• Diets with intestinal diverticulosis

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    Diet for diverticulosis: reviews and patient results

    Diet for diverticulosis of the intestine isan obligatory condition of treatment, since proper nutrition and recovery are inextricably linked.

    Features of nutrition in diverticulosis of the intestine ^

    Diverticulosis is a deformation of the walls of the large intestine, expressed in the appearance of peculiar protrusions.

    Most often, this disease occurs due to malnutrition, congenital weak connective tissue, chronic increased intestinal pressure, vasospasms, constipation and disorders in the work of the nervous system.

    The main symptoms are stool disorders and sharp pains, painful sensations in the palpation of the abdomen, constipation, diarrhea, and blood feces.

    Do you need a diet for diverticulosis of the intestine

    In all cases, a gastroenterologist appoints a diet after it is accurately diagnosed. It should be based only on natural and beneficial products for the disease, which several times strengthens the effectiveness of the treatment itself.

    If timely not to take a measure, complications can arise: diverticulitis, perforation, abscess, intestinal bleeding, fistula, syndrome of excessive bacterial growth.

    Features of the diet for patients with diverticulosis of the intestine

    The main condition of the therapeutic diet for diverticulosis is that all dishes have a soft enveloping consistency. It is undesirable to eat solid foods, becausethey can worsen a patient's condition.

    What should be on the menu:

    • Milk porridge;
    • Mashed soups;
    • Fermented milk products;
    • Bran, berries, vegetables, fruits;
    • Prunes;
    • Herbal teas and plum juice;
    • Bran bread;
    • Beans;
    • Dried fruits and nuts in limited quantities.

    Prohibited products for therapeutic dietary nutrition in diverticulosis:

    • Raw, solid vegetables( they need to be mashed or rubbed);
    • Seafood or cauliflower;
    • Fast food;
    • White bread;
    • Lemonade and coffee;
    • Fatty meat and fish;
    • Spicy, fatty, sweet and smoked dishes.

    Diet for diverticulosis: menu and features of therapeutic nutrition ^

    Diet for diverticulosis of the intestine: therapeutic menu, recipes

    Diet rules for diverticulosis of the intestine:

    • Vegetables should be cooked or stewed, and do not peel off the apples and pears before baking;
    • You need to eat often, but in small portions;
    • Water contributes to early cleansing of the intestines, so it should be drunk at least 1.5 liters per day.

    Diet for the treatment of diverticulosis: menu

    For the removal of pain symptoms, the following menu is suggested, which must be observed for 1-2 weeks:

    • We have breakfast with fruit salad and tea;
    • For lunch we eat cottage cheese with sour cream;
    • We have lunch with rice soup;Dinner with boiled potatoes and fish.

    Diet for diverticulosis of large intestine

    There is another variant of the diet, in which preference is given to fruits and dairy products, but it can be used only with constipation:

    • For breakfast we eat cottage cheese with berries, drink kefir;
    • For lunch we eat 2 apples;
    • We dine with low-fat soup, fruit salad and kefir;
    • We snack cottage cheese;
    • We cook fish for dinner, we eat with salad from boiled vegetables.

    Diet for diverticulosis of sigmoid colon

    For this disease, emphasis should be placed in the menu on sour-milk products, but milk is completely excluded:

    • We have breakfast with cottage cheese casserole, we drink tea;
    • On a snack we drink a cocktail of berries and yogurt;
    • We have lunch with milk porridge and cheese cakes;
    • We drink kefir for a mid-morning snack;Dinner with stewed vegetables and fish.

    Diet for rectum diverticulosis

    If you are concerned about frequent constipation, it is recommended to use the following menu example:

    • In the morning we eat a couple of boiled eggs, drink kefir;
    • For lunch we eat fruit yoghurt;
    • We have dinner with soup-mashed potatoes;
    • We snack 100 g of cottage cheese;Dinner with mashed potatoes and stewed vegetables.

    Diet for diverticulosis of the colon

    For the regulation of stools this exemplary menu is used:

    • Fasting is eaten 1 tsp. Pharmaceutical bran diluted with water;
    • We have breakfast with steam omelet, cottage cheese and tea;
    • Snack baked apples;
    • We dine with low-fat soup and vegetable salad;
    • We eat yogurt for a mid-morning snack;
    • We have dinner with berries, boiled potatoes and chicken breast.

    Diet for the prevention of diverticulosis

    To prevent the appearance or development of the disease, you need to include in your diet as much fiber as possible, following an exemplary menu:

    • In the morning we eat a salad of bananas and kiwi, drink green tea;
    • At lunch we eat a couple of apples;
    • We have lunch with vegetable soup, wash down kefir or compote;
    • We have a salad of beetroot;We have dinner with baked potatoes and carrot salad.

    Diet recipes for intestinal diverticulosis

    Carrot salad recipe

    • Grate carrots;
    • Grind a pair of cloves of garlic, mix everything with olive oil and fill the carrots.

    Recipe for soup-puree

    • We clean and cut potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini;
    • Boil everything in water, add salt;
    • Let it cool down, then twist it in a blender.

    Cocktail recipe from kefir and berries

    • Cut into pieces of strawberries, mix with raspberries;
    • Put everything in 0.5 liters of kefir;
    • Beat in the blender.
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    Results, testimonials and recommendations of doctors about proper nutrition for diverticulosis of the intestine ^

    As a result of a diet with diverticulosis of the intestine, it is possible to avoid more serious complications, as well as completely cure this disease. Of course, no less important role is played by drug treatment, but without proper nutrition, its effectiveness is significantly reduced.

    The main prevention of diverticulosis is in the use of healthy food, which helps to regulate the stool.

    Tips for avoiding diverticular disease:

    • Eating foods high in fiber;
    • With constipation do not push, and eat laxative dishes;
    • Do not tolerate if you want to use the toilet;
    • Drink plenty of water.

    Reviews of doctors about a diet with diverticulosis

    Larissa, 39 years old, gastroenterologist:

    "If timely diverticulosis is not cured, it threatens with complications in the form of diverticulitis, which is harder to get rid of. In order to quickly remove the pain symptoms and normalize the intestines, it is enough to consult a doctor in a timely manner, who, after receiving the results of the tests, will definitely prescribe a diet and medication. "

    Tatiana, 34, gastroenterologist:

    " There is no sense in drugs if the patient does not have disuverulosisfollow the diet, tk.cure is possible only under this condition "

    Marina, 43, gastroenterologist:

    " The diet needs to be combined with the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. If you do not adhere to proper nutrition, then the effectiveness of this treatment will not be ยป