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    Diet for edema: reviews and patient results

    Diet for edema is a whole system of therapeuticnutrition, aimed at removing excess fluid from the body and eliminating puffiness.

    Features of the diet for edema ^

    Edema is a symptom of fluid retention in the body, manifested in the form of swelling under the eyes, but often they occur on the legs and on different parts of the body. There are many factors that contribute to the development of edema:

    • A sedentary lifestyle, sedentary or standing work;
    • Incorrect food;
    • The use of liquid in the evening in large volumes;
    • Cross legs in a seated position;
    • Uncomfortable shoes;
    • Premenstrual Syndrome;
    • Pregnancy;
    • Excess weight;
    • Allergy.

    Also, swelling may appear with heart failure, kidney disease, digestive system diseases, exhaustion, abnormalities in the thyroid gland.

    The anti-edema technique has a number of advantages:

    • It facilitates the general condition of a person during illness;
    • Eliminates the puffiness and prevents their appearance;
    • Removes the load from the feet;
    • Reduces weight;
    • Discharges excess fluid from the body;
    • Prevents the development of many diseases;
    • Eliminates allergic symptoms.

    The disadvantages are possible complications, so before applying the diet, you should consult a doctor.

    The greatest danger is puffiness for pregnant women: in some cases, doctors can diagnose "dropsy" and state a threat to the fetus. As a rule, this is due to the weight gain of more than 20 kilograms, so it is extremely important to use a diet from swelling during pregnancy, as it allows not only to get rid of the problem, but also to reduce weight.

    If the swelling often does not appear during pregnancy, then it can signal the presence of diseases of the internal organs, and then you need to see a doctor and get a checkup so that you can later prescribe a therapeutic diet for swelling.

    For prophylactic purposes, the diet against edema can be absolutely everything: it improves overall well-being, reduces the risk of various diseases, prevents the appearance of a puffiness of the face, body and limbs.

    What foods should be consumed during a diet to relieve edema:

    • Proteins: milk, cottage cheese, meat, slave, kefir, cheese, sour cream, yogurts;
    • Potassium: melons, apricots, oranges, tangerines, rice, parsley, potatoes;
    • Freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas;
    • Soy dishes.

    What is under strict prohibition:

    • Salt consumption - up to 1.5 grams per day, but it is better not to add it to food at all;
    • Liquid - not more than 1500 ml;
    • Alcohol;
    • Smoked meat, spicy and fried dishes, sweets;
    • Mayonnaise, sauces, cream;
    • Fatty desserts.

    Rules for eating food:

    • .it can cause general weakness of the body;
    • For flavoring the food, you can use a substitute for table salt;
    • If swelling is severe, then it is recommended to perform unloading days.

    Diet for edema: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for swelling: medical menu

    Diet for swelling during pregnancy

    During the gestation of a child in the diet should be present all the useful substances, but in this case, it is only necessary to reduce serving sizes and removeProhibited products.

    Sample menu:

    • We have breakfast a portion of muesli on milk, we drink tea;
    • After 2 hours we drink juice, eat a slice of bread and cheese;
    • Dinner soup with a piece of beef, 100 grams of vegetable salad and 2 slices of black bread;
    • We snack cottage cheese( 150 g) or yoghurt( 100 g);
    • We dine with rice garnish, cutlet, apple and green tea.

    Diet for edema of the legs

    For severe puffiness, use a strict menu, calculated for no more than 5 days:

    • For a day we eat 800 g of apples and 400 g of cottage cheese;
    • We drink green tea and water.

    Diet against edema on the face

    If the face is puffy, then in the diet, you must include calcium, following the example of this menu:

    • Lunch a couple of boiled eggs, 100 grams of cottage cheese and green tea;
    • Snacking 30 g of nuts;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup and seafood salad;
    • We drink kefir for a mid-morning snack;
    • We have dinner with boiled fish and 100 grams of boiled rice, we drink tea.

    Diet from edema on the body

    Removal of excess fluid is well promoted by rice, and it is recommended to observe a diet on it for a week.

    Sample menu:

    • In the morning we eat rice porridge with raisins, we drink green tea;
    • We ate a pumpkin soup for lunch;
    • We have a salad of cabbage and cucumbers, rice porridge;
    • For an afternoon snack we eat an apple;
    • We have dinner with porridge from rice and two tomatoes.

