• What they buy on the Internet. How to buy from the online store

    To date, the Internet has become so deeply rooted in our lives that it has become an integral part of it. With the help of the Internet, we can learn news from around the world, and it's more operative, fresh and more extensive than it happens on television. Also, thanks to the Internet, we learn the weather forecast, find the answers to all the questions, make new acquaintances, communicate, get various kinds of content, and also make purchases. It is on purchases on the Internet that we would like to stay in this satier, telling you what users are most often buying online, and after that we will give practical advice when choosing and buying goods on the Internet.

    Below we will consider the following questions:

    What you buy on the Internet

    Having analyzed the entire market of online purchases to date, we have rated the products that are most often purchased by usersin the Runet. In order to leave the intrigue, we will go in ascending order. So, the 10 most purchased products on the Internet include:

    • The tenth place

    The 10th place housed a large household appliances. Despite the low prices, in comparison with the offline stores of household appliances, the purchase of large household appliances is not so popular among the users of the World Wide Web in view of its dimensions, as this causes some inconvenience with the delivery and a fairly high cost for this action.

    • Ninth place

    A little bit more active than large home appliances users buy tickets: to the cinema, theater, concert and sports events - quickly, simply and conveniently.

    • Eighth place

    No less popular on the Internet and various payment cards, ranking eighth in the ranking of the most purchased goods. Payments cards mean: replenishment of your personal account with a mobile operator, Internet provider, cable and satellite operator, payment cards in content stores for purchasing applications for gadgets( App Store, Google Play), etc. Without leaving home, you can replenish your account, perhaps even without commissions, which is very convenient.

    • Seventh place

    More active than payment cards on the Internet buy clothes, which puts it on the seventh place in the ranking. Acceptable prices and a great choice make buying clothes through the Internet convenient, but a huge drawback is the selection of clothing. Probably, that's why clothes do not take such high sales positions in the network.

    • Sixth place

    The sixth line of the sales ranking is software. Strange as it may seem, more and more people are starting to prefer licensed software and buying electronic licenses via the Internet is the most convenient option.

    • Fifth place

    The children's goods are placed on the fifth position, thanks not only to a wide range and low price, but also due to their versatility, as they are all divided into the age group of children, which greatly simplifies the selection.

    • The fourth place

    Cosmetics and perfumery occupy the fourth line of the rating, as, probably, no offline store can boast such a wide range of products from this segment.

    • Third place

    Top three sales leaders are opening mobile phones, smart phones and from recent time tablets. These gadgets are widely embraced by our daily lives, and online stores offer the most attractive prices for them.

    • Second place

    The second position is occupied by computer components and laptops. The main advantage of their purchase on the Internet is a low price and a wide range of product choices. In addition, very often, buying accessories in an offline store, they order them from suppliers, and we have to wait - why wait and overpay, when it can be done on the Internet itself.

    • First place

    What is the most buying on the Internet? The most purchased goods on the Internet, sharing one place for two, is electronics and small appliances. This is quite logical, since the prices for such equipment are several times less than in offline stores, and besides the risk is minimal, because the products come in a sealed and never opened box. The choice is very simple and does not require additional checks.
    Having analyzed the so-called categories, let's look at the specific products that are most often purchased via the Internet.

    The best-selling goods on the Internet

    What is most often bought on the Internet? The most purchased goods on the Internet are goods worth an average of 20,000 rubles. Another aspect that combines the best-selling products is the versatility of choice. These products include: digital cameras, video cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer components, car radio, etc. Choosing the parameters that you need, comparing prices and reading reviews - you can safely buy products of this type, because they do not need to try on and then think: whether it suits you or not.
    Quite often, cosmetics and perfumes are bought on the web. Cosmetics and perfumes are very easy to choose, because when buying it, girls are more oriented toward the company. Of course, when buying perfumes, there is one drawback - you can not smell her scent. Solve the problem in this situation samplers of spirits.

    Adult and children's clothing is also often bought online. If with the choice of children's clothes, as we have already said, it is much easier, since it is divided according to the age of children, then with the selection of adult clothing everything is somewhat more complicated, as it must be tried on, and this can not be done immediately in the online store.
    The software actively purchases licenses for anti-virus programs, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other software.

    Purchase of account replenishment cards is an indispensable service. The convenience of this service lies in the fact that we always remember the need to replenish the account at a time when all the offline replenishment points are closed: at night, on weekends or on public holidays.

    Advantages and disadvantages of shopping on the Internet
    The advantage of online shopping, in the first place, is a wide range and lower prices compared to offline stores. You do not need to visit all the shops of the city to compare prices, all this you can do via the Internet.

    Among the shortcomings of purchases on the Internet can be called the lack of the ability to visually inspect and test the goods when buying, and in the case of clothes - the impossibility of trying on it. If in the offline store you immediately get your purchase, then when buying online, the purchase is delivered from several days to several weeks. In addition, buying in offline, you know who to make claims for the quality of the purchased goods, on the Internet is somewhat more complicated. There are such online stores, which are not very serious and responsive to customer orders. Sometimes they can forget about the order made by them, delay the delivery time, or send the wrong goods that have been ordered, there are not so many online stores, but cases are encountered.

    How to buy via the Internet

    Buying over the Internet is easy enough. Find the necessary goods in the network can be both through the search engine, and through a special service Yandex-Market. In the search engine, you will receive a list of online stores, when the Yandex-Market service will provide not only a description of the product, but also customer reviews and prices for this product in various online stores.

    Payment for goods is best done in cash and only after delivery. If you pay in cash, the price for the goods will usually be lower than when you pay by cashless payment or e-currency( all this should be checked with the seller).

    How to buy in online stores

    Before making a purchase in an online store, first read reviews about it, in the same Yandex-Market they should be. Reading the reviews, pay attention to their naturalness, since they can be "fake".Choose an online store is necessary by the following criteria:

    • Customer Reviews;

    • Quality of online support;

    • Attitude towards buyers;

    • The seriousness of the attitude towards orders( speed of sending, sending of the chosen goods, quality of goods, etc.).

    How to choose products on the Internet

    How to choose a technique on the Internet
    Choose the most convenient technology on the Yandex-Market service. Enter a certain section, select the basic parameters that you want to include the chosen technique. After that, the service will provide options for models that fit your criteria. Having looked through the detailed characteristics of the product model, you can view the reviews, as well as read reviews and prices about it in various online stores.

    How to buy clothes via the Internet
    Many are interested in: how to buy things via the Internet. The only difficulty of buying things on the network is that you can not try it on and see if it suits you or not. Therefore, buying clothes in online stores is very good if the rules of their work will allow you to order several sizes of clothes or a few pairs of shoes so you can try them on and see which of these products suit you and which ones do not.

    We wish you successful purchases!