• How can I quickly fall asleep without sleeping pills

    Each of us has to wake up at a certain time, and not at all, which we would like. Therefore, if we do not go to bed on time, we probably will not get enough sleep, which will naturally affect our next day: we will walk "broken", tired and completely without enthusiasm, we will spend the day. We can avoid this, but for this we need to lie down earlier and fall asleep quickly.

    Quick falling asleep is very difficult to learn, because you will need more than one month to learn yourself to a new way of life, and it depends on it how quickly you fall asleep. Today in this article we will touch on the most basic and effective ways that will help any person to quickly fall asleep.

    5 ways to fall asleep

    For a good example we broke a further article of the magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru on such items:

    1. Learn how to get physically tired for the day. The person quickly falls asleep( even for 5 minutes) precisely in those cases when he is very tired for the day in the physical plan. Therefore, if your work day is loaded exclusively by mental activity - you study or work in a position that requires you to do exceptionally mental work, then you definitely need to figure out how to make physical exercises in your schedule. They can be a regular fitness or a trip to the gym. However, at the same time, you should be honest about your studies - do not be lazy, and actively work on your body. Thus, you can not only get tired during the day, but also splash out your emotions that have accumulated over the entire working day.

    2. Think of the ritual of going to bed. It is especially difficult to go to bed when everything in your head has a desire to work, watch a movie, take a walk, etc. After all, we think about this: why waste your precious time for a dream, if I can still do it, this and this? !However, in doing so, we are weakly aware of the fact that we still need sleep, and the sooner we fall asleep, the sooner we wake up and we will be able to perform twice as many planned in the new day. In order to "deceive" yourself, you need to come up with a so-called ritual of going to sleep. Begin to perform certain actions before going to bed: read a book, watch a series of your favorite TV series, communicate with a friend or friend over the phone, etc.etc. The ritual should bring you joy, that you would like to do it and thereby go to sleep. Naturally, if taking a shower or brushing your teeth is not fun, it can not enter into a nightly ritual.

    3. Do not carry work in the house of .Very often, the cause of long and painful sleep is the emotions accumulated during the day, problems and other troubles associated with work. So remember, you should not "carry a job in the house," learn to forget in every sense the work that has ended. You do not need to think about it, solve it and plan your plan for tomorrow. All this is done exclusively during working hours, and at home, do only rest and relaxation. Do not think about work helps a lot of things, someone gatherings at the bar benefit, someone goes to the gym and splashes out the accumulated over the day, and the other just turns off the work on his arrival home. How you will solve this problem is not important. However, after the problem is solved, you can not only quickly fall asleep, but also get enough sleep - waking up with a charge of strength and ideas.

    4. Create a day mode. This item partially overlaps with the ritual of going to sleep, because everything is based on the same rules: the training of one's body to certain orders and rules. If you always stay at one and the same time and go to bed and wake up, then the body will not arbitrarily pull you to sleep with time, so you can fall asleep very quickly. However, when drawing up the regime of the day, it is important to take into account all your biorhythms and the features of study or work. Do not expect that you have enough 5-hour sleep. It is better to take for sleep 7 or 8 hours - this is quite enough to get enough sleep. If you and this watch seem not enough, then it's okay, you can quickly fall asleep in the evening or even earlier go to bed.

    5. Learn to say to yourself: NO! The last rule, however, is not the least important. The essence of this method is to learn to give up all temptations that can be knocked down from sleep. Restrictions include: coffee before bed, night trips to clubs, watching serials for 4-8 episodes at a time, long night talk with family or friends. The fact is that the more we move away from sleep, the more difficult it will be to fall asleep immediately, and even if we fall asleep, it will be very difficult to wake up.

    That's all, now you know how to quickly fall asleep! By the way, we also recommend reading the article about treating insomnia.