The smartest person in the world. Who is this: a man or a woman?

  • The smartest person in the world. Who is this: a man or a woman?

    It is customary to check the level of mental development with a test for IQ( Eysenck).Based on this test, which determines the level of IQ( intelligence), the most intellectually developed person is Marilyn Vos Savant, the test result showed that the level of its IQ is 228 units. Nevertheless, despite its smaller IQ result, equal to 210 units, the title "the smartest person" is - Kim Un Yong. Why so - you learn from the article.

    It is very difficult to unambiguously determine the cleverest person, since there is no single system that would give an exact and unambiguous answer to this question. Nevertheless, today IQ-test is used to measure the level of intelligence.

    The most intelligent woman

    Marilyn Vos Savant is a journalist from the United States, born in 1946.Its IQ level is 228 units.

    Life, biography and thoughts of the most intelligent woman on the planet are very interesting. The girl's parents did not finish universities, and in childhood Marilyn did not show any gifted abilities. After graduating from school, Marilyn enters the institute, which she throws after 2 years because of business, which actually did not affect her future.

    The husband of the most intelligent woman is a biologist, according to the IQ level his indicator is 180 units. Their son IQ was 164 units.

    According to Marilyn, the intellect is inherited by an average of 50%, you can increase it with the help of proper nutrition, which will add another 20%.Mrs. Savant argues that the human mind lies in its desire to evaluate the events in a fluid and objective way and also look for truth in everything.   

    The smartest man

    The smartest male is Korean Kim Un Yong, whose IQ level is 210 units.

    Kim Un Yong( in some sources Kim Ung-Jong) was born in South Korea in 1963.Unlike the previous leader in IQ rating, Kim's genius manifested itself from the very childhood, because of what he got the nickname - "Korean child prodigy".In combination, Mr. Kim still keeps the title of the smartest child on the planet.

    After six months of life, Kim said the first word, and already a year was fluent in his native language. From the age of four Kim knew 4 languages, and solved mathematical problems. On the air of one of the TV channels in 1967, the boy solved a complicated mathematical problem on the air. From this period and up to 7 years he visits the university as a free listener.

    Kim moved to the United States at the invitation of the National Space Academy at the age of seven. In 1974, the boy graduated from the University of Colorado and began working at NASA.After 4 years, he decided to return to his homeland and to this day is engaged in scientific activities.

    Who is the smartest?

    Marilyn is the most intelligent, and Kim is the smartest.

    In different sources you can find very contradictory information about the smartest person. It has already been said above that the IQ test itself does not provide particularly reliable data. In addition, each of the available types of dough varies, so errors are obtained in obtaining the results.

    If to speak the numbers of the IQ test, then Marilyn Vos Savant is the leader in terms of intelligence, which is the owner of the highest IQ score. But as for the title of the "smartest person", then based on the Guinness Book of Records data( and in the criteria by which they made such a conclusion, one can not doubt it), he is Kim Un Yong.