    Diet for edema and hives

    For prophylaxis and prevention of edema of internal organs, it is necessary to remove cocoa, coffee, berries and chocolate from the diet, and include vegetables, sea fish, eggs, porridges in it.

    Approximate menu:

    • We have breakfast oatmeal and boiled eggs( 2 pcs.);
    • We have lunch with fish soup, vegetable salad, drink juice;
    • We snack a piece of cheese and a loaf;
    • For dinner we eat boiled fish, mashed potatoes( 100 g), we drink tea.

    Diet with heart edema

    For heart failure and swelling it is necessary to make up your diet based on digestible dishes, and after each meal, drink 100 ml of milk:

    • In the morning we eat curd dessert and a sandwich with butter and cheese, drink tea;
    • We ate fruit for lunch;
    • Dinner soup or borsch with a piece of low-fat meat, let's eat salad;
    • We snack dried fruits and nuts;
    • We have dinner with boiled potatoes and cabbage salad.

    Diet for lymphatic edema

    In this case, it is necessary to limit salt and water intake, and use vegetables, sour-milk products and citrus in your menu:

    • We have a breakfast of 100 grams of cottage cheese mixed with berries. We drink a glass of yogurt;
    • We have lunch with vegetable salad and 100 g of boiled chicken;
    • We snack an orange and an apple;
    • We dine with salad from fresh cabbage and carrots, a couple of boiled potatoes.

    Diet for edema under the eyes

    In order to get rid of bags under the eyes 2-3 days, it is recommended to eat soy products, oatmeal, rice, seeds, nuts, beans, lean meat and fish, and drink herbal teas and fresh juices.

    Approximate menu:

    • In the morning we eat oatmeal with fruit, drink down fruit juice;
    • Lunch rice soup, light salad and a portion of meat;
    • We snack a handful of nuts;
    • We have dinner with boiled string beans, cabbage salad. We drink herbal tea.

    A salt-free diet for edemas

    In this case, it is allowed to eat all foods for a week, except for prohibited products, but with one condition: they should be without salt.

    Approximate menu:

    • We have breakfast with apple and cottage cheese;
    • We ate lunch cereal for lunch;
    • We dine with brown boiled rice, stewed vegetables and chicken breast;We are having supper with a piece of fish and a salad.

    Diet for the prevention of edema

    To prevent edema, you should use this variant of the diet, which includes protein products, watermelons, melons, pumpkin, cucumbers and other vegetables:

    • Lunch a slice of watermelon and pumpkin porridge;
    • At lunch we drink kefir;
    • Lunch a salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, 100 grams of baked or boiled fish;
    • We dine with stewed vegetables, a cutlet and herbal tea.
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    The results, reviews and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition with edema ^

    Doctors recommend to prevent edema through diets, so it eliminates the appearance of swelling and severe health problems. As a rule, in emergency medical purposes, it is enough to limit your diet to not more than 5-7 days - during this time the affected organs are completely restored, but for prevention, you should use a special menu 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks.

    The results of the diet with edema are very good:

    • Rid of swelling;
    • Improvement of well-being;
    • Mitigating the diseases that caused the appearance of swelling.

    Tips for doctors how to avoid the onset of edema

    In order to once and for all to get rid of edemas and prevent their appearance, you must follow a few simple rules:

    • Monitor your diet, try not to eat forbidden foods, or restrict their use;
    • Allow time for physical exertion;
    • Make herbal foot baths;
    • Wear comfortable shoes;
    • Do not drink after 7 pm a lot of fluids;
    • With sedentary work, every hour to do light gymnastics.

    Reviews about a diet with swelling from doctors:

    Tatiana, 33, nutritionist:

    "I often get treated by patients with problems of excess weight and swelling, and most often it happens immediately, and then, and more. In this case, I recommend only one thing: proper nutrition and exercise. It's best to spend a week on a salt-free diet - it acts very quickly. "

    Irina, 39, cardiologist:

    " Human weight affects heart function directly, and the appearance of fluid stagnation in the body can adversely affect the cardiovascular system. I recommend at least once a week to do unloading days without salt, ideally - kefir diet. "

    Galina, 35, therapist:

    " My opinion is this: everything is good, but in moderation. Salt is also needed by the body, but its overabundance can lead to negative consequences. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to periodically use anti-edematic diets, especially for pregnant women.it is the mother who is responsible for the health of the baby, and she must eat right "