• Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies

    During osteoporosis, a person feels pain inside the joints and bones, it grows with time as the disease develops. If you start treating the disease from the moment you suspected her appearance - the chances of recovery are increasing. Below we describe the symptoms of the disease so you know when to go to the doctor.

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    Symptoms of osteoporosis

    The development of the disease is slow, especially if it is senile osteoporosis. Initially, you may not notice any symptoms, but over time the disease becomes worse: the bones become brittle and brittle, and cracks gradually appear even with weak bruises. The disease can provoke pain in the lower back, and worse, a fracture of the spine with minor loads. Even if you drag a regular TV from room to room, there is a chance of a fracture of the spine. There is a sharp pain in the lower back, which only grows with time. If a person tears the lower back during osteoporosis - the pain passes in a couple of weeks, but if you touch the affected area it grows.

    During the disease, there is a high chance of curvature of the spine, because the bones are weakened, and the vertebral disks can not keep straight. But scoliosis is of a painful nature, there are occasional sharp pains in the back. Other bones are also susceptible to fractures, especially thin ones. For example, the radial or lateral bone of the forearm may break due to a weak fall on the arm. But the most unpleasant thing is that the injuries heal very long, the hand can grow from a month to two, depending on the age. It is very rare to ascertain osteoporosis without visible injuries and injuries, only after a complex fracture can you find out that a person has this disease.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies

    • Infusion of pebbles

    Go to the river and collect about 5 kilograms of pebbles near the river. Then treat them and grind them to the state of sand or flour. Next, mix the powder with a teaspoon of copper sulfate, pre-chop it to the same state. Add 100 grams of citric acid. Stir all to a homogeneous mixture, and then add 10 liters of water. Infuse the mixture for at least two weeks. Be sure to cover the mixture with a lid, otherwise dust will get inside. Use a distiller to clean the tincture. Only the most high-quality tincture will remain, more than 5 liters will be eliminated. During treatment, drink 100 milliliters in the morning on an empty stomach, it will be better if you pre-set a glass with a tincture near the bed. Term treatment - one and a half month, as a rule, you can get rid of the disease forever.

    • Water with mummy

    Every day you need to take one bead mummy about 2 millimeters in size. To dissolve the ball, use 70 milliliters of water, you can drink prepared water twice a day. It is advisable to take the medicine half an hour before meals in the morning and evening. This method does not guarantee a complete cure, but after 3 weeks the bones will be very strong.

    • Mixture of lemons and eggs

    Beat the five eggs, and pour into a deep bowl. Then add the juice from several lemons, preferably ten. The shell, too, put in a bowl, just when it dissolves, it will be possible to understand that the medicine has been prepared. Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave for one week, when you see that the eggs have dissolved - add 300 grams of buckwheat honey and 150 grams of cognac. The mixture should not be left in the sun, store it in a dark place. Use one teaspoon of medication daily with meals.

    You can make a simpler medicine, but only with the use of eggs. Peel several eggs and dry them, then rub it to powder. Use the powder daily, adding to the cottage cheese with sour cream or porridge. The medicine is not suitable for children, because their digestive system is still very weak.

    • Therapeutic balm

    You will need 300 milliliters of tincture of the wild-eyed beast and the bird's mountaineer. Mix the ingredients with 400 milliliters of field horsetail tincture. Use 20 milliliters for half an hour before meals.

    • Decoction of walnuts

    Brew walnut shells with 200 milliliters of water. Add about 2 tablespoons of shell. Useful substances perfectly strengthen the bones, drink 80 milliliters of broth daily 30 minutes before meals.

    • Mixture of eggs, cognac and lemon juice

    Mix in an equal proportion of lemon juice and cognac, and then fill with the received liquid one chicken egg. Leave the eggs with the mixture for two weeks, it will become very soft, and the shell will give useful properties. When you get an egg - be careful, the yolk should not fall into the tincture. Eat one teaspoon daily, regardless of the meal.

    Nutrition for osteoporosis

    Over the years, our body is weakening, useful substances are gradually being washed out due to bad habits, and bones do not receive enough calcium. That is why during osteoporosis you need to eat foods rich in calcium, and exclude foods that wash calcium out of the body.

    Natural calcium, obtained from natural foods, is absorbed much better than chemical. All this is due to the balanced content of vitamin D, which is responsible for the assimilation of this substance. The greatest amount of calcium is found in cottage cheese, cheese and milk. For good assimilation of calcium, you need to consume fish oil, eggs, butter and trout. When the sun shines brightly in the street - do not sit at home, sunbathe on the beach, or at least go out for walks. The fact is that the sun's rays nourish the body with vitamin D, which is necessary for the assimilation of calcium. Also do not forget about products rich in silicon: cereals, apples and whole grains.