Body care: in youth, after childbirth and after 30 years

  • Body care: in youth, after childbirth and after 30 years

    The human body is beautiful and perfectly functional in nature. By nature, we are given certain makings and abilities. And it will depend on us how our body will be in the future.

    Since early adolescence, the body is amenable to processing and perfection. We can passively observe how it grows old over the years, swims with fat and becomes covered with unattractive wrinkles. And we can look after your body day after day, preserving its inner and outer youth. Much depends on our attitude towards ourselves, exactingness and self-esteem. And we can show respect for ourselves through careful care of our body.

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    • Care in youth
    • Care after 30 years
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    • What is a spa treatment?
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    • Medical care products

    Care in youth

    A young body has a lot of advantages, it's undeniable. There is an opinion that youth itself is beautiful and seductive, and therefore it does not need decorations and hassles about external aesthetics. In this view, there is some truth, but there are flaws too. At the age of 25 - 30 years, you need to be cautious approach to the selection of cosmetics for body care. At best, improperly selected cosmetics will be ineffective for your body. At a less favorable variant there is a possibility prematurely to grow old a skin and to break fragile charm of a youth, given to us by nature during this period. And on the contrary, correctly chosen cosmetics is able to prolong the youth of the body as long as possible, keeping it blooming and attractive.

    The main problems of youth are acne, acne, fat content of the skin, brittle hair, cellulite and others.

    1. Leather. The main thing for your skin during this period is:

    • protection from ultraviolet solar radiation;

    • power;

    • humidification.

    Modern fashion for tanning makes us repeatedly visit the solarium, for hours to roast under the merciless sun on the beaches, balconies and even roofs of houses. Undoubtedly, in swarthy tanned skin there is something attractive, exotic. In addition, under the influence of the sun's rays, our body produces much needed for bones and skin vitamin D.

    However, beauty also has a downside. Intensive ultraviolet radiation causes dehydration of the upper layers of the skin, it becomes wrinkled and eventually undergoes early aging. It is a real scourge of all women living in hot countries. Not without reason from ancient times in Russia sunburn was considered the lot of women of peasant origin. The noblewomen were distinguished by the whiteness of their skin. It speaks of folk wisdom, which, unfortunately, we forget about under the influence of fashion trends.

    Another disadvantage is the repeatedly increasing risk of skin cancer caused by excessively long exposure to the sun. The most vulnerable in this regard are the nipples of the breasts and genitals. Therefore, sunburn "topless" and completely naked is highly discouraged. Try to protect the skin by applying creams and lotions with ultraviolet filters. Also, after a tanning session, moisten the skin with plenty of creams and oils, it really needs it. Also wear sunglasses, they prevent the excessively intense exposure of the sun's rays to the retina of your unprotected eyes, and also allow you not to squint and "make" yourself wrinkles at the edges of your eyes.

    Up to 30 years, the renewal and restoration of the skin occurs in normal mode, so the use of anti-aging creams is a waste of time and money. Purify the skin not just with water, but with special gels, foams and other washing agents that will effectively purify the skin without drying it.

    Moisturizing creams will allow your young skin to more effectively withstand the effects of dust, dirt, car exhausts and other "delights" of big cities.

    For young people, there is an increased secretion of sebaceous glands. Therefore, inevitably there is a blockage of pores and there are pimples, acne and other variants of skin inflammation. To prevent these troubles, use special non-non-modifying products for washing and skin care. They delicately cleanse the skin, exfoliate the upper stratum corneum and prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the pores, and thus prevent inflammation.

    2. Hair. At this age they are often brittle, fat with the presence of dandruff. To eliminate these unpleasant moments, use special shampoos for dandruff, for dry and oily hair. It will be good to use vitamin and nourishing hair masks with eggs and beer. It is not superfluous to take vitamin complexes by courses inside.

