• Jumping gallop!

    Features of the game and its educational value. This game is of a control character. She will help the educator to find out what colors the children can freely distinguish and call. If it turns out that the kids are using the names of some tones, during the game you can fix and clarify their knowledge.

    The teaching task facing the child requires him to stop exactly according to the verbal signal, to name the color of the object on which he stopped. The fulfillment of the first requirement develops the ability to control one's behavior. The second requirement involves the exercise of children in the purposeful perception of color tones and clarification of the names of colors.

    However, these requirements are very difficult for children to perform them easily, because the game is a character of fun. Kids are interested in acting the figures of their favorite fairy-tale characters, it is pleasant to perform rhythmic movements under words that are pronounced in chorus. It is also important that children receive emotional support and a prize for the correct solution of the problem.

    Game material. Miniature figurative toys according to the number of children playing. It can be figurines depicting animals, children or heroes of favorite fairy tales, for example: Cipollino, Cheburashka, Carlson, dog, bunny, squirrel, matryoshka, boy, girl, etc.

    In addition, the game needs a track made of denseA cardboard on which are pasted either ribbons of pure tones, or mugs or strips of colored paper. Each color is desirable to present in two or three copies, so that it can occur in different combinations and in alternation with other color tones.

    Description of the game and the techniques of its conduct. The game is played at a table with a small group of children( three or four people).On the table there is a path consisting of multi-colored stripes or circles, and there are figures of fairy-tale characters( Cipollino, Pinocchio, Cheburashka, etc.).The teacher explains that these are not simple, but special figures: they can jump on the track on one leg and stop at the command "Stop!".Having interested children with toys and their playing role, the teacher offers each child to choose a figure. Shows how the figure jumps along the track, how it stops by the word "Stop!" And names the color of the mug that appeared under it.

    Then the children start playing in turn. The jumper in the child's hands jumps from the mug to the circle, runs along the path in the forward and backward direction, and all the others together with the tutor say: "Jump-skok, jump-skok. .." Suddenly these words are interrupted by the signal "Stop!"the teacher submits. The signal is heard just at the moment when the jumper lands on a circle or strip. Thus, it is checked whether the child knows the name of a particular color. If the child responds correctly, all other figure jumpers in the hands of children bounce in their seats and approve of it with the words:"Right" or "Good".If the baby does not know the name of the color or incorrectly calls the color tone, the children and the teacher help him to solve the problem correctly.

    The movement along the track continues in the same or in the opposite direction until the knowledge of the two main or additional colors is checked. For correct answers, the child receives a prize( for example, a counting stick or a circle).The game continues until all the jumpers show their art to determine the color. It ends with a dance of jumpers. Toys are lined up in a circle, and children clap their hands or sing a song, then bow as artists. The ending can be another. For example, for jumpers comes a car that takes them away, i.e. the tutor removes toys from the table into the box.

    Rules of the game.

    1. Act in turn and on the call of the tutor.

    2. Stop by the signal "Stop!" And call the color of the mug or strip under the feet of the jumper.

    3. Do not prompt, do not interfere with others to name the color.

    Tips for the educator. The condition for the successful conduct of the game is the preliminary display by the teacher of the movements of the figure..on the path, under the words "Jump-skok!".It is important to emphasize the rhythm of movements, which is achieved by the coincidence of movement with each word.

    To ensure that all participants in the game are active and that they do not have to wait long for their turn, it is recommended to check each of them at a time with knowledge of no more than two colors. Repeatingly calling children, you can gradually check the knowledge of the names of all colors. It is recommended that you prepare a list of children in advance so that there are no pauses in the game.

    But do not forget that this game is not only a test of children's knowledge, but also fun. So spend it so that everyone is fun and happy.