Therapeutic starvation: benefit or harm

  • Therapeutic starvation: benefit or harm

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What illnesses are treated with medical starvation: reviews of doctors and patients

Fasting is not only used for weight loss, butand medicinal purposes. The main thing in this case is to observe certain rules, and also to know in what cases it is contraindicated.

Medical starvation on the water: benefits or harm, the essence ^

Fasting for medicinal purposes is widely used in a number of different diseases, but most often doctors recommend it for VSD, arthrosis, allergies, psoriasis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, pancreatitis and diabetes.

The essence of this technique consists in partial or complete refusal of food at home or in the hospital - this moment depends on the specific illness, because in some cases, fasting is allowed only under the supervision of a doctor who will take a blood test and track changes in its composition.

Dry medical starvation: myths and reality

For a long time, doctors have claimed that even a mild therapeutic starvation for 3 days, during which it is allowed to drink only water, can harm the body, but it is not so:

  • Under the influence of stress in the body, all internalresources, resulting in more fissionable fats and strengthen the immune system;
  • A full ban on food for several days can not cause a development of digestive diseases: in some cases fasting is recommended for use in diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Therapeutic starvation: the pros and cons

During the fasting in the home, the body experiences stress, resulting in a positive change:

  • Increased oxygen supply to the brain cells;
  • The immune system is stimulated;
  • Activation of the synthesis of nutrients;
  • Rejuvenates the skin;
  • Improves the metabolism;
  • Toxins and toxins are removed;
  • The intestine and stomach are being cleaned.

In addition, there is a release of parasites in the treatment fasting on the fifth day, so this technique is recommended for those who have been found invasive.

Therapeutic starvation can damage the body only if a person enters it sharply without preliminary preparation, or performs the same quick exit, starting to use the usual fatty food, which loads the intestines. It is also not recommended to give up food for a long time - it can cause metabolic disorders, hormonal malfunction or problems with the menstrual cycle.

Therapeutic fasting: contraindications

In what cases is it contraindicated to practice fasting:

  • Ischemia, myocarditis, hypotension;
  • Cholecystitis, stones in the bile or bladder;
  • Diabetes mellitus of the second type;
  • Venous insufficiency of chronic form;
  • Gout;
  • Fever;
  • Anorexia;
  • Multiple Sclerosis;
  • Sluggish thrombophlebitis;
  • Hemophilia;
  • Paralysis;
  • Child or senile age;
  • Food poisoning of an acute species.

Therapeutic fasting: instruction ^

Therapeutic starvation: rules how to start and get out

How to start a medical starvation

In this case, the most important is not the refusal of food itself, but the preparation for medical starvation:

  • One week before entering this "diet"It is necessary to remove all meat and fish products from the diet, as well as to refuse fast food, marinade and sausages;
  • For 3 days - start eating only light porridge and fruit.

Therapeutic starvation for weight loss

To reduce weight, you must follow the following rules:

  • Refuse to eat once a week - on such days you can drink only clean water without gas;
  • Three days before the "unloading" to exclude from the menu meat and fish;
  • For 2 days, discard the nuts and beans;
  • One day before the day of unloading, eat only fruits and cereals;
  • Exit the same way as the input, but in the reverse order.

Therapeutic starvation in Nikolaev

Professor and doctor of medical sciences Yuriy Nikolaev claimed that to get rid of diseases it is necessary to starve in a hospital for up to 20 days, and all this time one should use the following principles daily:

  • Every day to do enemas and as long as possible walk onfresh air;
  • Drink a decoction of rose hips;
  • Carry out physiotherapy procedures.

Curative fasting on Paul Bragg

American doctor Paul Bragg believes that for weight loss and body cleansing, you need to starve according to this scheme:

  • once a week;
  • 1 week in three months;
  • Each year - 3-4 weeks of fasting.

During such unloadings it is necessary to make up your diet so that fruits and vegetables in raw form accounted for 60%, for food of animal origin, honey, rice and beans - 20% each. The rest of the products are prohibited.

