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    What you need to increase hemoglobin: list of products

    The level of hemoglobin in the blood in humans plays an important role,and when it decreases, an unpleasant disease, anemia, may appear.

    Which products increase hemoglobin ^

    Hemoglobin is one of the components of red blood cells, which provides oxygen to the blood. Its low level is accompanied by the following symptoms:

    • Pale and dry skin;
    • Education on the lips of cracks;
    • Yellowish shade of teeth, caries;
    • Decreased performance, weakness;
    • Shortness of breath;
    • Insomnia;
    • Systematic headaches and dizziness.

    Most often, a decrease in hemoglobin is observed in women, especially during pregnancy, menstruation or with vitamin deficiency. There are a number of other points that contribute to the appearance of such a problem:

    • Lack of iron or vitamin B2;
    • Hemorrhoids;
    • Operations, injuries;
    • With systematic donation;
    • Unbalanced power supply. Of course, the level of this iron-containing protein can be stabilized with the help of drugs, but products that raise hemoglobin have no less significance: they enhance the effect of drugs, and in some cases you can do without them.

      Which products contain hemoglobin: list ^

      Products for increasing hemoglobin: list

      Products for increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood: fruits

      Fresh fruits can compensate for iron deficiency, which also increases the hemoglobin content in the blood, but they additionally have other functions:

      • Quince: stabilizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, are useful in diseases of the bile duct and liver;
      • Pears: stimulate the intestines, accelerate metabolism, protect the skin cells from damage and early aging, promote good ovulation;
      • Persimmon: increases visual acuity, normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular system;widely used in anemia, improves mood;
      • Pomegranate: the bones present in it absorb slags and toxins, which are subsequently removed naturally. Also, pomegranate juice is useful for infertility or sexual dysfunction;
      • Apricots: prevent heart disease, improve brain activity, help with constipation;
      • Watermelon: cleanses the kidneys well, removes harmful salts, relieves headaches;
      • All berries: they contain antioxidants, iron and vitamins, which positively affect the body as a whole.

      Products that increase hemoglobin in the blood: vegetables

      The problem of iron deficiency can eliminate some vegetables, as well as they have other properties:

      • Beets: stimulates intestinal peristalsis, eliminates constipation, cleans;
      • Carrots: helps with anemia, joints, liver and kidney diseases;
      • Tomatoes: stabilize the metabolism and glucose in the blood;
      • Potatoes: improves liver function, normalizes metabolic processes, strengthens vessel walls;
      • Squash: support the work of the cardiovascular system, remove excess fluid from the body, improve the flow of oxygen to the blood.

      Which products increase hemoglobin in pregnancy

      Most often, hemoglobin levels decrease on the 20th week of pregnancy, so it is very important to constantly supply the body with products for hemoglobin. It is best to eat lean, bean, buckwheat, vegetables and fruits, fish eggs, pomegranate or apricot juices at this time. What products increase hemoglobin in children

      In general, the list of products with low hemoglobin remains the same as in the previous case, but it can be supplemented with lentils, oatmeal, seafood, walnuts, black chocolate, dried fruits, hematogen and egg yolks.

      Products that reduce hemoglobin

      When anemia is not enough to know which foods raise hemoglobin - it is important to exclude those that can further reduce it in a timely manner:

      • Oatmeal and pearl barley;
      • Sour-milk drinks and cottage cheese;
      • Cheese;
      • Condensed milk;
      • Milk chocolate;
      • Butter;
      • Macaroni;
      • Sour cream;
      • Oysters.

      Which products contain iron for hemoglobin

      If the reason for the low level of hemoglobin is a lack of iron, then it can be obtained from legumes, lamb, pineapples, cherry plums, red bilberries, white bread, fresh and dried mushrooms, cornelian, cranberries, strawberries, turkey, rabbit, tangerines, semolina or chicken.

      It is best to prepare meat food for a couple or to boil, becausewhen frying it turns out to be quite fatty - it can only worsen the condition.

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      What products can increase hemoglobin: recipes for folk remedies ^

      In addition to eating products, you can use any of the home recipes to increase hemoglobin:

      • We pour 200 g of juice from lemon, beets and carrots into one container. Add as much honey and cognac. Mix with a wooden spoon, use three times a day for 20 g;
      • Grind dried roots and strawberry leaves, 2 tbsp.l.mix the mixture with boiling water( 0.5 liters) and leave it overnight to insist. Every day 3 times take 100 g of infusion;
      • We cut the leaves of dandelion, cabbage, sweet peppers and herbs. Everything is mixed, we eat in the morning for breakfast;
      • A glass of green buckwheat pour 400 g of boiling water, leave for the whole night. During the day we eat;
      • Twist the blender sprouts of wheat germ along with nuts, dried fruits and honey. We eat for breakfast;
      • Mix half a cup of carrot juice and warm milk, eat on an empty stomach every morning.

      In a complex together with products for raising hemoglobin, such products give only positive results, but for this you will have to use them regularly, without missing a single day.