Gillian Michaels "No Problem Zones", or how to lose weight in 30 days

  • Gillian Michaels "No Problem Zones", or how to lose weight in 30 days

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    Speeding up the metabolism with Gillian Michaels: effective gymnastics for weight loss

    Weight loss with the help of authoring technique Gillian Michaels helps to successfully solve the problem of overweight, millions of women around the world.

    The huge advantage of this weight loss program is that effective home workouts can be done at any convenient time.

    Gillian Michaels: "No Problem Zones" ^

    Gillian Michaels is a famous American fitness trainer, the author of various video courses for weight loss and figure correction. Even in adolescence, she was overweight, to become slender, she was helped by the love of sport and dedication.

    Gillian is considered a true professional of his craft, because he makes students feel every muscle and cell of his body during training. It became popular in 2005 after participating in a reality show called "The Great Luser."To date, Gillian trained hundreds of thousands of women who want to lose weight and gain a slender figure.

    A very important part of all training with Gillian Michaels is proper nutrition. To select the basic principles of nutrition, it is recommended to determine the type of metabolism. Losing weight with Gillian means four meals a day. The main thing is that all food is useful and natural.

    There are so many programs that are written by Gillian Michaels. The most famous are the following:

    Accelerate metabolism with Gillian Michaels

    All exercises of this complex are aimed at speeding up metabolic processes for more efficient burning of fatty deposits.

    • The duration of one workout is 50 minutes.
    • The first five minutes of the session is warm-up and warm-up, the last 5 minutes - stretching.
    • In the basic workout time, you need to perform 7 types of simple exercises.
    • Training takes place at a fairly fast and energetic pace.

    The body revolution with Gillian Michaels

    This program for the loss of extra pounds lasts 90 days and consists of three phases:

    • the first phase is aimed at accelerating the metabolism,
    • the second - for the correction of the figure due to the implementation of more complex exercises,
    • the third - to fix the result.

    Each phase is designed for 30 days and consists of one cardio and four power. Two strength classes are designed to train the chest, arms, shoulders, press and quadriceps, the other two for the back of the body, that is for the back, thighs and buttocks.

    Gillian Michaels: lose weight in a week

    The fast weight loss program is suitable for people who want to get rid of extra pounds in a short time before any important celebration.

    • Daily morning and evening you need to do half an hour of training.
    • Gillian Michaels offers classes for people with different levels of training. In addition, she applies a nutrition plan to the training plan, which enhances the effect of the exercises.

    Slender figure for 30 days with Gillian Michaels is a popular program consisting of three levels. The duration of each workout is 30 minutes.

    No problem areas. From the very name of the program it becomes clear that all attention will be directed to such problem areas as buttocks, hips, abdomen, etc.

    Gillian Michaels: Beginner to Advanced Levels

    Gillian Michaels for Beginners: Weight Loss for 30 Days

    There are a lot of Gillian Michaels's works on the Internet, but the most popular are programs called "No Problem Zones" and"Slender figure for 30 days."

    Gillian Michaels: Weight loss for 30 days

    This program, as already mentioned, is designed for 1 month. When they start training, women do not want to stop them, because trainings fill with strength, energy, tighten muscles and help strengthen the heart.

    For effective training you will need the following inventory:

    • comfortable sneakers;
    • elastic sports pants and a T-shirt that do not shackle the movements;
    • two dumbbells or two plastic floor bottles filled with water or sand.

    Exercises should be done in the morning or in the evening, about a couple of hours after dinner. To make them more understandable, they should be reviewed beforehand. The program for weight loss consists of three levels lasting 10 days.

    The first level of

    It is said that it's hardest to start. That's why you should not delay with the start of training. Losing weight awaits a really hard struggle for a slender and beautiful figure.

    • At the first level, Michaels teaches you to do sit-ups, push-ups, jumps, dumbbells, and exercises for the press.
    • The next day after the first session, women will feel pain in their muscles, and some of them may even drop their hands. But you can not give up! With each new training the body will become more beautiful, which motivates the fair sex to continue.

    The second level of

    • The second level is the most difficult. It consists of push-ups, deep attacks, jumps on all fours.
    • Here, Gillian will open his secret weapon, during which will be involved almost all muscle groups - the bar. Jumping in the bar at first seem complicated.

    The third level of

    • Initially, the exercises of the third level can scare with their unknown, but after 20 days of training the body will become more enduring and quickly get used to the new sports complex.
    • Exercises of this level: push-ups in the bar, running in the bar, side bar, jumps, running and squats with weighting.

    Gillian Michaels: No problem areas

    This popular program helps to tighten the flabby stomach, get rid of creases on the abdomen, make the contours of the body elegant, and the muscles are elastic. Classes should be conducted 2 to 4 times a week, on the remaining days you need to do cardio.

    At the very beginning of the session, it is necessary to warm up the body for 5 minutes, then proceed with the execution of seven circles consisting of two repetitions of 5 specific exercises:

    1. The muscles of the thighs, buttocks and shoulders work during the first circle. To use the maximum number of muscles, the coach suggests doing attacks and squats with bench press.
    2. To work the muscles of the chest and press it is necessary to do a fold with dumbbells, a bicycle, etc.
    3. In the third segment they work during attacks with a press, side attacks, press of dumbbells in a half-squat work biceps and buttocks.
    4. In the fourth round, attention is paid to biceps and quadriceps.
    5. This circle is dedicated to the work of the muscles of the press, hands, buttocks, back, inner and outer thighs. This circle is not easy at all, but you can not give up.
    6. Sixth segment exercises include bench press, twisting and other exercises.
    7. The last circle is based on exercises such as a side bar, lifting the legs on the side, etc.
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    Reviews and real stories about losing weight with Gillian Michaels ^

    Positive feedback on losing weight through the program of Gillian Michaels testifies to the high efficiency of the program. Here are just some of our regular readers' reviews:

    Marina, 22 years old:

    "I want to advise everyone on the program" Weight Loss in 30 days ".I was engaged daily for a month. The first session seemed to me very difficult, but then I got involved and do not regret it. For a month I got rid of 6 extra pounds. "

    Polina, 27 years old:

    "I want to note that after the 30-day program I got rid of only two extra kilograms. To some it may seem like a bad result, but not to me. At the same time, the volume of my waistline decreased by 2 cm, the hips - by 4, the stomach almost disappeared, and the buttocks look taut. "

    Veronica, 34 years:

    "I chose this method of losing weight, because I do not have the opportunity to regularly visit the gym because of work. In my free time I am engaged in the program "No Problem Zones".After two weeks of intensive training, I noticed the first result - minus 2 kg. I'm very serious and I'm not going to stop. "

    Gillian Michaels "Slender figure in 30 days": parts 1 - 3 ^