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    Diet 7 table quickly removes inflammatory processes in the kidneys

    Diet 7 table - low-salt and low-protein technique, recommended for kidney disease. Thanks to this specially selected therapeutic dietary therapy, special conditions are created that ensure effective treatment and speedy recovery.

    Features of the therapeutic diet 7 table ^

    The diet of the seventh table is one of the 15 developed by the famous nutritionist, the Soviet scientist MI Pevzner, therapeutic diets. It is aimed at treating the following diseases:

    • Renal failure;
    • Acute or chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis;
    • Prophylaxis with severe swelling of the legs.

    The main purpose of the diet table 7 - with the help of a certain nutrition to reduce inflammation, provide anti-allergic action and moderate shaking of the kidneys. Diet table number 7 is characterized by a restriction in the diet of salt, liquid and protein intake, as well as a moderate intake of carbohydrate food.

    Chemical composition and daily calorie content of the diet table № 7:

    • Carbohydrates - up to 400 g;
    • Proteins - up to 70 gr., Where 50% is given to the plant;
    • Fats - up to 80 g., Where 30% - vegetable;
    • Salt rate - up to 5 g;
    • Liquid - no more than one liter;
    • Energy value - up to 2400 kcal.

    Culinary processing of food in the diet of table number 7 allows for stewing, baking, cooking, steam and, in rare cases, frying.

    The main advantages of the diet of table number 7 are:

    • Stimulation of the process of urination;
    • Normalization of metabolic processes, arterial pressure and water-electrolyte balance;
    • Elimination of strong and persistent edema;
    • Elimination of the body from nitrogen slag and toxic substances;
    • Reduction of inflammatory and irritant effect on the kidneys.

    The list of medicinal products allowed at the seventh table includes:

    • Meat - beef, pork without fat, veal, rabbit;
    • Bird - turkey, chicken fillet;
    • Frozen species of fish - pollock, pike perch, pike, perch, navaga, cod;
    • Seafood - shrimp, squid and other;
    • Eggs;
    • Dairy low-calorie foods - any, except cheese;
    • Vegetables, fruits( desserts, drinks);
    • Cereals and pasta;
    • Baking and bread - in any form, but without the addition of salt when cooking;
    • Melon plants - watermelon( limited), melon.

    If you follow a diet, table number 7 is strictly prohibited from consuming chocolate, carbonated drinks, pickled, smoked and salted dishes, soups with mushroom, meat or fish broths, mushrooms, sorrel, radish, onions, spinach and beans.

    Diet for Pevsner table 7: menu for the week ^

    Diet menu 7 table

    The approximate health-preventive weekly menu for the diet of the seventh table is as follows:


    • Morning: loose tea, buckwheat crumbly, boiled egg;
    • Breakfast the second: a baked pumpkin;
    • Lunch: milk soup, potato - chicken casserole, berry jelly;
    • Snack: orange;
    • Evening: boiled shrimps with white( creamy) sauce, vinaigrette, yogurt.


    • Morning: pomegranate juice, scrambled eggs with stewed zucchini, toast;Breakfast
    • Breakfast: apple pudding;
    • Lunch: potato zrazy, pearl soup, milk;
    • Snack: curd cheese souffle;
    • Evening: vegetable salad, boiled chicken, apple fresh.


    • Morning: pasta with sour cream sauce and greens, milkshake;
    • Breakfast the second: apricots with cottage cheese;
    • Lunch: salt-free pancakes stuffed with a mixture of beef, cucumber, cabbage and sour cream, vegetarian puree, mors;
    • Snack: broth from black currant;
    • Evening: fruit soup, carrot salad.


    • Morning: oatmeal, cabbage salad with chicken fillet, juice;Breakfast
    • Breakfast: carrot casserole;
    • Lunch: vermicelli soup with a couple of eggs, pumpkin cereal with fruit, carrot drink;
    • Snack: baked fruit;
    • Evening: cottage cheese apple - rice casserole, dog rose tea.


    • Morning: rice with apples, pear compote, bread;
    • Breakfast of the second: puree from a pair of fruits;
    • Lunch: boiled and lightly toasted potatoes, low-fat beef goulash, compote;
    • Snack: tomato salad with sour cream;
    • Evening: corn porridge, fresh fruit.


    • Morning: baked pasta with egg, milk with cereal;
    • Breakfast of the second: peach - strawberry jelly;
    • Lunch: pork steak with tomato sauce, vegetable salad, orange drink;
    • Snack: fresh apples;
    • Evening: carrots, stewed with dried apricots, pumpkin pudding, tea.


    • Morning: plov with prunes, tea;
    • Breakfast the second: a toast with fruit jam;
    • Lunch: potatoes stuffed with fish fillets( squid) and baked in the oven, beetroot without meat with sour cream, kefir;
    • Snack: vegetable casserole;
    • Evening: krupenik from cottage cheese and buckwheat, fruit compote.

    Diet 7 table for children

    The features of the diet of the seventh table for children suffering from chronic or acute form of kidney diseases, is a salt-free fractional diet consisting mainly of vegetables, cereals and fruits.

    Sample diet menu table 7 for children per day:

    • Breakfast: milk buckwheat, orange juice;
    • Lunch: unsalted cookies with honey, carrot drink;
    • Lunch: meat semolina casserole, kulesh millet, milk;
    • Snack: milk - strawberry soup;
    • Dinner: potatoes baked in cream,
    • Overnight: fruit.

    Diversify the children's diet menu table number 7 will help the following delicious and useful recipes:


    • 0,5 cup boiled buckwheat mixed with 3 tbsp.l.low-fat cottage cheese, st.l.butter and 2 tbsp.l. Sahara.
    • Next, put the mixture in the oven for about 20 minutes.

    Braised cabbage with fruit:

    • Finely chopped cabbage and grated carrot to put out until half cooked.
    • Apples with pears and dried apricots grate( dried apricots finely chopped), combine with cabbage, add butter and stew for another 5 minutes.

    Diet table 7 with pyelonephritis

    Pyelonephritis is an inflammatory disease affecting the organs of excretory system. Pevzner's seventh technique shown is aimed at maximally-sparing nutrition, which has a healing effect on diseased kidneys.

    The diet of the diet of the seventh table with pyelonephritis consists mainly of vegetable and dairy food, herbal decoctions and freshly prepared juices. Strict limitation is the use of salt, namely up to 3 grams per day.

    Sample diet menu 7 table recommended for pyelonephritis, the following:

    • Morning: vegetable dish( vinaigrette, stew, mashed potatoes), fruit drink( compote, juice, fresh);
    • Lunch: cereal dish( pudding, cereal) with berries or fruit;
    • Lunch: meat( chicken, fish) dish, kissel;
    • Snack: fruits( vegetables) in fresh form;
    • Evening: curd dish, salad and vegetable juice.
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    Results, doctors' reviews about the diet table number 7 ^

    The results of using the therapeutic diet of table number 7 - reducing exacerbation and the gradual elimination of irritation and inflammation of the kidneys. Together with drug treatment, the seventh diet gives a positive effect for a shorter period.

    The duration of this technique is determined by the attending physician based on the patient's condition and the result of the tests.
    Reviews about the diet 7 table show that it greatly facilitates the work of the kidneys, reducing inflammation.

    However, depending on the type and extent of the disease, some patients note a rapid improvement in the condition, and others that a positive effect does not occur immediately, but only after a long period of time.

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