• What is the difference between a smartphone and a phone? Should I buy it?

    In our life, the phone plays far from the last role, so from time to time we change it to a more modern one, which more closely meets the existing standards and our requirements. Recently, everyone has a rumor about such a thing as a "smartphone", like we understand what it is, but we can not point out the obvious distinctive sides. Therefore, today the team of the Internet magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru decided to answer this question and tell you what their differences are.

    16 facts and differences of the smartphone from the phone

    1. A smartphone is a narrower definition that goes into the concept of a phone. That is, a smartphone belongs to one of the types of phones.

    2. Speaking figuratively, a smartphone is a phone that has a computer built in.

    3. The smartphone has no external features. In the people there is a myth that all touch phones are smartphones. No, it's not! A touch phone may not belong to a group of smartphones. Externally, to determine a smartphone is it or not, it is impossible, unless you know the company and model of the phone.

    4. Any smartphone has a mobile operating system: Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others.

    5. For smartphones on popular platforms( Android and iOS) all major applications are released. You've probably seen ads on websites or in TV shows that a particular project has created its own application, which is available for Android OS and / or iOS.

    6. All on the same smartphones with the operating system Android or iOS have mobile market( Google Play or App Store).They are a website or an application in which you can download thousands of games or applications to your smartphone for free, without registrations, etc. These are official sources, so all applications are moderated, which means they do not have viruses and other problems.

    7. Games on smartphones are always better - detailed, interesting and more similar to computer analogs. The fact is that a regular phone supports only java-applications, and they have a lot of restrictions. For example, mobile java-games "weigh" not more than a few megabytes( from 1 to 5), and the game for a smartphone can reach 2,000 megabytes. We think the answer is clear, how much better is the application for the smartphone.

    8. Applications( programs) in operating systems have more opportunities( access to the Internet, access to the GPS-navigator, other programs, etc.), which naturally is an advantage for developers. Therefore, phone programs will be extremely simple, and most programs for smartphones will not even have analogues for mobile phones. For example, on a smartphone, there are translators, notebooks, diaries, office and graphic editors, clients for communication( icq, qip, skyp, etc.) with full video communication capabilities, file transfer, etc.

    9. On the smartphone, you can run multiple applications at the same time. For example: play the game, then roll it up and look for something on the Internet, and then the browser to collapse, starting to read an interesting book. At this moment you will be called, you will answer, talk, and all open programs, and will remain "hang" on the phone. Play can continue from the place where you paused, in the browser all open tabs will remain in their places, and the book does not close the page where you read it.

    10. 99% of expensive phones are smartphones.1% includes models that explain their value with precious stones, which are sprinkled all over the body and the material of the case itself is made of expensive material.

    11. In the appendage of the previous paragraph, we say that a smartphone can be bought at a very affordable and inexpensive price( from $ 100).

    12. There are companies that are only engaged in the release of smartphones( ordinary phones under their brand do not go).A vivid example: Apple and its line of smartphones iPhone.

    13. Smartphones allow you to transfer files using Bluetooth technology, and Android and Symbian makes it possible to transfer absolutely any file formats, regardless of whether they can read / understand them or not.

    14. Since the smartphone is, in fact, a mobile computer, all applications and games need to be installed, however it does not take much time, and there are not too many questions on the first installation.

    15. Smartphones of low price categories are able to slow down, due to lack of RAM or processor power.

    16. The smartphone management system is slightly different from the usual phone, so for many users it can be more difficult to use. In addition, the complexity can arise when moving from a smartphone to one platform, to another. For example, if you switch from the Android OS to Windows Phone.

    Now you know the distinctive features between the phone and the smartphone, so you can conclude that it's better - a smartphone or a regular phone.