    3. Figure. Beginning with adolescence, a treacherous "puppy" fat begins to accumulate under the skin, which then transforms into cellulite. On the one hand - it is completely normal for the female body phenomenon, not carrying a negative for health. On the other hand, it looks like an "orange crust" is not quite appetizing from an aesthetic point of view. Therefore, the use of special anti-cellulite cosmetics, massages and self-massage will help you. Fitness along with proper nutrition will help not only to eliminate cellulite, but also to preserve the beauty of the skin and the tightness of the figure in the prospects far beyond 45.

    Care after 30 years of

    During this period your body becomes slightly different. The skin's ability to regenerate is greatly reduced. Hair on the hands and feet under the influence of hormonal changes can begin to cause trouble. The outlines of the young figure( if you do not practice fitness or yoga) is becoming more difficult to keep. I want to eat more and more strongly, and exhaust myself with physical loads - to the same extent less.

    The skin now has little to moisturize and nourish, now it needs more and recovery. Care for her now must be everyday, comprehensive and thorough. Try to adhere to the basic rules of a healthy body.

    1. Regularly undergo massage courses. It needs your whole body. For the face will be useful lymph drainage massage, which has a very long effect from one course. The tummy and thighs will be grateful for the anti-cellulite massage.

    2. Do not drink liquids at night. With age, the body's ability to remove fluid is reduced. Therefore, at night drinking water or tea will give a load on the heart and kidneys, causing swelling in the morning. Between taking a liquid and laying, sleep must pass at least two hours.

    3. Go in for sports . Regular physical exercise will create an optimal tone for the body, in which excess fats and carbohydrates will not be retained in the body, will favorably influence your mood and nervous system.

    4. Visit regularly professional cosmetologists. They will provide reasonable care for your body, will be able to give timely and competent advice in difficult situations.

    5. Caring for the body and the house - masks, baths, serums, nourishing and protective creams, sun protection - all this arsenal must be present at your disposal.

    6. Eat healthy and with the right products. Now the body has become harder to process toxins from food, and this inevitably affects your appearance. Therefore, eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, and less - sweets and smoked products, marinades and fried heavy food.

    7. Pay special attention to the skin of the hands, face, neck and décolleté area. They are the most vulnerable and brightly demonstrate your age. Use specialized cosmetics for these areas. Try to give preference to natural cosmetics.

    After-birth care

    Childbirth is a colossal physical, emotional and hormonal shake for a woman's body. In the process of forming a small person in him, the body of the future mother is very much rebuilt. The very process of childbirth is accompanied by tissue damage, stretch marks and other troubles. In order to return the young mother's attractiveness and aesthetics, it takes not only a long time, but considerable will and effort. Here are the main recommendations for moms, who are eager to get into shape as soon as possible.

    • Start a new day with a contrast shower, after which rub out with a hard towel. It tones up your body, improves blood circulation and gives impetus to vivacity for the whole day.

    • Do regular gymnastics. However, do not give a strong load on the body, especially on the still not recovered press. Enough light toning movements, allowing to maintain strength and vigor of muscles.

    • Visit a nutritionist or follow the correct diet described above, lubricate the skin in the stretch area with nutritious creams containing vitamin E. This will speed up the neutralization of ugly tracks.

    • Attend sessions of anti-cellulite massage and professional cosmetologist. His advice will be very timely for you.

    • The correct SPA-care for breasts will avoid lactostasis and maintain the breast shape in the optimal state after the end of the lactation period.

    Care during the period of weight loss

    During weight loss, the body undergoes a traumatic restructuring. The mode of operation of all your organs is changed. Therefore, special care for the body is important during this period.

    • Daily contrast shower. He hardens the body, initiates the defenses of the body, activates the regenerative and stabilizing processes in the body.

    • The correct mode and method of nutrition contributes to the removal of toxins and wastes from the most secret corners of the body.

    • Peeling, nourishing and moisturizing the skin through baths, masks, wraps will allow the skin to not sag and adapt faster to new parameters and sizes.

    • Try to avoid rapid weight loss.