Medical fasting with pancreatitis

With such a disease, you can not completely refuse food, but in order to avoid exacerbation, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • Eat often and in fractions;
  • Eat preferably mashed food;
  • Carbohydrates and fats should be cut to the maximum;
  • The best way to prepare food is to steam or cook;
  • Food should not be too cold or vice versa - hot;
  • You can not drink alcohol.

Therapeutic fasting on Malakhov

The well-known author of non-traditional methods of treatment Gennady Malakhov argues that fasting should not be forced, but voluntary - only in this case it can be sustained without psychological discomfort. He himself practices a complete or partial refusal of food for a period of 3 to 40 days, and in the end, he claims to be able to achieve good results:

  • Food dependence is lost;
  • The body is cleansed;
  • It is possible to learn about the sick places: in the period of fasting in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir finding, there are painful feelings, which should be noted;
  • Internal organs rest.

Medical starvation in diabetes mellitus

To stabilize the glucose level in the blood, it is recommended to starve in a hospital environment, however, the way out of curative fasting is very important here:

  • The first three days you can drink only water and natural juices;
  • From the second day allowed salads, nuts, light vegetable soups.

Medical fasting with gastritis

During gastritis attacks, it is necessary to give up food for 3-5 days, and then, when improving the state of health, introduce low-fat soups, liquid porridges and kissels into the diet.

It should be noted that the refusal of food is only allowed under the supervision of a doctor and only if the attack was caused not by the appearance of microbes in the microflora.

Therapeutic fasting on Filonov

Dr. Filonov asserts that the rejection of water and any other liquids, besides the usual food, contributes to the cure of allergies, obesity, neuroses, infertility, arthritis and other diseases. Fasting is necessary according to the following scheme:

  • Daily there is nothing, then eat 2 days in a row;
  • Discard the products for two days, then eat 3 days;
  • To starve for 3 days, to eat - 4 days;
  • 5 days - fast, then make an exit.

Curative fasting with arthrosis

With the help of curative fasting, you can remove the symptoms of arthrosis, but only if it does not affect the feet. The duration of such a diet and diet should be a doctor, otherwise with improper choice of the regime there may be complications.

Therapeutic fasting with VSD

To eliminate the symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia, one should practice fasting according to the following scheme:

  • Once a week - 1 day;
  • In a month - three days;
  • In a quarter - one week;
  • In six months - 10 days.

Medical fasting according to Brojsa

According to Dr. Broyos, the use within 42 days of certain beverages can save from cancer and prevent their occurrence. What you need to drink:

  • Vegetable juices from beets, celery or carrots;
  • Sage infusion;
  • Kidney tea from sage, horsetail, nettle and St. John's wort;
  • Infusion of red geranium.

Medical starvation for allergies

People with food allergy are also recommended fasting for medicinal purposes, because it allows to identify which product a negative reaction has arisen:

  • We do not eat anything for three days;
  • Introduce one by one in a day, on which allergies may appear;
  • After finding out the source-allergen, we exclude it from the diet.
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Therapeutic starvation: reviews and results ^

If you strictly follow all the rules and do not abuse starvation, in the end every person marks positive changes:

  • The symptoms of various diseases are softened;
  • Improves well-being;
  • Immunity is strengthened;
  • Weight decreases.

Reviews about the medical starvation of our readers:

Valentina, 28 years old:

"For losing weight, I go on a hunger strike every week-I drink only water the whole day. This mode leads me into a tone and allows one to fold for 1-2 kg. "

Margarita, 34 years old:

" With the help of fasting, I cured food allergy - for a long time I could not understand what product caused my rash. Fortunately, everything turned out quickly, and now I can live peacefully, and not with constant itching on the skin. "

Olesya, 39 years old:

" Thanks to starvation, I managed to get rid of the escalation of gastritis faster. Of course, to survive a few days without food is very problematic, but the cutting pains disappeared rather quickly. "