The highest volcanoes in the world: for today, active and inactive

  • The highest volcanoes in the world: for today, active and inactive

    The highest volcano in history is the extinct volcano Aconcagua( 6 962 meters high), today the volcano Ojos del Salado( 6 893 meters high), and now active - the Ljullyaylako volcano( 6,739 meters high).

    The Highest Volcano:


    Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano in the world today. Its height reaches 6,893 meters.

    This volcano is on the border of two states: Chile and Argentina, but belongs to Chile. It is noteworthy that the highest lake is located in the crater of the volcano.

    It is noteworthy that the highest volcano never erupted. During the whole history of observations, not a single eruption was recorded, except for small emissions of sulfur and steam, which were observed in 1937, 1956 and 1993.Ojos del Salado, although not active, has, in fact, never erupted, so it is also considered extinct if it is extinct.   


    Aconcagua is an extinct volcano, which is the highest in the history of mankind. Its height is 6,962 meters.
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    Aconcagua is located in South America, in Argentina, in combination is not only the highest point of the continent, but also the highest point of the southern and western hemispheres. There is a mountain with a volcano only 150 km from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

    The clouds in the sky with a high degree of probability are immediately above the top of the volcano. It is noteworthy that this high point attracts bad weather. Clear and cloudless weather can immediately be replaced by a terrible downpour with a thunderstorm. More or less familiar weather for the region - a clear day and a strong wind, sometimes even a hurricane.


    Ljuljajljako is the highest active volcano. Its height is 6,739 meters.

    Ljuljajljako the highest volcano in the world from nowadays acting. It is located in the border areas of Chile and Argentina, entering the territory of the latter. The top of the volcano is in a constant icy state. The last time the volcano erupted in 1877.

    Regarding the records, in addition to the highest active volcano in the world, it occupies the fifth position in the height of all volcanoes of the world, and the seventh position as the highest point in the western hemisphere.

    The volcano conceals in itself one of the mysterious secrets, which became the reason for its recognition as an archaeological monument. The fact is that at the top of this volcano, archaeologists have discovered body-mummies of children: a boy and two girls. Scientists-historians propose the version that the bodies of children were sacrificed more than 500 years ago, but to whom: a volcano or gods - is unknown.