    • Attend massage sessions. They will not only accelerate the process of weight loss, but also make it less traumatic for the body, dispersing liquids through the tissues and increasing blood flow.

    What is a spa treatment?

    SPA treatment is the general name of the technique of body care associated with the use of water. Such procedures include the following:

    • Thalassotherapy - treatment with sea products( masks, wraps from mud, seaweed, sea water, etc.).

    • Peeling - removal of the upper layer of the skin with the help of gentle rubbing with solid particles of salt or crushed products( coffee, peach bones, etc.).

    • Massage - toning, relaxing, firming, wellness, etc.

    • Baths and saunas - allow to clear the skin of dirt and dust, to remove with sweat all toxins, slag and emotional negative.

    • Hydromassage baths - stimulate blood circulation and contribute to the elimination of cellulite.

    • Wax epilation helps to get rid of unpleasant vegetation in the most natural way.

    • Manicure and pedicure revitalizes the nails on the hands and feet, ensuring the perfection and aesthetics of your image.

    The result of regular visits to SPA treatments for your body will be your excellent health and a great appearance.

    Folk methods

    Folk remedies helped our women to look stunning even long before the appearance of the first branded cosmetic products. Therefore, they retain their relevance to the present day.

    1. Means for washing the skin based on oatmeal with honey. 0,05 kg of soap base are placed in a glass container, also shea butter, sesame, olive oil are added there. Everything is thoroughly mixed. For more efficient mixing, it is possible to place a container with a mass in a different container filled with hot water. This will create the effect of a steam bath. Next, add a small spoonful of honey and a couple - milk powder. Again we are in a mess. Oatmeal is melted in a mixer and two of its boats are added with a final chord in our miracle mixture. Next, to thicken the rash a little sea salt and drip the essential oils. The shower gel is ready for use.

    2. Dairy bath. The main ingredients are milk and honey. Milk is taken from natural cow.1000 milliliters of milk are mixed with 0.3 liters of honey, slowly mixed. The bath is filled with hot water. Milk-honey mixture is slightly heated and poured into the bath. Plunge into the abyss of bliss.

    3. "The Sea in a Glass". The bath is filled with hot water( about 60 degrees) with water. Sea salt( 0.35 grams) is taken and dissolves to the end in water. The man-made sea will effectively smooth your skin just a dozen dives.

    4. Lavender bath. About fifteen bay leaves are boiled with boiling water, stand for about half an hour. The bath is filled with hot water, and the resulting broth is added thereto. This bath perfectly removes the irritation of the skin and soothes nerves.

    5. Scrub "With a spark". Large sea salt is taken( four large spoons), mixed with cinnamon, olive oil, red pepper, coarsely ground - only half a spoonful. Cinnamon and pepper perfectly strengthen the blood supply and skin regeneration.

    6. Scrub "Orange". Sea salt( five large spoons) is mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil. The orange is washed and rubbed directly with the peel on a coarse grater. All components are mixed and cover the body for five to six minutes. In the future, everything is washed by cool water.

    7. Scrub Arab Night. Oil, sour cream, honey - a tablespoon of each ingredient - are mixed. Then add ground coffee - four spoons. All is ready!

    Medical care products

    With the help of these products, we are trying to get rid of cosmetic defects caused by various diseases.

    • Seborrhea remedies. Seborrhea is a fungal disease that causes dandruff on the head. Modern shampoos of the usual cosmetic line help to solve problems only partially and for a short time. Specialty pharmaceuticals struggle with the fungus itself, saving the hair from this trouble for a long time.

    • Remedies for acne and acne. These drugs help restore normal balance of skin fats, avoid clogging of pores and their inflammation.

    • Remedies for varicose help to eliminate the symptoms of this disease, making the skin of the feet aesthetic.

    • Means against psoriasis also eliminate clinical manifestations in the acute phase of the disease.

    The beauty of our body depends only on our love for him and the desire to look good. Dare and you will see that you are capable of much!