• How to improve vision at home: means and exercises?

    There are many causes of spoiled vision: it is the congenital pathology of the organs of vision, and increased intraocular pressure, and significant eye strain caused by working at the computer, and diabetes, and the effects of stress, alcohol and nicotine.

    As soon as you feel that suddenly you begin to lose the ability to distinguish small objects located far away or, conversely, near, it's time to sound an alarm. Who knows, and suddenly it's the first symptoms of a beginning eye disease - myopia or hyperopia. Another alarm bell - a frequent attack of headaches or sudden fatigue of the organs of vision. Burning eyes can also be one of the signs of an impending illness.

    Therefore, as soon as you notice the appearance of such symptoms, immediately go to the doctor-oculist. He will prescribe a treatment and, perhaps, he will write you a prescription for the purchase of glasses. The main thing, do not worry! Visual impairment at first can be relatively easy to stop, you just have to take it right away.

    The article will consist of such parts:

    Is it possible to improve vision at home?

    Undoubtedly, this is the first question that appears in the head of a person with problem eyesight. Of course, I do not want to wear glasses or even contact lenses. However, and squint, trying to examine the letters in the book, very few people will agree. Therefore, anyone who has ever seriously faced eye problems, necessarily wondered about their solutions. So, there can be several exits:

    First of all, you can try to correct the problem vision of the house. For this, there are special exercises.

    Secondly, you can take special vitamin complexes, bury your eyes with drops and drink tablets aimed at restoring vision.

    Some herbs also help to combat vision problems well.

    In particularly difficult cases, it is really possible to consult with specialists in laser vision correction or even in surgery.

    If you still have problems with the eyes, you can try to solve them yourself at home. To do this, you have to change some of your habitual way of life - for example, adjust the daily diet, spend less time in front of the TV and a computer, and do exercises. We'll talk about this in detail below.

    Products for vision improvement

    What we eat plays a direct role in the process of the formation of our body, maintaining it in combat form and fighting some diseases. It is for this reason that a person suffering from vision problems will have to carefully review their diet and, perhaps, adhere to a certain diet in the future.

    As a child, any of us have heard that carrot is the main champion of healthy vision. But she is not the only one who can cope with eye problems. What other products are useful for the healthy functioning of the eye?

    First of all it is greens .Who would have thought that the most ordinary leafy cabbage, turnip greens, spinach and broccoli contain vitamins and trace elements necessary to maintain eye health? But these products can boast of the content of the lion's share of special components - lutein and zeaxanthin, which have a positive effect on the retina.

    The use of apricots, pumpkins, melons and carrots we love will also be useful for sight. All these vegetables and fruits are a source of beta-carotene, a substance that can be synthesized into vitamin A in the human body. It is believed that this vitamin is able to improve eyesight in the evening, as well as help the body in the prevention of such a disease as cataracts.

    It will be superfluous and eating citrus fruits , since they are all rich in vitamin C. This vitamin has a beneficial effect on the walls of the vessels, strengthening them. Well, the eyes - this is an organ in which there is a sufficiently large number of vessels, so they need to be monitored. Because eye blood circulation is very important for health.

    Very useful will be the use of blueberries .As confirmed by the results of numerous studies, this berry has an excellent effect on the regeneration of the retina. Blueberries help to improve visual acuity, can protect our eyes, and also optimizes blood microcirculation.

    In case of problems with eyesight, it is better to refrain from using for refined muffin .Rather, it will be much more correct to give preference to bread of coarse grinding. In general, it is believed that with diseases of the eyes, it is desirable to reduce the so-called glycemic index. This can be realized by increasing the consumption of whole-grain products. And in general, a high percentage of fiber in wholemeal bread, in flour with bran, in oats and other foods is beneficial to the body.

    Beans and other beans also have to be included in your diet. These products are rich in zinc, without which your eyes will be hard. Another merit of the bean is that it promotes the entry of vitamin A into the retina of the eye and the production of melanin, which protects our eyes from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Well, in combination with a sufficient amount of zinc, melanin helps to improve vision in the twilight.

    You can not do without nuts and seeds .These foods are rich in vitamin E, which protects the eyes from cataracts and the harmful effects of free radicals.

    You can not ignore the fish .Especially useful for the eyes is a fish of the salmon family, rich in omega-acids. These substances are extremely useful and important for the healthy functioning of the eyes.

