How to get rid of dandruff: folk remedies, pharmaceuticals

  • How to get rid of dandruff: folk remedies, pharmaceuticals

    Dandruff is a disease during which the scalp and hair are affected. Exfoliation of small particles occurs, provoking a feeling of severe itching. Therefore it is useful to know how to get rid of dandruff with the use of pharmacy or folk techniques.

    Reasons for dandruff

    To completely get rid of this disease, it is necessary to establish precisely the cause that caused its appearance. It can develop for various reasons, the most common, among which are:

    • an allergic reaction to a new shampoo or other hair care products;
    • a sharp decrease in immunity;
    • exacerbation of diseases of internal organs;
    • hormonal failure;
    • presence of nervous diseases;
    • incorrectly selected shampoo or other care products;
    • unbalanced power;
    • dry scalp;
    • strong supercooling or overheating;
    • lack of vitamins C and B, selenium.

    Before you look for a way to get rid of dandruff for good, you need to get a checkup from a doctor.

    After carrying out a series of studies, the specialist will be able to pinpoint the cause, which triggered the development of the disease and choose the optimal treatment. There are cases when the most effective remedy for dandruff is the right shampoo.

    Anti-dandruff remedies

    Pharmaceutical preparations

    1. Nizoral Shampooing contains an active antifungal component that quickly eliminates fungus that causes the appearance of "snow" in the hair.
    2. Freederm Zinc Dermatological Anti-Dandruff Shampoo helps to get rid of dandruff, eliminates seborrheic dermatitis.
    3. Phytocoltar has antifungal, bactericidal action, soothes itching.
    4. Laboratoires Rene Furterer is a specially developed product in the form of a gel, available in ampoules, contains essential oils.

    Folk remedies

    How can one get rid of dandruff quickly and easily? A variety of folk remedies can be used for this. When choosing this or that method, one must take into account the severity of the condition, and also the form of dandruff - fatty or dry.


    If it was decided to cure dandruff folk remedies, it is recommended to use aspirin. It contains salicylic acid, which is the main component, which is added to modern medicines designed to relieve itching. This medicine will help to quickly eliminate dandruff.

    Buy aspirin easily in any pharmacy and you can use it without a prescription. Quickly scabies and eliminates the inflammatory process.

    To prepare an effective remedy for dandruff, you need to take 2 tablets of medicine and grind as small as possible. The resulting powder is added to any shampoo immediately before washing the head. The agent is left on the hair for about 20-22 minutes, then washed off with warm water. For the next week it is useful to use shampoo, which is added a little olive oil.


    To cure dandruff folk methods, you need to pay attention to such a tool as soap. Virtually always given preference to economic or tar, but this way is strictly prohibited to abuse. The fact is that they contain a large amount of alkali, which is harmful to the health of the hair. Apply it instead of shampoo.

    It is useful to apply regular soap. It is based on saturated fatty acids, gently enveloping each hair, moisturizing and nourishing it. This folk remedy for dandruff effectively and quickly helps to solve the problem of dry and injured hair.

    If dry dandruff has appeared in a child, you should wash your hair at least once a week with soap. For this purpose it is recommended to use not a clean agent, but a previously made soap solution. In the future, it is useful to periodically apply this method for the prevention of dandruff( not more often than once a month).

    Tar soap is another way to quickly get rid of dandruff folk remedies. Among its merits is that it does not cause allergies and speeds up the healing process of small cracks in the scalp. Soap can be used several times a week.

    Tar soap is a very good remedy for dandruff and severe itching, since it contains a large number of valuable natural components.

    Soap is applied directly to the roots, well foams and evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair. After a few minutes, you need to wash your head, apply a nourishing mask or balm to the strands. After 2 weeks of use, dandruff completely disappears. These means can not be used too often.


    It is easy to get rid of dandruff folk methods will help a healing plant, like nettles. It contains a large number of valuable essential oils, vitamins, amino acids, etc.

    To prepare a decoction of nettles, 1 tablespoon is taken.pre-crushed leaves of the plant and filled with a glass of boiling water. Approximately one hour the drug is infused, then filtered. The finished compound is rubbed directly into the clean scalp. To get rid of dandruff and irritation, this procedure should be done several times a week.


    This is an effective folk remedy for dandruff. Salt improves nutrition of hair follicles, enhances hair growth, but is not suitable for dry hair.

    Food and sea salt are among the ways that help quickly eliminate dandruff folk remedies. First, the head is washed, then the strands are dried with a towel and salt is rubbed into the scalp for 15 minutes. After that, rinses are carefully rinsed with warm water. Use such a tool to treat dandruff should be until the complete elimination of the disease.


    Onions relieves irritation and inflammation, has a stimulating effect on the process of growth of hair. Get rid of dandruff will help a simple broth:

    One handful of peeled onions are poured with a glass of slightly warmed water, the composition is put on the stove. It is heated for 10-12 minutes, then the resulting solution is rubbed into the roots of the hair.

    Another strong folk remedy for dandruff is the mask from the husk of the onion .

    One bulb is taken, juice is squeezed out, then it is rubbed directly into the skin of the head, a plastic bag is put on top, the strands are wrapped with a towel. After an hour, you should wash your hair well. Curing dandruff folk methods can only be provided that they are regularly used.


    It exerts a gentle exfoliating effect, removing all dead cells from the surface of the skin of the head. With the help of soda, you can cure dandruff in men in a short time. To do this, take a glass of ordinary water, then it is divorced 4 tsp.baking soda. The resulting composition is rubbed directly into the scalp, left for a couple of minutes, washed off.


    You need to make a lemon decoction. It is prepared as follows - with 4 citrus peel removed, filled with a liter of water( it is taken only warm), the solution is placed on the stove. The composition is cooked 20-22 minutes, cooled, filtered and used during rinsing hair. This method helps to remove fatty dandruff.

    The acid of this fruit perfectly helps to remove dandruff in both a child and an adult - gently and without harm to the hair.

    It is useful to use the following mask - freshly prepared juice of ripe lemon( 0.5 citrus), mixed with olive oil( 4 tablespoons).Skin covers are rubbed on the received mass, the strands are wrapped in polyethylene film, the product is washed off after an hour. This method will help get rid of fatty dandruff in a few weeks.

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