• The most amazing elevators in the world.

    Elevator for us is the most ordinary construction, we use it daily in residential skyscrapers, in office buildings, in multi-storey shopping and entertainment centers. But in the world besides ordinary lifts, there are unusual miracles - elevators, they can have a bizarre incredible shape or be located in the mountains, under the water. In this article you can find out where the most amazing and unusual elevators are. We will tell you about the elevator-aquarium, about the elevator in the mountains and about the elevator with the transparent floor.

    Elevator aquarium

    The most unusual and interesting elevator is in Germany in the center of Berlin. This miracle lift - aquarium Aquadom( AquaDom) was installed in 2003 in the foyer of the five-star hotel Radisson Blu. It is a huge aquarium inside which there is an elevator.

    Visitors of the hotel, climbing the elevator, can watch colorful fish, in the aquarium live more than 2000 fish, and different species that live in different depths. You can admire not only the fish, but also the beauty of the underwater world, basalt rocks with a lot of caves, cracks, seaweed and even divers that periodically clean the aquarium and feed the fish.   

    The height of this unusual structure is more than 25 meters, the outer diameter is 11 meters, and the height of the glass walls of the aquarium is 16 meters, the thickness of the walls is 16 to 22 centimeters, the total weight of the glass is 150 tons. The aquarium consists of two transparent cylinders, nested one in the other, they contain almost one million tons of water, the bottom of the aquarium stands on a giant leg, at an altitude of 9 meters from the floor.

    In the center there is an elevator shaft with a transparent two-story booth, in which 30 people can be accommodated at the same time. The lift slowly raises visitors through the aquarium to the observation deck, covered with a large glass dome. The water in the aquarium is always clear, thanks to the cleaning complex, which is hidden in the base of the structure.

    Lift in the mountains

    Another unusual elevator is in China, it is considered the highest lift in the world, built in the mountains. This is an elevator called "Baylong-elevator", in translation from Chinese - a lift of a hundred Dragons.

    It is built in the Zhangjiajie National Park on the mountainside and lifts tourists to the top of the cliff, to a height of 330 meters in two-story glass cabins. In one booth at once 50 passengers. In just a few minutes, the lift raises tourists to the observation deck, from which unforgettable beauty of the park-reserve opens.

    The construction of this grand lift started in 1999, and in 2002, the area of ​​Woolingian, where the elevator is located, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Annually more than 5 million people visit Hunan province and the number of tourists wishing to climb this unusual elevator and enjoy the unearthly beauty of the reserve grows every year. The Zhangjiajie National Park is famous for its quartzite cliffs of Wulinquan, which reach a height of 800 meters, and the highest peaks reach a height of more than 3 km above sea level. These mountains represent a spectacle of unprecedented beauty-huge stone pillars with sharp peaks rise above the rainforest, and waterfalls come down from the peaks. Also in the mountains are many caves, among them the largest cave Huanglong, which can accommodate ten thousand people at the same time. More than 500 species of animals live on the territory of the reserve, among them are monkeys, civets, salamanders, many species of birds. Here grow such rare plants as gingo biloba, mahogany, pigeon.

    Elevator with transparent floor

    Another interesting elevator is in New Zealand, it was built in the Skyscraper Sky Tower in Oakland. What is interesting about this elevator? The fact is that part of the floor of this elevator is transparent and the passenger can watch how fast it breaks away from the ground or, conversely, falls to the ground with a huge speed from a height of 328 meters.

    The speed of the elevator is 18 km.per hour, go down or go up to the 70th floor in just 40 seconds. Descent on this elevator is not for the faint of heart and leaves an unforgettable experience.