The tallest man in the world among men and women

  • The tallest man in the world among men and women

    According to official data, Robert Wadlow was the tallest man, his height was 272 cm. Today, the tallest man is Sultan Kösen, his height is 251 cm. The tallest woman in history is Yao Defen, the height of the woman is 233 cm, and for todayday is higher than all of the women - Zeinab Bibi, her height is 218 cm. These outstanding "giants" will be discussed in our material.

    Robert Pershing Wadlow

    According to official data, the tallest man on the planet was American Robert Pershing Wadlow with an increase of 2 meters, 72 centimeters.

    Robert Wadlow was the first tall man whose growth was officially confirmed. Data on the growth of Robert were even included in the Guinness Book of Records. He was born on February 22, 1918, in the USA.

    Robert was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, he grew throughout his life. It is worth noting the fact that Robert's parents were of normal growth, moreover, the brother and sister of the English "giant" also had average growth.

    Robert's growth began to increase intensively from the age of 4, when he was 8 - he was 188 cm tall, and 9 - 198 cm. At 18, he already reached a height of 254 cm. At age 21 the guy had 262 cm of growth,by this time his weight was 223 kg.

    After leaving school, the guy goes to college, and at the same time goes on tour with the circus, where he was called "the good giant".When the guy was 18 years old he already traveled all over America, together with the circus, and from the age of 20 starts to constantly touring and performing.

    After the "giants" turned 21, his health gradually starts to deteriorate and he stops touring. The guy could move only with the help of crutches, because he did not feel his legs well. In 1940, shortly before his death, Robert was last measured growth, which was 272 cm.

    Death overtook the giant suddenly. At one of the events, July 4, 1940, during the speech Robert rubbed his leg with a crutch, which caused the infection to occur with the further development of sepsis. All attempts of doctors to save the big guy have appeared ineffectual. July 5, the guy died.

    To bid farewell to Robert came about 40 thousand people. At the request of their parents, the grave of their son was concreted, as they were afraid that they would plunder her.

    Sultan Kosen

    The biggest growth for today is the farmer from Turkey - Sultan Kosen, his growth is 2 meters 51 centimeters.

    Sultan is a farmer from Turkey. He was born on December 10, 1982.His growth is noted in the Guinness Book of Records, as the tallest man of the living. The high growth of the guy is caused by the same problem as that of Robert Wadlow - a pituitary tumor.

    The guy was born in an ordinary farm family. Parents of the Sultan, by the way, of medium height. Due to his high growth, the guy could not finish high school. To date, the Sultan is engaged in farming.

    In 2013 the guy finally got married. The girl of the highest man was Merve Dibo. The husband of the tallest man is 10 years younger than her husband, while his height is 80 cm below. In an interview, Sultan confessed that he regrets that he did not manage to meet a girl of his height, but he is happy that he met Mervé, wholoves. Sultan added that he was very glad that he had his own family.

    Sultan constantly cares about his health. Since 2010, he undergoes radiosurgery at a special medical institute in the United States. Doctors constantly monitor the hormonal balance of such a world-famous patient. Despite the fact that the treatment continues to this day, the growth of the Sultan has slowed down in 2012, then the doctors stated that the "giant" stopped growing. Until this time, the Sultan never ceased to grow.

    Despite its popularity and records, the owner of the highest growth is very difficult. It can only be moved by crutches, while finding shoes and clothes is very difficult. In addition, such growth creates problems in movement, in public places, etc.

    Yao Defen

    The highest woman in the world was Yao Defen, her height is 2 meters 33 centimeters.

    The girl was born in 1972, in China. It is known that the parents, as well as the brothers and sisters of the girl, have average statistical indicators in their growth. At birth, the girl had average statistical data, but from the age of 3 she began to grow intensively. At 11 years, the girl's height was 188 centimeters, and when she was 15 years old, 203 centimeters. Later, the cause of the girl's intense growth was a tumor of the pituitary gland. The girl experienced difficulties with movement due to weak legs.

    Because the girl was illiterate, she had to earn a living by working in a circus. The owner of the circus had a bad attitude towards Yao and sometimes even beat, and when the girl was in pain, he did not let her see a doctor.

    In 2005, after careful examination, Yao was operated on, she was cut out of a tumor. Despite the absence of money from the family, the operation was carried out. The operation was successful, and for a while the girl stopped growing. But two years later the tumor again began to expand, but money for the operation she and the family was still not, so the operation was not carried out. The medications did not work.

    The tallest woman in history died in 2012, from an unidentified illness.

    Zeynab Bibi

    Zeinab Bibi is today the tallest woman on the planet, her height is 2 meters 18 centimeters.

    Zeynab was born in 1974, in Pakistan. As in all previous cases, the parents and 4 sisters of the girl had absolutely normal growth. Zeynab herself began to add in growth from the age of 15, and according to the available data at this point the growth of the girl stopped. Noteworthy is the fact that Zeynab did not have any health problems, she had no tumor of the pituitary gland, unlike all the above mentioned persons.

    As an adult, Zeynab had to flee the country and seek asylum in England. The fact is that for her growth the girl got very much: teenagers threw stones into her, and beat up her peers, in one such case the girls broke their wrists. To date, Zeynab lives in Manchester.

    As you can see, the greatest growth in the world's tallest people is associated with abnormalities and diseases, and not the normal functioning of their body. In addition, each of them has a sufficient number of health problems and the duration of their life is low and among them there are no centenarians. We still want to record the record of family happiness, and long life.