Ointment from depriving a person: sulfuric ointment, pit bk, salicylic and others

  • Ointment from depriving a person: sulfuric ointment, pit bk, salicylic and others

    Lishay is a dermatological disease of an infectious nature that is characterized by lesions of the skin and the appearance of nodular formations.

    The causative agent of the disease is a fungal infection or a virus. Infection can occur when visiting public places or in close contact with a sick person.

    The cause of the development of the disease is hereditary predisposition or a decrease in immunity - the protective background of the body due to stress, physical or psychological stress.

    Separate several species of lichen in humans: shearing, multicolored, tubular, shingles, pink and sunny lichen.

    For the treatment of lichen, modern traditional medicine offers antifungal and antiviral drugs with maintenance immunotherapy. Sometimes in combination with external funds are prescribed antifungal tablets.

    What kind of ointment to treat a person's lichen?

    Ointments are dense mixtures of components that have a curative effect. They are applied externally during the prescribed course by a dermatologist.

    For the treatment of shingles most often used ointment "Acyclovir".The principle of its operation is based on the destruction of the cells of the virus and the blocking of its reproduction.

    With such ailments as pityriasis lichen, microsporia, ointments are used - "Miconazole", "Clotrimazole", "Sernaya" and "Salicylic".These ointments eliminate itching, irritation, puffiness, have anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic action.

    Pink lichen can be treated with the help of "Sangviritrin" ointment, which accelerates the recovery and greatly facilitates the patient's condition. Diseases of allergic origin are treated with appropriate medications - antihistamine ointments based on corticosteroids. An example is the ointment "Hydrocortisone".

    Children are particularly sensitive to chemicals, so doctors recommend using ointments on a natural basis. It is best to use for treatment of dermatological ailments in children sulfuric ointment, funds based on iodine, birch tar and salicylic acid. Dermatologists prescribe a "rhyodoxal ointment", nafttifin, isoconazole, terbinafine, bifonazole.

    Choosing an anti-diarrhea ointment for a person

    Below are the most effective and inexpensive ointments for the treatment of hair loss in a person of a different nature. Before treatment, consult a doctor.

    Ointment with

    Ointment with a specific odor successfully heals lichen, scabies, psoriasis. The active substance is sulfur, auxiliary substances are petrolatum, purified water, emulsifier. It has antiparasitic and antibacterial action. The course of treatment is 5-6 days. Contraindicated ointment for pregnant and lactating women, children under two years, because it is toxic and irritating.

    Sulfur Salicylic Ointment

    The agent that connects two active substances - sulfur and salicylic acid. The effect of sulfur is enhanced by salicylic acid, and the components in the complex have anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic and antimicrobial therapies.

    tartar ointment Has a wide spectrum of action, has disinfection functions and antiparasitic action. Method of application: in the morning the lesions are smeared with iodine solution, and in the evening time, the ointment is impregnated with sulfur-salicylic, sulfur-tar or tar in pure form. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks, after which they continue to lubricate the affected areas with iodine for 3 weeks.

    Sulcene paste

    It is used in the treatment of seborrhoea. Shampoo, soap with the addition of selenium sulfide, which have an antiparasitic and antiseptic effect, is produced.


    Ointment based on undecylenic acid has activity against parasitic fungi of microsporia, trichophytosis, epidermophytia, which cause the development of ringworm.

    Nizoral, Mycosoril, Mycoquette, Dermazol

    Active ingredient preparations called ketoconazole effectively cope with fungal infections that cause the development of seborrheic dermatitis and pungent lichen.


    Ointment with active ingredient naphthyfine, it is well absorbed, concentrating on a sick site. Apply it once a day in the treatment of ringworm, as well as color deprivation for 7-8 days.

    Cream "Lamizil", "Terbinox", "Terbiks"

    C active ingredient terbinafine.

    Have a wide range of action against a large number of pathogens of infection. Applied in the treatment of varicoloured or solar lichen, microsporia, trichophytosis, dermatomycosis.


    Used for the therapy of ringworm, as well as color. The product should be applied to the skin approximately 2 times a day. The duration of the drug should be discussed with the doctor.

    YM BC

    Veterinary, unique in its antifungal effect. Applied for the treatment of mossy lichen, trichophytosis, eczema. Ointment fungicidal with antiseptic influence, which includes sulfur, turpentine, lanolin, creolin, zinc oxide, tar, salicylic acid and petroleum jelly.

    This combination of components ensures high effectiveness of the preparation, in addition, this product is practically non-toxic and does not cause irritation.

    Vivorax, Gerperax, Zovirax, Antsigerpin

    Means for treatment of herpes zoster. This type of deprivation is provoked by herpes virus, so treatment is directed to antiviral and anti-herpes therapy.

    Folk remedies

    There are many folk recipes for ointments and aids from lichen. They are based on tar, graphite, nicotine, apple cider vinegar, turpentine. Apply decoction from the leaves of celandine for washing the sore spot, tincture of calendula, chamomile, oak bark.

    In any case, treatment should begin with a doctor's consultation, as his experience will help to correctly establish a diagnosis and choose an adequate treatment. Otherwise, by self-treatment you can only harm yourself and provoke complications.

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