• Cystitis in pregnancy: causes, symptoms and treatment

    Cystitis is a rather unpleasant disease, which is very common among pregnant women. His treatment is not something arch-complicated, but it requires a certain approach and consistent methods. And today we will tell you about how to treat cystitis in pregnancy. However, to begin with, we will understand the definition of cystitis.

    Cystitis is an infectious-inflammatory lesion of the mucous membrane of the bladder.

    There are many causes of cystitis. Here are the main and most common causes of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder.

    The main causes of cystitis in pregnancy:

    • Subcooling;

    • Infectious-inflammatory diseases of genital organs, including STDs( sexually transmitted diseases);

    • Not cured urethritis( inflammation of the urethra);

    • Incomplete emptying of the bladder, stagnation of urine;

    • Cystoscopy( instrumental examination of the bladder);

    • Congenital abnormalities of the bladder;

    • Injuries of the bladder;

    • Wearing tight underwear made of artificial materials;

    • Violation of the rules of intimate hygiene.

    The main symptoms of cystitis in pregnancy
    Very often, women do not give due importance to the symptoms of cystitis, especially if they are short-lived. As a result, the slow inflammatory process turns into chronic cystitis, which, in turn, can cause serious kidney disease. It is necessary to consult a doctor, take general blood and urine tests if you observe the following symptoms:

    • Obstructed urination( at times or permanently);

    • Rezi, itching, burning during urination;

    • Chills, fever;

    • Drawing pains in the lower abdomen and lower back;

    • Desires to urinate with a bladder emptied.

    It should be noted that the above symptoms may indicate both cystitis and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, bladder pathology, STDs.

    Treatment of cystitis in pregnancy

    Self-medication, we may be able( for some time) to remove painful symptoms, but the cause of the disease can not be eliminated, and the disease will return again. Let's not risk our health, because only an analysis of urine and blood( possibly repeated) will help to establish the correct diagnosis. In particular, this applies to expectant mothers, because for them regular monitoring of urine and blood tests throughout pregnancy is mandatory.

    Pregnant women are often diagnosed with cystitis. This may be a consequence of chronic cystitis, acquired before pregnancy, and because of specific changes in the body of the future mother. Changing the hormonal background, the daily increase in the pregnant uterus, the hormonal aggravation of bacterial infections of the urogenital tract can all lead to acute or chronic exacerbation of the cystitis, during pregnancy.

    How to avoid cystitis during pregnancy? Here are some safe tips and recommendations:

    • A disciplined visit to an obstetrician-gynecologist and other narrow specialists( on the recommendation), the planned passage of ultrasound, the surrender of all necessary tests.

    • Regular and immediate emptying of the bladder. Even if the urge happens every 15 minutes, in no case do you have to endure - the pregnant uterus presses on the bladder, and the ureters also press, hence the frequent urge. With stagnation, urine becomes infected, and the inflammatory process will not keep you waiting.

    • Strictly observe the rules of intimate hygiene. Do not abuse daily pads, which is often the case for women. Use them only in extremely necessary cases, changing them at least every half hour.

    • Exclude from the diet fried, smoked, hot. Surprisingly, such food can provoke cystitis!

    • Visit the dentist for the purpose of sanitizing the oral cavity. To put seals, crowns, to remove a nerve during pregnancy it is impossible( it should be taken care of before pregnancy).The dentist will treat teeth with fluoride, silver, which will delay the development of caries.

    • Refuse during pregnancy from kapron tights and tight underwear made of synthetics. Just forget for 9 months about the thong! It is this narrow strip that carries microbes, bacteria, E. coli( !) To the bladder and the birth canal, through which your baby will soon be born!

    • Do not neglect your doctor's advice about exercise for pregnant women. The specialist will develop an individual program taking into account the period of pregnancy, your physical fitness and the existing diseases. But even if you are categorically against exercise for pregnant women, perform one simple and safe exercise recommended by obstetrician-gynecologists and urologists. It's very simple: lean on your elbows and knees( knee-elbow position or, as urologists call it - "pose of a broken birch tree") and stay in this position from 5 to 15 minutes 2-3 times a day. After the first attempt, you will feel considerable relief in the spine, lower back, abdomen. The whole secret is that the pregnant uterus, compressing as it grows the bladder, ureters, kidneys, spine and intestines, relax in this position. All the organs of a pregnant woman in this position function normally: the kidneys throw urine into the ureters in portions, the foci passes unhindered into the bladder, there is no stagnation, the buds are breathing, and the spine is resting. As for the uterus itself, this position is also useful and comfortable for her - your baby is like a cradle.

