• The story of how the zelenka appeared

    For the greenery born in the USSR - a symbol of ineradicable will and confident prosperity. Zelenka was( and remains anywhere) a universal means of combating a variety of diseases. However, not everyone knows what caused such popularity of this medical product, why it is "brilliant" and why Western medicine refuses to use such a magical doctor.

    How did the green?

    The history of its origin dates back to the 19th century and the weaving industry. A young London chemist, William Perkin, was developing malaria medications at that time. The result of one of the experiments was a substance colored in an unnaturally bright purple color. It was impossible to wash this color from clothes. The resourceful father, from an unexpected experiment, "squeezed out" the practical benefits and opened a plant for the production of aniline dyes.

    Doctors used dyes for their own purposes. They stained the preparations to better visualize the life of microorganisms under the microscope. Suddenly, doctors found that one of the dyes, namely the brilliant green, destroys the microbes. Since then, this antiseptic drug has confidently entered medical practice. Today, many effective antiseptics have been invented, but the green does not hurry to give way to analogs.

    Is this "brilliant" this "green"?

    Zelenka in dry form is a lump of golden green color. The Latin name of this substance is viridis nitentis, in literal translation - green shining. One of the scientists, translating the term into French, used the word brillant, which does not contradict the meaning( brillant in one of its meanings is brilliant).The confusion occurred when translating from French into Russian. Brillant was used in the sense of - diamond. Among all the dyes, only diamond green is distinguished by such a pompous name.

    Why do Europeans fear zelenki?

    It should be noted that for today, green is used only in Russia and some CIS countries. What caused this dislike from the rest of the world? European scientists find it difficult to give a clear answer. They argue their dislike with the following provisions:

    • The mechanism of action of green is not well understood. Western medicine is not going to apply unexplored scrupulously. How to spend money and time on experiments with greenery.
    • Aesthetic side. Well, I do not like the extremely civilized part of the planet, this way of "greening" the patient. Why spoil the appearance, when around such an abundance of imperceptible antiseptics?

    By the way, the common opinion that zelenka is a strong carcinogen, in fact, can only be a myth. Appropriate studies on this subject have not been conducted.

    Other entertaining facts

    Did you know that:

    • for a white rat, a dose of 0.05 g / kg is a lethal dose,
    • is used in the industry for dyeing( cotton, silk, paper, etc.),
    • chemical formula green - C27H33N2* HC2O4 * H2O,
    • in the days of Stalin's repressions on the body of the executed prisoner number was deduced exactly "brilliant green".
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