• Bulimia: symptoms, treatment, effects, photo

    What it is? Factors provoking the development of bulimia can be a variety of negative experiences, as well as the failure of an important project, loneliness or anger.

    However, it is not always "zaedayutsya" is bad emotions.

    If a person celebrates promotion or is at the peak of developing a successful relationship with a man or woman, then the feeling of joy also expresses the use of an impressive piece of cake, covered with chocolate and flavored with a delicious sauce.

    Physicians are convinced to remove the stress, suffering from such a disease, begin to intensively consume food, which will get under your arm. However, they do not seek to chew food, and swallow it without pretreatment.

    Returning to the "normal" state to avoid the appearance of obesity, patients quickly begin to cleanse the stomach in many ways, the most common of which is the artificial challenge of vomiting.

    However, diuretics and laxatives are often taken. But there are those who, after a feast, go hungry for weeks.

    Symptoms of bulimia

    The main clinical symptoms of bulimia are caused by the following symptoms:

    1. 1) The tooth enamel begins to break down, and there are problems with the gums. This is due to the systematic effects of acid in an irreversible process - vomiting.
    2. 2) Frequent dehydration
    3. 3) Constantly arising scratches that are formed on several fingers simultaneously. Their patient puts in the throat in order to provoke vomiting.
    4. 4) Violation of salts and minerals that cause twitching and convulsions.
    5. 5) Constant bowel disorder, which is provoked by excessive consumption of laxatives.
    6. 6) Violation of kidney and liver
    7. 7) Often, patients with bulimia develop internal bleeding
    8. 8) Menstrual cycle is broken
    9. 9) Heart disease, which is caused by metabolic shifts in chronic eating behavior.
    The disorder of the nervous system provokes disruption of many vital processes. The main signs of neurological and psychiatric disorders include the failure of the digestive tract. However, physicians identified and other symptoms by which you can identify the disease.

    To the outward signs it is possible to attribute:

    • excessively critical attitude to yourself, as well as your own actions
    • systematically occurring depression, guilt and unjustified hatred to yourself
    • desire to always get approval of your actions
    • constant dissatisfaction with your weight
    Physiological signs that must be treatedunder the supervision of an experienced physician:

    • abruptly occurring weight fluctuation - up to 13 kg.
    Note that the patient is unable to provide the necessary assistance. At the first sign of the disease, you need to treat your relatives carefully, and if you find the above symptoms, you should immediately contact the clinic.

    Consequences of bulimia

    Among the most important effects of bulimia can be isolated low blood pressure, which often leads to fainting, as well as arrhythmia, renal failure due to a decreased content of potassium salt.

    Especially severe consequences for women. The fact is that systematic malnutrition, which is replaced by gluttony, provokes miscarriage or the birth of an unhealthy child. Vomiting caused artificially, leads to a deterioration in the condition of not only the throat, but also the hair, nails and skin. Metabolism begins to slow down.

    As in women and men, unreasonable irritability and bad, sensitive sleep, poor concentration are observed - these are only some serious consequences of bulimia.

    1. 1) Overeating. Excess weight is only a small fraction of the consequences that the disease is fraught with. Due to systematic gluttony, ruptures of the walls of the stomach and esophagus are possible. In addition, extra pounds do not have the best effect on the work of such internal organs as the heart.
    2. 2) Artificially induced vomiting. People suffering from this dangerous disease, often artificially induce vomiting, so that the food does not go into extra pounds. Such a pernicious approach to the matter is fixed in the mind each time, and in the future this person will do it systematically.
    Gastric juice contributes to the systematic destruction of lung tissue. Such a factor leads to a chronic form of pneumonia.

    Danger of laxatives. The peculiarity of the constant use of laxatives leads to the fact that over time the intestine refuses to process and "throw out" food. As a result of the problem, doctors resort to surgical intervention.

    Mental Health. Depression and persistent stress can be the result of the disease or its aftermath. During the development of the disease, the emotional state of the victim only worsens. This is especially evident if a person already suffered from a nervous breakdown. Therefore, you mistakenly believe that another portion of pasta with fried chicken will improve your mood.

    Treatment of bulimia

    In the event that you notice the first symptoms of bulimia, then in this case you should immediately contact an experienced and qualified doctor. Due to the fact that a person can not control his actions, bulimia can develop into a heavier( chronic) form.

    At the first stage of treatment of bulimia, the physician, as a rule, examines the history of the disease. Also it is necessary to tell about the preferences and preferences in food, as well as the attitude to the sport. It is known that patients with this serious illness often engage in physical exertion, preferring diets.

    However, efforts do not bear fruit, and if they manage to throw off a couple of pounds, then the weight is rapidly recruited again in a matter of days. The doctor will "put" the patient on a diet, and also give recommendations on how to please yourself in order to avoid such disruptions. Often, a doctor prescribes antidepressants.

    Many patients prefer group psychotherapy. The fact that patients are ashamed of the irreversible absorption of food is proved.

    But when they are in the circle of "their own", they calm down somewhat, that they are not alone in their preferences. Many doctors actively use non-traditional medicine - hypnosis, or they themselves teach a unique technique that enables the patient to control eating.

    Medical treatment

    In the treatment with medications, antidepressants are actively used. If the patient suffers from bulimia, fluoxetine is prescribed. In order to cure a severe form of depression use SSRIs, which helps get rid of "seizing" problems and anxiety disorders.

    It is noteworthy that the medicine starts to activate after 7 days after you started using it. Antidepressants use dosed, increasing reception, if the body gets used to them.

    After 3, 6, 8 weeks of the use of this medicine, it is necessary to be examined by a physician who will be able to evaluate the effect of the drug on the body.

    Prognosis for treatment of

    With ineffective treatment or with the abandonment of it, the most unexpected complications begin to develop, in which even the cardiovascular system is affected. There are no lethal outcomes when a patient dies of a rupture of the heart and stomach, as well as the occurrence of internal bleeding.

    It is not uncommon for a patient to be cured due to a powerful positive shock.

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