    • Avoid overcooling. On the recommendation of a doctor, take vitamins for pregnant women.

    • Avoid mass accumulation of people in the period of influenza and ARVI( and at any other time), as too noisy and numerous society of the future mother to anything.

    • During sexual intercourse during pregnancy it is desirable to be protected by a condom. Do not forget that the condom protects not only from pregnancy, that in this case you are not afraid, of course, but also from STDs, bacteria, fungi, capable of harming the future mother and child( up to the termination of pregnancy).It should be noted that the alien microflora( even healthy) can cause irritation and inflammation in the pregnant woman.

    What to do if you were diagnosed with cystitis during pregnancy?
    Currently, there is a fairly wide range of drugs for the treatment of cystitis in pregnant women. Basically it is drugs based on medicinal plants. And yet, the most important thing here is not to miss the very first stage of the disease, in order to start treatment on time, not to allow complications and the development of chronic form. Therefore, if a woman feels rezi, pain, burning during urination and, especially, fever, it is necessary to visit a doctor, without delaying for a day.

    The basic principles of treatment in time of detected cystitis are the removal of inflammatory phenomena, the purification of the urinary tract and, if necessary, the strengthening of immunity. With all this, phytotherapeutic fees, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic drugs based on medicinal herbs, and also vitamin complexes perfectly manage.

    Here is a list of some herbal medicines that are safe to use during pregnancy:

    • Bearberry( bear ears) has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect.

    • Cowberry leaf, as well as birch leaves and buds, have anti-inflammatory, mild diuretic and antimicrobial effects. Contain essential vitamins and minerals.

    • Horsetail, has a similar effect, like a cowberry leaf.

    • In tableted form, pregnant women are prescribed the drug "Kanefron". Its composition includes: root lyubistka, leaves of rosemary and herbs of gold-thousand. Kanefron has not only an anti-inflammatory effect, but also antispasmodic and antimicrobial effects.

    • When aching pains in the lower abdomen, along with the listed facilities, you can use papaverine in candles( rectally) to 5 candles per day. Papaverin has an antispasmodic effect, relaxes the smooth muscles of the internal organs, helps with light constipation.

    It is necessary to know that some herbs are strictly prohibited during pregnancy - the root of parsley leads to hypertonicity of the uterus, which can cause miscarriage, premature birth. Berries strawberries and juniper fruits lead to a reduction in the uterus, which can also lead to miscarriage.

    The preparation "Phytolysan" is also based on medicinal herbs, but it includes the root of parsley. According to the doctor's test, it is possible to apply, but it is necessary to make sure that there is no acute inflammation in the kidneys and hypertension of the uterus. Very useful and tasty morsels from cranberries and cranberries, they also have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and diuretic effect.

    Diet for infectious inflammatory diseases of the urinary system( cystitis) in pregnant women limits the use of: salt, spices, fatty and smoked. Sometimes they limit milk products( if protein is found in urine).If you did not ignore the alarming symptoms and turned to the doctor on time, after starting treatment - cystitis you will win fairly easily. Yes, it is possible that after a while, you will have to repeat the course of phytotherapy, but this will already be the fixing of the result and the prevention of inflammation.

    If you are already diagnosed with chronic cystitis , it is advisable to plan pregnancy, and prepare it for pregnancy and childbirth in advance. Visit a gynecologist, nephrologist and urologist. Check urine, blood, and smear tests. With any pathology identified, follow the advice of doctors that you trust. Drink a course of multivitamins "Complivit" and "Triovit".Your task is to remove the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system, not let the infection go up to the kidneys.

    But even if the pregnancy has come unexpectedly, and you did not have time to prepare an organism with chronic diseases, no competent doctor will recommend you to interrupt pregnancy only because you have chronic cystitis. There are enough drugs available for use during pregnancy. The doctor's task is to find the right drug for you( taking into account the gestational age, tolerability and general condition of the body) for removing inflammatory processes and fixing the result( prevention of exacerbations) throughout the pregnancy.

    Regular supervision of the obstetrician-gynecologist, urologist and timely treatment of the exacerbation, will allow you to cure cystitis during pregnancy at any stage! Be healthy, dear readers of the online magazine "Vse-Sekrety.ru ยป.