    Medications that improve vision

    It is not always possible to solve the problem with vision in the early stages. In this case it is necessary to turn to traditional medicine with its tablets, drops and other medicinal preparations. Traditional medicine has its own fans and opponents. However, no matter how you treat her, sometimes you can not do without her help.

    All medicines are divided into 2 large groups - pharmacological agents and bioadditives proper. If the former have chemical components at their core, the latter are directed at activating the internal protective forces of our body and are prepared from natural constituents.

    Let's talk about chemical preparations for improving vision. In fact, they are all divided into three large groups. The first are medicines, relaxing the eye muscles. The second category of drugs contributes to the improvement of the night rest of the organs of vision. Such medications are a real wand-a wand for people who can not avoid a big eye strain in the daytime. And, finally, the third group of drugs includes drugs that are aimed at optimizing the state of the retina.

    Bioadditives for improving the condition of the eyes are in most cases suitable for the prevention of diseases, but can also help in the treatment of existing eye diseases. These drugs are designed to compensate for the deficiency of certain vitamins, microelements and other substances that are necessary for healthy eye functioning.

    And always remember that you can start treatment only after a visit to the doctor-oculist. Eyes - this is an extremely important body, to risk whose health we simply are not right! Therefore, amateur performance is not the place.

    Folk methods for improving the state of sight

    Traditional medicine for many centuries of its existence has managed to drop for us hundreds of recipes that can help improve the condition of our eyes without chemical medications. Here are some of them.

    For example, folk medicine advises using trays and eye compresses - this helps to relieve fatigue and discomfort that often appear at the end of the day. Very effective contrast bath. For it you will need two bowls with cool and warm water and cotton swabs. It is necessary in turn to lower the cotton wool in the bowls and apply to the eyes for a maximum of half a minute.

    Also fights well with the eye fatigue accumulated for the day a pack of grated raw potatoes .It is done simply: you need to grate the peeled tuber of potatoes on a small grater, place the resulting gruel on napkins, attach to the eyes.

    As evidenced by the experience of many people, the eye compress perfectly influences the eyes. For him, you need to brew tea, moisten the napkins in it, then put them on your eyes. Just remember that for this procedure is not suitable flavored tea, as well as tea with chemical additives.

    You can wipe your eyes with ice cubes , made from brewed chamomile, linden or cornflower flowers.

    It is advised also to take inside a little ginger , infused with vodka.

    In the old days, our ancestors treated sight impairments with a hard-boiled egg .To do this, the egg was cut along, the yolk was extracted, and the protein was applied to the eyes in such a way that the pit from the yolk fell just over the closed eye. The protein should be still hot and do not touch the eyeball itself.

    Ocherka is a plant from the very name of which one can see that it has a beneficial effect on eyesight. This is indeed so. Traditional medicine advises twice a day to wash the eyes with infusion of the eyeballs or apply to them compresses made from this plant.

    You can also try to cope with eye problems by eating in the morning on an empty stomach over a slightly welded lamb liver .If you can not buy it, you can use beef liver.

    You can also drink on one hundred milliliters of apricot juice twice a day - it helps to improve eyesight.

    An important for a healthy vision is rightly considered the eye gymnastics .There are whole sets of exercises. For example, to give your eyes a rest, it will be useful to move them from time to time from side to side, then up and down 30 times.

    Techniques( exercises) for the improvement of vision

    There are many different methods for optimizing vision. Part of them is aimed at maintaining the normal functioning of the eyes and preventing disease, part of it is to block the development of existing defects and deviations. Each of the techniques has adherents and opponents, so everyone chooses the system that is closer to him.

    Recently, a special popularity was gained by the system of vision restoration by the method of Zhdanov V.G.Video recordings of his lectures are freely available, you can also find electronic versions of the professor's lectures. Here, one of the video courses:

    Also one of the famous techniques for improving vision was developed by U.G.Bates. He introduced the concepts of palming and solarization, which help to relieve tension and fatigue of the eyes.

    Э.С.Avetisov also developed his own technique for optimizing vision. It includes three main groups of exercises.

    Techniques Isaeva N., Rosenblumu Yu., Lokhtina N., Mats K., Shichko's method and many other systems will also help you restore vigilance and visual acuity.