The longest words in Russian and foreign languages

  • The longest words in Russian and foreign languages

    Have you ever thought about what is the longest word in the world, and in Russian? Imagine, the longest word consists of 189,819 letters! To read it in full, it took more than 3 hours. German has in its bins a word of 80 letters, and the longest word in Russian has reached 55 letters. About these words-giants Vse-Sekrety.ru more details will be told further.

    Long words:

    Foreign words

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    The biggest word, of course, is science, and more specifically - chemistry. The carrier of the longest name is the largest protein. The abbreviated name of the substance is titanium, it is also called titin or connectin. The full name of the substance consists of 189,819 letters.

    Recently, for the sake of interest, they shot a video in which they read the full name of the substance. It took 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete this task. This video, which reads the longest word entirely, you can see below.
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    For the sake of interest, you, too, may be interested to spend 3 hours of your life downloading the full name of this word in Russian. Titin.txt [206,63 Kb]

    Along with this protein in the leaders of long words there is another protein: tryptophan synthetase( this is its abbreviated name).The full name of the element, which consists of elements of its content, has 1,859 letters.

    Funny German

    One of the biggest words in the world that does not apply to chemistry is available in German, it is even mentioned in Wikipedia. The word consists of 80 letters, here is the word: "Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft" .A word is translated as: "Association of workers at the lower level of the building control authority under the main electricity supply management of the Danube Shipping Company".As we see, in Russian it is even greater.

    Now let's look at the words from the Russian language.

    Russian words

    Official record-holders

    As for the "Great and the mighty," there are also very long words. If you rely on the Guinness Book of Records, then in 1993, the longest word of the Russian language was the word - "X-ray electrocardiographic" .The word consists of 33 letters. It means an x-ray machine for examining the heart.

    In 2003, the record of the previous word was broken, and the record for the length was the word: "over-looking" .The new word-leader included 35 letters. The word is the highest respectful form of addressing a higher-ranking official.

    Little analysts

    Being confident that official figures always differ, the team of journalists Vse-Sekrety.ru decided to flip through the dictionaries, and found longer words.

    The longest word in Russian that we could find is "tetrahydropyranylcyclopentyltetrahydropyridopyridine" , which includes as many as 55 letters. This word refers to chemistry, judging by the patent, it is modulators of activity of chemokine receptors. As you can see, the word exceeds the official leader by 20 letters, but for some reason record-holders do not hurry to write it down.

    Another word giant is "methylpropenylene dihydroxycinnamenyl acrylic" , consisting of 47 letters. The word also refers to chemistry and is one of the varieties of acids.

    Closes the three big words - "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphatehydrin" , which has 40 letters. It also refers to chemistry, this is the name of one of the proteins.

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