• How to attract a man? What attracts men to women?

    In most cases, men win women, but there are also reverse situations in which women have to attract the attention of men. To make it really easier, because the guys in the majority are quite predictable and their goals are clear. So today we will tell you how to draw the attention of a man and win his heart.

    Immediately make a reservation that we are supporters of the real world, so we will not give different examples of various conspiracies and privorotov. All recommendations are based on male psychology: character, preferences and logic.

    5 ways to attract the attention of the man you like

    Below we will provide you the five most effective ways to attract men( even on married guys they are acting).

    1. Voice of the Voice. The girl's voice sometimes can, how to attract a man, and scare him away. In most cases, men like gentle, slightly low voices that resemble the languid conversation of an excited girl. The voice should not be loud. Some phrases are generally better to whisper in your ear - this will add flirting to the conversation.

    2. Bright makeup. Naturally, make-up should correspond to the situation, i.e.do not apply evening make-up, going to work, but at the same time in any make-up you should have bright accents - eyelashes, lips, shadows. ..

    3. Clothing emphasizing your dignity. It is possible to attract the attention of any man with the help of clothes. Not the main thing, how much it costs or what it's quality, the main thing is how profitable it looks at you. After all, even the most common tracksuit can be turned into an attribute of your dignity.

    4. Right Manners. Manners should emphasize your refinement, femininity and even in some cases defenselessness. Your walk should resemble the walk of a kitty, and any action should be slow, but sure.

    5. Pleasant perfume. If a man was distracted by a conversation or a look, then you have the last trump card - the smell of your perfume. It should be pleasant, but not intrusive;gentle but persistent. Make him turn back to you!

    Here, perhaps, and all the ways to attract men. If you have more options - write them in the comments, we will gladly add them to our post.