in craving for sweet food among women. This result was quite stable and was observed throughout the study.

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