• Aqua aerobics for weight loss

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    Aqua aerobics for weight loss-minus 3-5 kg ​​per month.

    Aqua aerobics is a very effective and affordable way of burning fat deposits, figure correction and health promotion.

    Aqua - water, and aerobics - dance movements that perform under rhythmic music.

    The essence of aqua aerobics for weight loss ^

    The main advantage of this type of aerobics is that aqua aerobics classes are equally suitable for beginners, and future mothers, the elderly, and also for those who are obese.

    The use of aqua aerobics is undeniable and consists of the following:

    • Older people can keep themselves in shape only thanks to aqua aerobics, excluding the possibility of injuries.
    • During the course of aqua aerobics, the load on the muscles increases, but the load on the joints and spine decreases. All the water aerobics exercises for weight loss in the pool show better results than the same exercises performed in the hall. The thing is that water creates additional resistance, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training.
    • Even simple exercises of aqua aerobics help improve blood circulation and, consequently, normalize the work of the heart. Thanks to the effect of massage, this water aerobics is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.
    • Massage effect of water also helps fight cellulite, improve skin condition.
    • The advantage of aqua aerobics can be considered and the fact that muscles do not post lactic acid after exercise, relieving slimming from the feeling of brittleness in the whole body after training.
    • The burning of calories is also due to the fact that the body in the water tries to warm up and spends extra energy on it.
    • Thanks to the aqua aerobics classes, immunity is perfectly strengthened and the mental state improves.

    Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

    Aqua aerobics for pregnant women is the preferred sport, as water helps to relax the spine of expectant mothers, the load on which during pregnancy is rapidly increasing.

    In addition, training helps to keep the form, which is sacrificed for future mothers for the sake of the baby, because during training the muscles of the press, hands and feet are worked, the skin thanks to the massage effect of water remains elastic and taut.

    Special breathing exercises, which are practiced during training, helps mothers prepare for future childbirth. The intensity of exercise decreases with the growth of the fetus, and in the last trimester of pregnancy it is recommended to perform only breathing exercises and slowly swim.

    Aqua aerobics for children

    Aqua aerobics for children is a very attractive kind of physical activity for small children, because everyone knows the children's great love for water.

    In addition, classes in the water contribute to improving immunity in children, strengthen the muscles. Aqua aerobic exercises in the basin normalize the work of the nervous system, and also soothe excessively active children, who during their studies can direct their energy in the right direction.

    Regular classes and the right way of life will ensure that the child grows up to be a confident and healthy person.

    An aqua aerobic exercise in the pool should consist of the following steps:

    • a small workout that includes running in water, water strikes, etc.;
    • the main exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles and losing weight;
    • 10-minute stretching of the main muscle groups;
    • slow motion for stretching and cooling the body.

    Despite a lot of advantages, water aerobics has some disadvantages:

    • Chlorine, with which water is purified in the pool, makes the skin dry and unattractive.
    • Chlorination of water in some cases can contribute to the breakdown of the microflora of the genital organs.
    • Catarrhal diseases, infections, diseases of the genitourinary system, etc. can occur.
    • With special care for aqua aerobics, people suffering from cystitis, bronchial asthma, osteochondrosis should be treated.
    • Before starting the aqua aerobics classes for weight loss, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

    Lessons of water aerobics for weight loss: description of exercises, video ^

    Aqua aerobics exercises are suitable for both beginners and professional sportsmen. However, despite the level of preparation, classes in the pool should always begin with a warm-up, which should be done before immersion in water, and then directly in the water.

    Only after warming up the muscles can begin to perform special exercises aqua aerobics, which contribute to weight loss in various problem areas. Such exercises will be considered below.

    Aqua aerobics for belly slimming

    Exercise 1

    • First of all, put your feet shoulder width apart and start jumping.
    • Performing each jump, you need to rotate the case first to the right and then to the left.
    • The hips must remain stationary at the same time.
    • The results of this useful exercise will not make you wait: muscles will come in tone, the stomach will become tight, and the waist is thin.
    • The number of turns is 60 in each direction.

    Exercise 2

    • It's necessary to become your back to the pool wall and lean on it with your elbows.
    • Next, you need to start lifting the bent legs to the chest.
    • You can increase the load if you perform straight leg lifts.
    • The minimum number of repetitions is 10.
    • The load should be increased gradually.

    Exercise 3

    • Sitting in the water, you need to raise your legs and tilt the body so that the rugs touch the toes.
    • After that, the back straightens, and the legs slowly descend.

    Aqua aerobics for weight loss

    Exercise 4

    • It is necessary to take a small ball and pinch it between the legs.
    • Holding the ball, you should try to jump.
    • In fact, it's not as easy as it seems, because the ball is constantly slipping in the water.
    • Hold the ball allow the strenuous muscles of the legs.

    Exercise 5

    • It's necessary to get straight, hands must be pulled forward so that they are parallel to the bottom of the pool.
    • This exercise consists in alternating swings forward.
    • When swinging with your right foot, you need to touch the fingertips with your left hand and vice versa.
    • Repeat 10 sweeps with each foot.

    Aqua aerobics for slimming thighs and buttocks

    Exercise 6

    • Leaning against the side with elbows, as in Exercise 2, you need to raise your legs to a parallel with the floor and perform a well-known since childhood exercise "bike" or "scissors".

    Exercise 7

    • You need to immerse yourself in the water to the middle of the thigh.
    • Pulling your hands up, you need to lung forward and, having lowered, to turn your hands to the sides.
    • Then get up and raise your hands to the top.
    • Number of repetitions - 20 times each leg.

    Exercise 8

    • This exercise perfectly trains the buttocks and consists of doing 30 sit-ups.
    • When you come to the bottom, you need to jump out of the water.
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    Results, reviews of weight loss and doctors about losing weight with water aerobics ^

    The results of losing weight with water aerobics are just excellent. For a month of training you can not only get rid of 3 - 5 kg, but also improve both physical and mental health.

    The effect of training will be noticeable even more if you combine workouts with another type of load, for example, jogging or dancing, and also eat right.

    Reviews on losing weight using water aerobics on the Internet can only be found positive. Almost all losing weight note that due to their employment they feel more confident and attractive, because the body becomes tightened, and the overweight quickly goes away.