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    Breastfeeding diet: testimonials and results

    Dietwhen breastfeeding - a balanced diet for the mother, giving the baby all the necessary substances for normal growth and development.

    Features of nutrition for women with breastfeeding( HS) ^

    As you know, the intake of nutrients into the body of a child directly depends on what his mother eats, so the question is - is the diet necessary for breastfeeding?- disappears by itself. Of course, at this time, a woman needs to eat right, because diet is not always used only to reduce weight.

    Diet during breastfeeding should consist only of healthy dishes, saturated with vitamins, microelements and other components that allow the newborn to develop properly and not to get sick. With a lack of these substances, his body weakens, immunity decreases, nervousness, drowsiness or, on the contrary, excessive excitement may appear.

    A key feature of the diet for breastfeeding is the inclusion in the diet of only useful products:

    • Kash;
    • Supov;
    • Low-fat meat and fish;
    • Vegetables;
    • Fruit;
    • Wholemeal bread.

    If the newborn has increased gas formation, then it is necessary to remove complex carbohydrates from your menu:

    • Cabbage;
    • Legumes;
    • Fresh fruits;
    • Sour-milk products;
    • Black bread.

    The postpartum diet with breastfeeding is the most stringent, as in the first three weeks the child only adapts the digestive system, and the intestines are populated with useful bacteria. It is best to follow a diet with breastfeeding by months, because at a particular time in the body of the baby there are different natural changes.

    From the correct diet of a nursing mother during breastfeeding, the development of the child directly depends, therefore it is necessary to remove the following from your diet:

    • Alcohol;
    • Chips, fast food, nuts, crackers, popcorn;
    • Products for which the mother has an allergy;
    • Fried and fatty foods;
    • Sweets( in limited quantities).

    Can I lose weight with breastfeeding

    Of course, the issue of weight reduction directly depends on the severity of the diet, but the nursing mother should, first of all, think about her child: if she will not receive useful elements or malnutrition, the baby will not be able to develop optimally. There is an opinion that mom should eat for two, but this is not so: overeating threatens the appearance of allergic rashes, increased gas production and other troubles.

    The best option is a diet, through which you can lose weight and not harm the child, but before using it, you should consult a doctor.

    Diet for mother with breastfeeding: menus, rules ^

    Breastfeeding diet: menu by month, recipes

    Breastfeeding diet: advice from Dr. Komarovsky

    Evgeny Komarovsky - a renowned pediatrician - recommends that nursing mothers adhere to a few simple rules:

    • Recommendeddrink green tea, compotes of dried fruits, apple and carrot juices, but use ghee with caution;
    • Try to consume as little fat as possible;
    • To normalize lactation, you need to include nuts and yeast in the menu.

    Breastfeeding Diet of a Newborn

    In the first three weeks, it is necessary to exclude from the menu all products that can cause allergies in the child: fruits, nuts and dried fruits. Sample menu:

    • Lunch 100 grams of cottage cheese, a pair of quail eggs or chicken eggs( boiled), tea with cumin - it improves lactation;
    • After 2 hours we drink tea, have a snack with biscuits or crackers;
    • We dine with seafood soup, boiled vegetables;
    • We snack with kefir;
    • For dinner we eat salad and a slice of low-fat meat.

    Breastfeeding: diet for the first month

    If the child has frequent colic or gas formation, then after consulting a doctor, you can use this menu:

    • In the morning we eat 2 boiled eggs, drink tea with bread;
    • Lunch any vegetable dish without cabbage;We have supper with baked or stewed vegetables.

    Diet for weight loss with breastfeeding

    In order to lose 3-4 kilograms per week, without harming the child, you can use this sample menu option:

    • In the morning we eat a pack of cottage cheese, we drink tea with a slice of cheese;
    • Having a snack with fruit;
    • We have dinner with boiled fish and vegetable salad;
    • We dine with a glass of yogurt and boiled broccoli.

    Hypoallergenic Breastfeeding Diet

    In order to get rid of allergies in the mother or baby, you must use the following foods in your diet:

    • Porridge of buckwheat, pearl barley, rice or corn;
    • Low-fat meat( except lamb);
    • Squash, spinach, cucumbers, greens, potatoes;
    • Gooseberries, cherries, apples and pears of green varieties, plums and prunes;
    • Crackers, maters, drying;
    • Solid cheese, dairy products.

    Ducant Diet for Breastfeeding

    In the absence of lactation, nutritionist Pierre Ducan recommends using the following example menu:

    • We have breakfast with meat pancakes and yoghurt;
    • We have a snack with fruit;
    • We have lunch with salad, fish fillet and soup with meatballs;
    • We snack a curd and berry casserole and tea;
    • For dinner we eat stewed vegetables, meat and lentils;
    • We drink kefir before going to bed.

    Buckwheat diet with breastfeeding

    For weight loss and enrichment of the diet with proteins and trace elements, it is enough to eat a portion of boiled buckwheat without salt for 15 days for dinner, and all the rest of the time to eat according to this sample menu:

    • We have breakfast berry salad and green tea;
    • We have dinner with soup, boiled or stewed vegetables, we drink kefir;
    • We snack fruit.

    Protasov's diet with breastfeeding

    The technique of the Israeli nutritionist Kim Protasov is designed for 5 weeks, the first two weeks you can not eat hot dishes, and at the heart of the diet should be sour-milk products and vegetables.

    Sample menu:

    • The first and second week we eat raw vegetables that do not contain starch, as well as cheeses( up to 5%), low-fat yogurts, 1 boiled egg every day, green apples, coffee or tea without sugar;
    • Until the fifth week, we remove boiled eggs, we necessarily eat 300 grams of meat per day.

    The Japanese diet for breastfeeding

    This diet is used to reduce weight by 5-7 kilograms, and is based on fish, seafood and rice:

    • In the morning we are eating a portion of boiled rice. We drink a cup of green tea;
    • For lunch we eat fried or boiled fish, drink tomato juice;
    • We have dinner with fruit.

    Kefir Diet for Breastfeeding

    This version of the fasting day can be used only during the period of complementary feeding, as it is not suitable for breastfeeding only:

    • For the whole day, we drink 1.5-2 liters of low-fat kefir;
    • Green tea and water( 2 liters) are allowed.

    Protein diet with breastfeeding

    In order to throw off up to 5 kilograms per week, you can use the following diet based on protein foods:

    • In the morning we drink tea with breadcrumbs;
    • Lunch boiled eggs( 2 pcs.) And cabbage salad;
    • We dine with chicken breast or boiled fish, as well as a vegetable salad.
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    A strict diet for breastfeeding: doctors' reviews, the results of losing weight ^

    As a result of a diet after breastfeeding, the child receives the most necessary substances for him, he ceases to worry about colic and rash, and Mom can lose weight well, in some cases, weight loss can reach 5-7 kilograms per week.

    Reviews of doctors about a diet for losing weight during breastfeeding:

    Irina, 30, pediatrician:

    "I would advise before using a diet, nevertheless consult a children's doctor, because the use of certain dishes in a child canto be individual contraindications. "

    Oksana, 33, nutritionist:

    " The right diets are useful for both mother and baby: feeding on healthy food, a woman manages to lose weight, well, the child, in turn, develops normally. In this case, I do not see any obstacles for using one of the suggested diets. "

    Anna, 39, pediatrician:

    " I myself often recommend young moms to sit on a diet, as they often mistakenly believe that they should eatfor two. As a result, this often results in obesity of the woman and colic in the child. The most suitable diet is protein - he surely will not hurt the baby ยป