What products help to lose weight - products for weight loss

  • What products help to lose weight - products for weight loss

    For centuries in Russia female completeness was not considered a disadvantage, but a virtue. And to be convinced of this, it is enough to recall the folk wisdom: "God would have to be corpulent, but for beauty it will not be!".But times have changed, and with them the ideals of beauty have also changed.

    Since the perfect parameters of the female body, the fashion "legislatively" fixed the ratio of 90-60-90, the fair sex lost sleep and sleep, breaking her head, while losing her appetite at the same time. And time to be complete today has become not at all fashionable, the question of what products contribute to weight loss remains relevant until now.

    Full or not?

    Completeness or leanness

    The fact that it is harmful to be too well-nourished - everyone knows. And the problem is not only that your wallet suffers, since it is very problematic to acquire appropriate, but beautiful clothes. Excess weight often becomes the cause of many diseases, ranging from exacerbations of rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, to an increase in blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Not for nothing that all medical teachings from Hippocrates to the present state that overeating is harmful to the body. In addition, some researchers believe that it is the excessive consumption of food in our days that is the reason that we do not live with you and half the time that nature has allowed us: excessive satiety leads to an increased production of "aging hormones" and does not help to rejuvenate our body.

    However, one should not confuse the fullness and normal physique, when individual, more often, genetically inherited features do not allow a girl or woman to look like a top model. In addition, the "ideal weight" is generally a very relative term, and almost every medical specialist has its own. Here is one of the most popular formulas for calculating this weight: divide your current weight( in kg) by the square of your height( in meters) - if as a result of these simple calculations you got a number from 19 to 26, then you have "ideal weight".With an indicator of 30 or more, you are clearly obese, and with a figure of 18 or less - on the contrary, underweight.

    Lose weight by eating properly

    Proper diet for weight loss

    If your body weight is not too different from ideal, do not try to lose weight by going on a diet. You are more likely to increase physical activity. Sign up for fitness or yoga, walk more or start running in the morning.

    Slightly full women, instead of a cardinal adjustment of the menu, simply reduce the amount of sweet foods consumed( sugar, cakes, sweets, ice cream), and also eliminate white bread and pasta. If you want to do any of the above, eat a small portion, for example, one or two pieces of chocolate. And after such a high-calorie meal for you, do not lie down on the sofa, it is better to go for a walk for 45-60 minutes.


    Now about what products contribute to weight loss:

    • firstly, it's low-fat cottage cheese( about 100 grams) with one apple, if you replace them, at least once a week, with breakfasts and dinners;
    • secondly, oat flakes, you can add grated apple and carrots, as well as 1 teaspoon of honey and three to four drops of lemon juice, if you dine with them for two or three days a week;
    • third, carrots, bananas and fish also contribute to weight loss, subject to the arrangement of the same-name fasting days once a week, necessarily alternating them. That is, all day you eat only one of these products, drinking water in unlimited quantities, you can add a little honey to the carrot, and you can boil the fish without salt, but add salads of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil to it;
    • fourth, no less effective short-term diets( one to two days per month) from rice( 250 grams per day) with tomatoes and potatoes in a uniform without oil, but with cumin.
    Grapefruit diet

    In addition, promote weight loss:

    • grapefruit - thanks to the vitamins, essential oils, fiber, minerals and organic acids contained in it, grapefruit has the ability to accelerate metabolic processes, while improving digestion and enhancing the removal of excess fluid from the body, eat several lobules daily half an hour before meals, but only ifyou are not allergic to citrus;
    • pineapple - included in its composition bromelin( enzyme complex) accelerates the digestion and assimilation of proteins, to achieve the effect of eating a piece of pineapple before dinner and dinner;
    • green tea - promotes effective fat burning, but only if you drink at least four cups a day, be sure to consult a doctor, since green tea can affect the fluctuations in your blood pressure;
    • spicy condiments( horseradish, mustard) also accelerate the process of fat burning, but can affect the state of the gastrointestinal tract if consumed in too much.