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    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas: reviews and patient results

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas is an indispensable condition for treating exacerbations or maintaining remission in the chronic form of the disease.

    Features of nutrition in inflammation of the pancreas ^

    Inflammation of the pancreas is called pancreatitis in another way. With such a disease, the production of digestive enzymes decreases, which instead of entering the intestine remain inside the organ, and gradually corrode it from the inside.

    Most often the symptoms are manifested in the form of changes in blood pressure, pain in the left side of the abdomen, vomiting and nausea, and in the most difficult cases, the patient may come in a state of shock. In the absence of proper treatment, complications are possible: false cysts, fat necrosis, polyserositis, DIC syndrome.

    Peculiarities of the diet for patients with pancreatic inflammation

    Different diets are used for different forms of the disease.

    There are three forms of pancreatitis:

    • Acute: treatable, use a strict diet, in the first two days it is advisable to drink only water;
    • Chronic: incurable, but can be maintained with proper nutrition and medication;
    • Reactive: occurs due to stress, overeating, alcohol consumption. It is treated in the same way as acute.

    Based on this, the question of whether a diet is necessary for inflammation of the pancreas completely disappears. Only with the help of a medical table and medicines prescribed by a doctor can the patient's condition be stabilized and the load removed from the inflamed organ.

    What products are used in the menu of a therapeutic diet for inflammation of the pancreas:

    • Yesterday's bread from wheat;
    • Soups on low-fat meat broths;
    • Beef, chicken, or turkey;
    • Steam or baked fish;
    • Low-fat dairy products;
    • Boiled or grinded raw vegetables;
    • Macaroni;
    • Cereals;
    • Baked fruit;
    • Compotes and jelly;Neskepy tea and kissel.

    What is forbidden to eat:

    • Fatty fish or meat broths;
    • Millet;
    • Fatty meat or fish;
    • Sorrel, spinach, radish, radish, cabbage;
    • Fresh flour products;
    • Smoked and preserved products;
    • Alcohol;
    • Strong tea and coffee;
    • Ice cream.

    Observing therapeutic dietary nutrition with inflammation of the pancreas, it is possible to significantly alleviate the condition, get rid of the symptoms and maintain remission in a chronic form for a long time.

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas: therapeutic menu, recipes

    Diet rules for inflammation of the pancreas:

    • Any food should be eaten only after heat treatment, but can not be fried;
    • It is necessary to increase the amount of liquid consumed to 1.5 liters per day, and to eat in small portions, but often.

    Diet for the treatment of pancreatic inflammation: the

    menu The most common in chronic form is the table №5п, and its example is the following menu:

    • For breakfast we eat milk porridge, 100 g of boiled meat. Drinking tea;
    • At lunch we eat a steam omelet from proteins, drink a broth of wild rose;
    • We dine with vegetarian soup, boiled potatoes and meat, drink with compote from dried fruits;
    • We snack 100 g of cottage cheese and tea with the addition of milk;
    • We dine with carrot puree, boiled fish and tea, just like at noon.

    Diet for acute inflammation of the pancreas

    As stated earlier, with this form of the disease for the first 2-3 days the patient should drink only water or weak tea on the recommendation of the doctor, and then the development of events is possible in two ways:

    • Power through the probe( in especially severe cases);
    • Purpose of the classic diet number 5 n Pevzner.

    Diet for chronic inflammation of the pancreas

    There is another variant of the diet, in which the ratio of proteins and carbohydrates is approximately balanced:

    • We have breakfast boiled soft-boiled eggs, cereal and tea;
    • We ate lunch baked apples for lunch;
    • We have dinner with boiled turkey, soup and stewed vegetables;
    • For a snack we eat yogurt;
    • We dine with salad from boiled vegetables and 150 g of sea baked fish.

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas and liver

    With this diagnosis it is recommended to use a sparing diet, which looks something like this:

    • We have breakfast with curd and tea;
    • We bite a curd casserole;
    • For dinner we eat soup with vermicelli, boiled squash and fish;
    • We regain the broth of the dog rose;
    • We have dinner with buckwheat porridge and meat.

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas in children

    In this case, it is necessary to use a soft menu, including porridges, fish and meat, and necessarily the first liquid dishes:

    • We have breakfast cereal, we drink tea;
    • At lunch we drink yoghurt with biscuits;
    • Lunch with vegetarian borscht and 70 g of meat;
    • We eat cottage cheese for a mid-morning snack;
    • Supper with stewed vegetables and 80 grams of baked in the oven fish.

    Diet for inflammation of the pancreas with allergy

    In case of allergic pancreatitis, only natural products should be used in the menu:

    • For breakfast we eat any cereal cereal, drink it with green tea;
    • We bite with baked apples;
    • We dine with low-fat soup or borsch, eat a piece of meat;
    • Lunch tea with biscuit biscuits;
    • We cook rice for dinner and prepare jellied fish.

    Diet for the prevention of inflammation of the pancreas

    To prevent inflammation or exacerbation in chronic pancreatitis, you need to eat only healthy food, using the example of this menu:

    • In the morning we eat cottage cheese, bred with sour cream. Drinking tea;
    • We snack with bio-yogurt;
    • We have dinner with soup on low-fat meat broth, wash down with rose hips;
    • For a snack we eat baked pears;
    • We have dinner with buckwheat milk porridge on milk, we drink a cup of tea with milk.

    Recipes for a diet with inflammation of the pancreas

    Simple recipe for cheese cakes

    • Wash 20 g raisins, pour boiling water and leave to swell;
    • Stir 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese, drive 1 egg, add 4 tbsp.l.and previously extracted from the water raisins;
    • Fried in vegetable oil.

    Vegetarian borscht recipe

    • We clean and cut potatoes, beets, carrots, onions;
    • Bring the water in a saucepan to a boil, put the potatoes in it, and after 10 minutes - the remaining vegetables;
    • Cook on low heat for 20 minutes, then add salt, add tomato paste and sprinkle with herbs;
    • After 5 minutes turn off the cooker.

    Recipe for steam omelet

    • Two whites are lightly beaten, add salt and a little milk;
    • Pour into the form, pour with vegetable oil and cook on the steam bath for 15 minutes.
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    Results, testimonials and recommendations of doctors on proper nutrition in inflammation of the pancreas ^

    As a result of a diet with inflammation of the pancreas, it is possible to significantly alleviate the symptoms of exacerbation, and with timely treatment with medications - quickly get rid of them. With a chronic form of cure is impossible, but therapeutic nutrition helps to maintain remission for a long time, and the disease does not make itself felt.

    To prevent inflammation of the pancreas, you should immediately consult a doctor for any painful sensations, and also lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Advice from physicians on how to avoid pancreatic inflammation:

    • To prevent the acute form from becoming chronic, it is necessary to undergo treatment in a hospital;
    • Do not drink alcohol, do not smoke;
    • Do not take medications that have a side effect on the gland;
    • Adhere to proper nutrition.

    Reviews of doctors about a diet with inflammation of the pancreas

    Anna, 39 years old, gastroenterologist:

    "Diet is an indispensable condition, without which there is no point in prescribing treatment. Only with the help of medicinal nutrition and medicines can inflammatory foci be eliminated and the relapse of the disease prevented »

    Raisa, 43, surgeon:

    " The patients come to me only when the symptoms do not disappear after the gastroenterologist prescribed treatment. Most often it happens when people neglect recommendations and continue to eat harmful dishes for them. "

    Marina, 33, gastroenterologist:

    " In addition to medicines, the doctor must prescribe a diet. It is selected depending on the form of the disease, and really the most often used table is No. 5, sinceit is universal and suitable for all patients with pancreatitis »