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    Exercises for weight loss and aspen waist.

    Slimming hoop - one of the most common and most affordable home exercise equipment.

    Many girls believe that it is the hoop that helps to make the waist thin, get rid of fat deposits in the waist and strengthen your health.

    Hugging lessons: weight loss benefits, which one to choose ^

    Each girl remembers that the hoop was only entertainment as a child, but, at the moment, it is an excellent way to make the figure more attractive and enhance health.

    In order to twist the bezel, you do not need to have an excellent physical shape, you just need a desire and self-discipline.

    In addition, home weight loss lessons with a hoop are very convenient, because you can use this simulator while watching TV or talking on the phone.

    Simultaneously, this device will be beneficial for the body:

    • During the exercises, transverse abdominal muscles are very well used, which are hard to work out by shaking the press or exercising in the gym.
    • With the rotation of the rim, as with any aerobic workload, there is a rapid burning of calories and, consequently, the hated kilograms disappear.
    • Rim is widely used not only for weight loss, but also for the prevention of lumbar osteochondrosis.
    • Classes with a hoop help strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks, improve the work of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system, prevent the appearance of cellulite and help get rid of it.
    • As a result of training, the work of the intestines improves - this is due to the massage effect.
    • During the use of the rim for weight loss, coordination develops, the body becomes more flexible and plastic, strong and hardy.

    Advantages of the hoop for weight loss is that:

    • Its easy to use, store, transport.
    • You do not have to be an athlete for classes with him.
    • Rotations can be combined with other exercises and physical exertion to achieve greater efficiency.
    • Classes with a hoop for losing weight at home will save money and time to visit the gym. And the results will not be long in coming.

    Despite the tremendous benefits of the hoop, it can be contraindicated in the following cases:

    • During pregnancy and after childbirth. Only after a while, namely after the advent of two to three months, the use of the rim will help tighten the mummies of the abdominal muscles.
    • During critical days, hula lessons are not recommended, because of its effect on the abdominal muscles, blood flow increases and bleeding can begin.
    • Do not use a weighted hoop for older people.
    • For diseases of the musculoskeletal system, after operations and serious injuries. Sometimes the use of a rim for weight loss can only exacerbate these diseases and worsen well-being.
    • With oncological diseases, kidney and liver problems.

    To date, the choice of rims, especially in specialized sports stores, is very large.

    The question arises: "Which hoop is better to choose for training to be more effective and show good results?".

    To better understand, it is necessary to consider the most popular varieties of rims for weight loss:

    • Iron hoop for weight loss since school days was an essential component of school sports equipment. It can be heavily weighted, though, it will be quite inconvenient to practice.
    • Weighted hoop allows you to achieve the desired results and increases the effectiveness of the exercise in half by increasing the weight from 0.5 to 2.5 kilograms. If the skin is very sensitive, then after the first training on the body there may be small bruises, which in a couple of days will disappear.
    • Soft slimming hoop is a versatile simulator that is made of soft material. Its advantage is that this device can be twisted, twisted and used in exercises for training other muscles.
    • Magnetic hoop for weight loss is a device with attached massage balls, in which magnets are embedded. Rotating, the rim creates a magnetic field, under the influence of which the motion of charged particles in the organs becomes ordered. This improves blood flow, blood becomes less viscous, and the permeability of cells increases.
    • Wrap huluhup for weight loss, which is often called massage. This shell has balls or projections inside, which only enhance the effect of training. As the hulaohup rotates, the fat layer breaks down, which helps to achieve the goal faster.

    The modern rim for weight loss can combine bioceramics, magnets and massage elements, whose effect not only improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes, but also saturates the body with energy, overcomes fatigue and relieves stress.

    Exercises with a hoop for slimming and thin waist: rules, description ^

    Basic rules of training with a hoop for weight loss:

    • Beginners prefer to choose light rims and gradually increase the load.
    • Gradually need to increase and the time of training: from 5 minutes you need to bring the training to half an hour.
    • You can not twist the rim after a meal.
    • The regularity of classes is important. The hoop needs to be twisted daily to see the positive results of weight loss faster.
    • Combine the rim rotations preferably with a special diet.

    The most popular exercises with a hoop help get rid of fat deposits in problem areas. Each exercise can work on separate muscle groups.

    Exercises for a thin waist

    • Exercises with a hoop for a thin waist to be performed without placing legs.
    • Rotations should be done with a flat back, while the hands can be spread apart or clasped behind the head.
    • To rotate the rim at the same time it is necessary, using not the hips, but the oblique muscles and the press.

    It is very important during these exercises to change the tempo of rotation. In the beginning, you can turn the rim slowly and then gradually increase the tempo. Duration of rotation - not less than 15 minutes. Exercises with a hoop for weight loss belly can help and men get rid of their beer belly.

    Exercises for thighs and buttocks

    If the rotation is carried out with the legs positioned on the width of the shoulders, then the use of a hoop for slimming the hips and buttocks will be no less effective. It will also help get rid of cellulite in this problem zone.

    • When rotating, it is important that the gluteal muscles are tense.
    • You can also rotate in the squat.
    • For greater efficiency, you can lower the rim below the waist and rotate it on the hips.
    • Of course, at first it will fall and this will cause inconvenience. But with time you can adjust how to avoid it.

    Hand Exercises

    The exercises with a hand wrap consist of rotating the rim alternately on each hand. In this case, the hoop should not be too heavy to not cause injury.

    Another exercise that strengthens the muscles of the arms is performed as follows:

    • The right leg needs to step well on the hoop and with the right hand start pulling on it.
    • You need to perform the movements alternately first with your right hand and right foot, then with your left hand and your left foot.
    • Number of repetitions: 15 on each side.
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    Videos, results, reviews of weight loss and doctors about losing weight with a hoop ^

    The results of losing weight with the help of a hoop are as follows: for 30 days of intensive training you can get rid of 6 extra centimeters in the waist area.

    Reviews of weight loss with the help of exercises with a hoop can only be found positive: the stomach becomes flat, cellulite disappears and the general condition of the body improves.